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[ Security Exhibition Network Current Affairs Focus ] It is almost the Spring Festival, and all walks of life are sprinting for performance. Thieves are no exception. For "performance", there are many ways of committing crimes. They usually use burglary methods, which place high demands on door locks.
Learn to prevent before it happens, and it is the most important thing to resist the thief from the door lock. In order to let everyone live a stable year, Xiaobian compiled a family anti-theft guide.
1. Bring the spare key
Carry the keys with you. Don't throw them around. If you lose the keys, replace the door locks in time. Don't keep all the keys at home, it is better to put them in the car or other places (relatives and friends' homes).
2, doors and windows should be closed
Whether you are going out or resting at night, remember to keep the doors and windows closed to prevent thieves from prying open the doors and windows for burglary while we guard against slackness. In severe cases, even life-threatening.
3.Clean up small ads
Regularly clean up small ads on the door, not only because the small ads are unsightly, but also the small ads are often used by thieves as signs to determine whether there are people in the home.
4, anti-cat eye function
If you want to change a smart lock , it is best to buy a smart lock with anti-cat's eye function when purchasing a smart lock. Whether it is a mechanical lock or a smart lock, most of them can be unlocked indoors with special tools by destroying the cat's eye. Great.
The most commonly used method for preventing cat eyes is to add a button to the indoor handle. When opening the door, you must first press this button and then press the handle to open the door.
5.The smart lock touch screen is often wiped
If a smart lock is installed, it will leave a trace on the touch screen when using the password input. The thief can use special methods to get the keys we usually use when entering the password, and combine them to get the real password. It is recommended to wipe the touch screen once in a while, use a dry eyeglass cloth or a dry towel, and it is also recommended to wipe the fingerprint collection head.
6.Install monitoring and alarm system
Install an automatic alarm door lock. Once the illegal person opens it illegally, the user can call the user's pager, mobile phone, neighbor, neighborhood committee, and public security organs to monitor the platform automatically through the telephone line. Families in need can install surveillance at their doorsteps, which can be a deterrent to thieves.
7. Remember to lock
Whether going out or sleeping at night, it is best to turn on the anti-lock function. Now smart locks basically have anti-locking functions. When you go out and lift the handle, you can anti-lock. When you rest at night, you can also anti-lock inside. Ordinary mechanical locks can also be locked for more security.
8. Dry clothes on the windowsill
If you are not at home for a long time, you can dry your clothes on the balcony of your home, causing someone to look like someone in the house. Generally, a thief sees that there is a clothes drying on the balcony, and will think that there is someone in the family, which may make him give up the crime.
Because each situation is different, in addition to the above methods, it is recommended that you combine your own situation and choose some anti-theft methods that are suitable for you and have a safe Spring Festival.
If conditions permit, it is recommended to give priority to the purchase of smart locks, because smart locks are not only made of highly secure materials, but also most of the smart locks have tamper-resistant alarm functions. Once violently unlocked, an alarm will be issued to press the thief into frustration.

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