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Let's watch the smart technology escorting the way home

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[ Focus News on Security Exhibition Network ] The distance from the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer, and waves of returning crowds are coming one after another. Difficulties in getting home, busy driving, and traffic jams have become hot topics in the near future. Entering 2020, with the in-depth development of new intelligent technology in the field of transportation, intelligence, convenience, and comfort may become a new experience for people to travel. Now, let's take a look at what intelligent technologies have shown great power in the Spring Festival exam!
Paperless and convenient travel
This year's Spring Festival transport, railway passenger shipments were about 440 million, an increase of 8% year-on-year. Railways are undoubtedly the main mode of transportation during the Spring Festival return to hometown. In the past, we had to rush to the station one or two hours in advance to collect tickets in order to collect tickets. In order to improve the passenger waiting experience, various stations have begun to implement electronic ticketing systems. Electronic tickets have been simplified and paper-based. Train passengers can enter the station and board the card without having to print paper tickets. Convenient.
Not only railroads, but also airports. After arriving at the airport, passengers do not need to line up for check-in, and pass the security check and boarding directly with the valid electronic boarding pass voucher and ID card stored in the mobile phone.
The implementation of e-tickets has reduced the queue for ticket collection, not only saved people's valuable waiting time, greatly improved the travel experience of passengers, but also reduced the labor intensity of employees during the Spring Festival. At the same time, e-ticket passengers no longer need to hold paper tickets, which reduces the hassle of reporting lost tickets and replenishing tickets when paper tickets are lost, making the Spring Festival transportation more convenient and safe.
Intelligent waiting room provides user-friendly services
During the Spring Festival, there is a huge crowd in the waiting hall, and the indoor waiting environment is a major factor affecting the travel experience. The intelligent waiting hall can monitor the temperature, humidity, pedestrian flow, lights, etc. of the passenger station, adjust the waiting room environment in real time, and improve passenger comfort. There is also a service robot in the lobby, which can provide passengers with personalized services such as information inquiry. In addition, there are smart counters that can provide snacks, drinks and even medicines for passengers.
After the passenger boarding, there is a passenger service platform that can comprehensively plan the traffic itinerary and provide accurate services for the passenger to assist in planning the itinerary without interruption.
AI + security to ensure travel safety
With the in-depth integration of AI + security concepts, patrol robots have also frequently appeared in the security work of stations and airports around the world, promoting the upgrade of security services during the Spring Festival and reducing security labor costs. Security robots can perform on-the-spot inspections in poor weather conditions, and can also check for potential safety hazards in stations and prevent fire and other problems.
In addition, the application of AI + security monitoring collects images of people flow through video surveillance, and then uses an intelligent analysis system to analyze the data of people flow in different areas, so as to provide data assistance for the command and deployment of the flow of people during the Spring Festival, and realize the real-time monitoring of the flow of people at the station , Data analysis and safety early warning to ensure the safety of passengers.
Manual + ETC to ease road congestion
According to data released by the Ministry of Transport, the total number of ETC users nationwide has reached 204 million. After all 487 provincial toll stations across the country were cancelled on January 1, expressway congestion in some areas appeared to varying degrees. In response to this kind of situation, in order to meet the Spring Festival entrance exam, the person in charge of the relevant department said that it will increase the number of manual and ETC mixed lanes, and increase the number of manual toll lanes according to relevant circumstances.
At present, measures are being taken to ensure smooth roads during the Spring Festival. Hubei has enriched the staff at some provincial border toll stations to the ramp stations with a large traffic flow, and strengthened the on-site guidance force. When encountering the peak traffic volume, additional portable machines will be added to the mixed lane to implement double charging. Shanghai has formulated an emergency plan, and each toll station will arrange staff on duty according to specific conditions. At toll stations with heavy traffic flow, the joint traffic police department will also arrange appropriate personnel to handle emergencies.

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