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KT190-Underground Emergency Broadcasting System for Mine Broadcast Conference System

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简述目前,随着计算机网络技术的迅速普及,信息化已经走向煤矿。 Mine broadcast conference system underground emergency broadcast system brief description At present, with the rapid popularization of computer network technology, information technology has moved to coal mines. In most coal mines, not only the ground computer network is popular, and the software and hardware are complete, but many coal mines have successively possessed stable and reliable industrial Ethernet covering the upper and lower mines. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the acceleration of the pace of information mining construction, underground industrial Ethernet will gradually be promoted and applied, providing a network platform for the construction of underground audio broadcasting systems in coal mines.
When a serious and serious accident occurs underground, the ground personnel will promptly notify, direct the whole process, and guide the safe evacuation and evacuation of all dangerous personnel on the site; the staff of the ground dispatch and command center will quickly pass through the large The explosion-proof and intrinsically safe speaker for mining with large power and speaking radius can evacuate and guide the scene by way of amplifying and shouting, directing the site personnel to evacuate the danger area quickly, orderly and safely, reducing secondary incidents during disaster rescue. influences.
At the same time, under normal circumstances, the mine emergency broadcasting system is used to broadcast background music, news, publicity reports, etc. in underground areas to provide underground workers with music and safety knowledge education, thereby improving coal mine safety production awareness and enriching the cultural life of employees.
Taking into account the actual requirements and characteristics of the network broadcasting system of the coal mine, considering the advanced nature, reliability, and economics of the equipment, according to different areas of the mining area and different broadcasting function requirements, different broadcasting implementation methods are designed. Through the TCP / IP network platform, the control room controls and broadcasts the entire mining area broadcasting system according to the different broadcasting requirements of each area and time of the mining area.
● Application system composition
1. Audio server and software
The mining broadcasting system is a control center for Ethernet broadcasting. It completes terminal management, audio management and other management functions. It provides data transfer services for various multi-functional network terminals and terminal workstations, and provides regular playback and real-time broadcast control services for each network terminal.
The system server software is the core of the system. It completes terminal management, authority management and other management functions. It provides data interface services for each mining station and leading station. It also provides timing playback and real-time on-demand media services for each mining speaker, and responds to each broadcast control keyboard. Playback request. After the audio program menu is arranged, it can be uploaded to the system server through the network, and the administrator can log in to modify it through the system management software.
2. Planting station and software
The acquisition station, as the audio station, completes the main functions of network radio broadcasting, audio real-time acquisition and broadcast.
The underground broadcasting system acquisition workstation can convert the online radio programs received by Real Player, Media Player and other software into the data format of the broadcasting system, and play the digital network audio terminal equipment in real time, so that each voice terminal can listen to the online programs .
The acquisition station can convert traditional audio programs, such as magnetic tapes, video tapes, and CDs, into digital programs and store them in the system server through acquisition and compression, protecting resources for easy reuse.
The acquisition station can directly record analog audio signals such as recordings, CD players, MP3 players, broadcast receivers, and microphones, and collect and compress them in real time to broadcast to various digital network audio terminal devices.
3. Leading workstations and software
Leadership workstation, complete the function of leadership broadcasting to the mining area on the Internet. Leaders at all levels can speak directly to the whole school on the computer in the office or on a notebook carried on business trips, or they can speak to some areas individually. They only need to select and block the playback area on the Internet. The operation is simple and does not require manual intervention by the broadcast center.
The above equipment is placed in a computer network room. The broadcasting microphone is placed in the dispatching command center, and the ground personnel can pick up the microphone at any time to broadcast the underground. Under normal circumstances, background music or news, publicity reports, etc. can be broadcast to the site through the audio server and network broadcast software in the network room. When the microphone is used in an emergency, the background music playback will be automatically interrupted and a voice call broadcast will be played.
4. Transmission part
The transmission consists of two parts: one is digital transmission using pure industrial Ethernet, using TCP / IP technology, no additional audio signal converter is needed to directly compress the compressed audio signal in a compressed and packaged manner through a network cable or light to the Ethernet switch to ensure the integrity and real-time of the audio signal. The second is that the KXY127 mining explosion-proof and intrinsically safe speaker has an IP address and can process high-speed network signals. It uses hardware audio decoding and automatic error correction. Can guarantee high-fidelity restored audio signals; within the range of Ethernet, any network broadcast terminal can be accessed, intelligently differentiated, and connected to local broadcast for function expansion. KXY127 mining explosion-proof and intrinsically safe speakers will be connected at the same time through a dedicated communication cable. The audio signal is transmitted to the remote lower and KXY127 mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe speaker, and the voice signal is amplified and sent.
5, KXY127 mining explosion-proof and intrinsically safe speaker
KXY127 mining explosion-proof and intrinsically safe speakers complete the synchronous reception of network audio streams and audio signal amplification after audio decompression. KXY127 mining explosion-proof and intrinsically safe speaker based on high-performance embedded computer, capable of processing high-speed network signals, underground audio broadcast system adopts hardware audio decoding, with automatic error correction function, high-fidelity sound balance, and guaranteed audio restored after decoding The signal has CD quality and has exactly the same effect as digital music output from a computer. The staff can speak directly on the Ethernet, and can speak to some areas individually. It is easy to select or block the playback area on the Internet, and it is easy to operate without manual intervention. KXY127 mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe speaker transmits audio signals to the remote and KXY127 mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe speaker through a special communication cable, amplifies the voice signal and sends it out. No matter the main and auxiliary speakers are equipped with battery power supply, no additional underground UPS equipment is needed, which saves the investment cost for the mine and reduces the workload for future use and maintenance.
可根据需要选择区域进行临时性广播,如播放紧急通知等。 The underground emergency broadcasting system of the mine broadcasting conference system can select the area for temporary broadcasting according to needs, such as playing emergency notices.
Live / broadcast of different content in different regions at the same time
Through the setting of the control software, the mining broadcast system can play different contents to different areas at the same time.
Point-to-point, multipoint intercom function
Install paging microphones in places where intercom is needed, can realize multiple forms of intercom, paging microphone functions: point-to-point broadcast, two-way intercom.
Alarm function
When there is an alarm signal in the underground emergency broadcasting system, the designated terminal automatically plays the alarm bell.

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