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C480 B-ULS-Wireless Microphone Amplifier

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Wireless microphone amplifier


First, we first connect the microphone cable to the preamp, and adjust the preamp input level through a normal sound test. Take human voice as an example, let the singer sing along with the accompaniment normally, and adjust the input level so that the peak value of the sound does not exceed the cutoff level of the device.
Step 2: Adjust the Compressor. The working principle of the Compressor has already been given to everyone (see the "Dynamic Skills" in "Education and Research"). I just explain to you that the Compressor is aimed at Vocals and some simple musical instruments.
One of the most important principles of zui is that the purpose of using a limiter is not only to compress the dynamics of the sound, so that it has a strong expressiveness and fullness. It is even more important to ignore that the use of the limiter cannot allow listeners to hear " "Trace", that is, a song, or a musical instrument, if you feel that after the sound is recorded there is a process of compression after the sound appears, then it is your failure to use the limiter.

Wireless microphone amplifier

Technical specifications:

The specially designed output stage can drive some special loads, such as extremely long microphone lines, without compromising sound quality. The C 480B provides two-stage high-pass filters, as well as -10dB and + 6B gain options.

• Mature microphone pre-design

Extremely low noise

• No transformer output

Brings extremely low distortion, high reliability and lighter weight

• Selectable attenuation switch

Withstands a maximum input sound pressure level of 144dB

• Switchable low-cut filter

Remove vibration or walking noise

• Output stage designed for special loads

Drives extra long microphone lines without degradation in signal quality

Wireless microphone amplifier

product structure:

The basic structure of a microphone amplifier is a limiter, an equalizer, a flutter canceller, a hiss canceller, and a noise gate. Whether we plug the microphone on the mixer, the sound card, or the karaoke machine, these devices have one (or more) preamps. Then, there is a separate preamp that works only. Amplify and perform some necessary processing, then turn it into a line output signal and output it.

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