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PROBE 01E-PROBE 01E Microrad RF electric field probe

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Shenzhen, Guangdong

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Updated: 2019-10-26

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Microrad PROBE 01E RF electric field probe is a three-dimensional electric field probe. The probe contains three orthogonal dipole antennas with detection diodes, which can respond to each part of the space, and can be used separately for the probe output. The main body of Nader Broadband Electromagnetic Radiation Analyzer can measure the electric field strength of isotropic tong.

)的射频信号进行检测与分析。 Microrad's Microrad RF electric field probe is matched with NHT 310 or NHT 3D host to detect and detect the radio frequency signals of public electromagnetic environment control limits (GB 8702-2014) and occupational exposure to harmful factors in the workplace (GBZ 2.2-2007 ). analysis.

typical application

Wireless communication systems: such as mobilephone base stations, satellite communication equipment,

Radio and TV towers, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max and LTE systems, etc.

技术规格 Technical specifications of Microrad RF electric field probe

Frequency Range

6.5GHz 100KHz 6.5GHz

Frequency response type


范围 Measuring range

350 V/m (cw) 0.2 350 V / m (cw)

Dynamic Range

65 dB

sensor type

Diode dipole



Flatness of frequency response

- 3 GHz) ± 1.5 dB (1 MHz - 3 GHz)

- 6.5 GHz) ± 2.5 dB (3 GHz - 6.5 GHz)


- 200 V/m) 0.5 dB ( 2-200 V / m)

Various responses

± 0.5 dB (@ 100 MHz)

Frequency calibration


600 ^ -700-800 ^ -900-1000-2000-2500-3500-4000-

4500-5000-5500-6000-6500 (MHz)

Recommended calibration cycle

24 months

Operating temperature

- 50°C 0 ° C - 50 ° C


x (mm) 327 x 60 x (mm)



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无人机侦测探测、无人机反制系统、千兆无线网桥 Main products: drone detection and detection, drone countermeasure system, Gigabit wireless bridge

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