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CA811 Ceiling Speaker Series-Ceiling Speaker Series

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Guangzhou City, Guangdong

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Updated: 2019-12-27

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Ceiling speaker series

Multiple mating terminals, suitable for different occasions, strong movable clip design, easy installation ★ Ceiling speaker series high-quality steel stamping, durable, no deformation
Loudspeaker damping treatment, long life, high sensitivity, clear sound, bright speaker unit: 4.5 "× 1

Ceiling speaker series <br /> Power: 1.5-6W (multiple matching terminals)
Rated power: 3W
zui high power: 6W
Working voltage: 70 / 100V
High sensitivity: 91 ± 2dB
zui loud sound pressure level; 97 ± 2dB
Effective frequency range; 100Hz-16kHz
Installation size: Φ154-Φ162mm
Size (H × Φ): 80 × Φ175mm
Weight: 0.9 kg

  Guangzhou Hongqing Audio Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a professional company specializing in engineering design, construction and system integration of intelligent public / fire-fighting broadcast systems, multi-functional conference halls, discussion-type meeting rooms, campus broadcasting and multimedia teaching systems. . TOA @ PC (Tuot), CTRLPA (Kenjo), GEBOSS (General Bosch), BOSCH (Bosch) intelligent broadcasting, conference system Guangdong regional general agent and technical service center.
The company's business philosophy is "excellent quality, customer first", with the best consulting, better maintenance, and the rapid development of science and technology, the products are widely used in teaching buildings, hotels, shopping malls, parks, residential quarters, factories, etc. All areas, and provide one-stop service for design, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.
In order to ensure the reasonable and reliable engineering supporting equipment for each project, I am constantly innovating, meticulously designing, and doing my best for the pre-sales and after-sales services, and have been praised by users. Our service tenet is that "prestige *, customer first" is now and always will bring good products and technology of zui to everyone.
We believe that through our efforts, especially the support of our customers, our work will be better. This is just like our marketing slogan: Sharing a win-win situation, let us work together to create a better tomorrow.

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Guangzhou Hongqing Audio Technology Co., Ltd.

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ZABKZ(欧比克)、DSPPA(迪士普)GEBOSS(通用博世)智能广播系统, 消防广播, 背景音乐, 天花喇叭, 防... Main Products: ZABKZ, DSPPA GEBOSS (General Bosch) Intelligent Broadcasting System, Fire Broadcasting, Background Music, Ceiling Speaker, Anti -...

代理商 Company Nature: Agent

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