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0Supply Antistatic Warning Tape / Antistatic Warning Tag / Antistatic Warning

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Shenzhen Haiwei Dahang Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in designing, manufacturing and selling antistatic warning tapes / antistatic warning tags / antistatic warning signs / antistatic tapes / antistatic high temperature resistant tapes / warning tags / warning tapes / antistatic tapes / Anti-static belt through-train enterprise.
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Shenzhen Haiwei Dahang Technology Co., Ltd.

生产商 Type: Manufacturer

陈梅红 Contact: Chen Meihong

0755-86097233,86097133,86... Phone : 0755-86097233, 86097133, 86 ...

0755-86097488 Fax: 0755-86097488

13714697028 Mobile phone : 13714697028

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无尘布;防静电服;防静电鞋;粘尘垫;粘尘滚筒;防静电毛刷;离子风机;风淋室;防静电屏蔽袋;防静电周转箱;防静电椅子;防静... Main Products: Dust-free cloth; Anti-static clothing; Anti-static shoes; Dust-sticking pads; Dust-sticking rollers; Anti-static brushes; Ion fans; Air shower rooms; Anti-static shielding bags; Anti-static turnover boxes; Anti-static ...

生产商 Company Nature: Manufacturer

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