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HF-DJI003-DJI payload gas detector

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Shanghai, Shanghai

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Updated: 2019-07-17

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  • High-precision imported sensors, accurate detection;
  • Wide range of applications, such as air quality monitoring, pollution source tracing, toxic and harmful gas monitoring, and flammable and explosive gas monitoring;
  • Detects multiple gases at the same time, and can flexibly configure many different gas sensors according to customer needs;
  • Small size and light weight, can mount M200 series drones;
  • Use PSDK interface to transmit flight data and detection data in real time;
  • Comes with SD card storage, important data is not lost;
  • High-precision 3D positioning, GIS geographic location information synchronization;
  • 2D and satellite maps can be switched freely, and the gas concentration value of the monitoring position can be marked and analyzed on the map in real time;
  • Integrated software platform, integrating flight control and inspection data;
  • 颜色 变化、曲线变化、栅格图等; Visual display of real-time detection data, including color change, curve change, raster map, etc. of concentration value ;
  • Intelligent analysis of detection results, five-level concentration color warning, rasterized data display, concentration status at a glance;
  • Real-time markup of key data, visual inspection and display afterwards;
  • Historical data traceability, can be exported to Excel, and can be displayed in a variety of visual retrospective displays;
  • The data can be synchronized to the "Dynamic Flying Drone System Monitoring Cloud Platform" in real time, remotely view the environmental monitoring data and video in real time, and play back historical monitoring records;

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Magic Flying Control Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

生产商 Type: Manufacturer

庞经理 Contact: Manager Pang

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环保无人机,大气监测无人机,水质取样无人机,水质监测无人机,环境应急无人机,环境监测无人机 Main Products: Environmental protection drone, atmospheric monitoring drone, water quality sampling drone, water quality monitoring drone, environmental emergency drone, environmental monitoring drone

生产商 Company Nature: Manufacturer

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