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How does Mini LED support the huge market size?

2020-01-10 09:01:42 High- tech LED traffic: 20885
[ Security Exhibition Network Market Analysis ] Tianfeng International Analyst Guo Mingxuan released a report that Mini LED will play a key role in the innovation of Apple's medium-sized display products. "It is predicted that 4-6 new Apple products will be adopted in the next 2-3 years. Mini LED displays, which will accelerate the development of the Mini LED industry. "
After the above report was released, it quickly aroused widespread attention from companies and media that focused on the Mini LED industry chain, and triggered a butterfly effect.
Terminal giant Apple has approved the introduction of product lines, TCL Huaxing, BOE and other panel makers have continuously released information on the deployment of Mini LED in public places, and the continuous large-scale investment by the leading companies in the LED industry chain ... various factors catalyze ... As a result, Mini LED-related companies harvested dividends in the capital market.
In recent days, the share prices of listed companies including Jufei Optoelectronics, Hongli Zhihui, Wanrun Technology, TCL Group and BOE have achieved different increases or even daily limit. As of December 18, the Mini LED segment continued to rise, Jufei Optoelectronics continued its daily limit, and Qianzhao Optoelectronics, Dongshan Precision, Ruifeng Optoelectronics, and Alto Electronics followed the rise.
Mini LED is booming in the stock market, and whether to deploy Mini LED has also become an important factor for investors to choose. One is to show the advanced nature of its own technology, and the other is to seize the development opportunities of new types of displays. Enterprises including Core Micro, Helitech, and Precision Test Electronics have recently revealed their Mini LED plans on the investor interaction platform. Among them, Core Source Micro said that it will actively launch products adapted to the Mini LED field, consolidating its advantages in the field of LED chips. Helitai and Jingde Electronics said that they will strengthen the talent and technology reserves of Mini LED.
Some research data show that by 2023, the overall output value of Mini LED will exceed 1 billion US dollars. However, according to a technology leader of a leading LED packaging company, the company said that the overall output value is far more than this. Mass production of Mini LEDs will consume a large number of LED chips, which will inevitably drive the capacity of chip factories and packaging factories on a large scale. At the same time, Mini LED backlights will also have a great boost to the traditional LCD market.
At this stage, Mini LED applications are mainly divided into Mini LED displays and Mini LED backlights. Among them, Mini LED displays are mainly used in LED displays ; Mini LED backlights are used with LCDs in high-end LCD TVs, car displays, laptops, iPads and other products.
With the help of head companies' "golden gold" and 5G and ultra-high-definition displays, Mini LED products in 2019 have been implemented in scenarios including security monitoring, high-end business display, conference rooms, and broadcasting performances.
However, subject to problems such as mass production technology, cost, and supporting industrial chains, Mini LED products are mainly concentrated in high-end niche markets. With reference to the capital investment of Mini LED companies and the applicable market prospects, Mini LED needs to support a large enough market to achieve considerable economic benefits. But does Mini LED have such qualifications and potential?
Shao Pengrui, technical director of Jingtai Co., Ltd. said that from the perspective of the application side, large-scale production must consider the cost factor. Mini LEDs have higher actual application requirements, mainly in markets with high requirements for collisions. limited."
Shao Pengrui believes that the problem of the cost of Mini LED represented by 4 in 1 is difficult to overcome. After all, it is a transitional product. Micro LED is the future and theoretically meets the cost of materials * solution. "The two products will play together for a while, but not for long."
In fact, although the leading companies in the LED industry chain are aggressively promoting Mini LED marketization, they also know that Mini LED is only a transition technology between small-pitch LEDs and Micro LEDs.
Micro LED technology has high thresholds, huge transfers, inspections and repairs also pose major challenges to major manufacturers. Mini LED, which is easier to achieve commercialization, has become the foothold for LED companies to seize the development opportunities of ultra-high-definition displays. Traditional LEDs compete for pressure to export from the Red Sea.
There is no timetable for when Micro LED will achieve mass production. However, according to Korean media reports recently, Samsung plans to expand Micro LED production capacity in 2020, and is currently discussing increasing investment in mass production equipment and factories.
According to Li Mantie, Chairman of Lehman Optoelectronics, Micro LED application scenarios are mainly divided into "big one and one small", that is, large-scale markets such as LED displays and TVs that are more than 100 inches, and small ones such as smart wearables. Size market.
Then in the medium-sized market, such as Mini LED backlight with LCD in the conventional TV market such as 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch will have a longer life cycle, but will also face OLED, QDLED and other mature technology encirclement.
Some LED industry * practitioners believe that they should be vigilant about Mini LED because of its lower threshold. However, most LED companies are optimistic about Mini LED, and Mini LED has indeed effectively improved the display effect.
Zhao Fan, the technical director of Zhaoyuan Optoelectronics, said that 2019 is the first year of large-scale commercialization of micro-pitch LEDs (Mini / Micro LEDs). It is a year worthy of excitement for LED practitioners and also has enthusiasm for the future.

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