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China International Television's "Chinese Patent" English documentary reports Tongfang Weishi Innovation and Technology

2020-01-10 14:11:55 Tongfang Prestige Traffic : 1430
[ Security Exhibition Network Brand Column ] Recently, an English documentary "Chinese Patent" produced by the China National Television (CGTN) with the assistance of the State Intellectual Property Office was broadcast on the CGTN English channel to more than 170 countries and regions around the world. . This documentary reviews the history of the establishment and development of China's patent system, expresses it in international languages, presents it with a broad perspective, explains the practice of China's intellectual property development today, and introduces the facts and policies of China's intellectual property protection to the world.
Tongfang Weishi was recommended by the State Intellectual Property Office as a typical case for implementing the national innovation strategy and intellectual property protection strategy and was invited to participate in the shooting of this documentary.
Tongfang Weishi always adheres to innovation-driven development
Tongfang Weishi has always adhered to innovation-driven development. After more than 20 years of development, Tongfang Weishi has become a leading global supplier of security products and security solutions. No matter it is the Dubai Bidding Competition in Dubai in 2002 or the automatic continuous scanning of multiple rows of containers at the German customs in 2015, Tongfang Weishi has successfully won the bid with its strong independent innovation capabilities. As a Chinese national high-tech enterprise, the hard power of independent intellectual property rights has laid a solid foundation for Tongfang's continuous operation and healthy development. Up to now, Tongfang Weishi has submitted more than 5,000 patent applications worldwide, including more than 2,000 overseas patents covering more than 50 countries. These patents have effectively protected the company's innovative technologies and products. Tongfang Weishi ’s intellectual property protection work has also achieved fruitful results. Tongfang Weishi was rated as “Beijing's first batch of advanced intellectual property demonstration units”, “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit”, and Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Leading Enterprise. It has won dozens of technological innovation awards, including one first prize for national scientific and technological progress, one first prize for national technological inventions, three Chinese patent gold awards, five Chinese patent excellence awards, and one Beijing invention patent award special award.
Tongfang Weishi will continue to innovate, continuously cultivate high-value patents leading the development of the security inspection industry, abide by the intellectual property systems of various countries, respect the intellectual property rights of others, protect their own intellectual property rights, and effectively use the intellectual property rights system to support the global operation and development of enterprises and serve the world. Contribute to safety.

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