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Data centers will rely more on open source edge computing and cloud in 2020

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[ Security Exhibition Network Market Analysis ] The data center is the heart of the business. Without the data center, IT cannot provide any level of functionality, reliability, and agility. What will the data center look like in 2020? Jack Wallen shared his thoughts on data center and edge computing, Kubernetes, 5G, container security, and more in the coming year.
The rise of edge computing
More and more businesses rely on Internet of Things (IoT) devices to provide services. Therefore, the network architecture must be reconsidered. Almost every enterprise company uses various forms of cloud, and they rely on a centralized network. But such networks are far from ideal for deploying IoT devices, which is why many businesses are turning to edge computing.
Edge computing is a technology paradigm that pushes core processing functions to the specific location needed-often at the edge of the network. This allows data to be collected and analyzed "in-place" instead of transmitting the data back to the central cloud for calculation. Edge computing maximizes operational efficiency, improves performance and security, and minimizes downtime. Edge computing will see huge growth at the enterprise level in 2020.
Tools to simplify Kubernetes deployment
Currently, Kubernetes needs a lot of work to get it right, and deployment is more complicated. This complexity is likely to improve in 2020, as tools have been developed to simplify the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters.
These new tools will make deployment of Kubernetes clusters easier, and most people will be able to deploy their own clusters with speed, reliability, and more importantly, security. In addition, these tools will most likely be open source.
Nearly 90% of data center traffic will be concentrated on the cloud
By the end of 2020, almost 90% of all data center traffic will likely be concentrated on the cloud. This will be a combination of private, public, and hybrid clouds, partly due to the continued growth of services such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure, and container clusters that use these platforms to provide applications and services.
As more and more social networking services rely heavily on the cloud, it is almost predictable that 2020 will easily become the year when the cloud becomes the network and the network becomes the cloud.
Security threats deployed around containers
Containers haven't disappeared, and security threats have increased with their popularity. By the end of 2020, we will see at least one large-scale security breach around container deployment. This kind of damage may be caused by companies deploying containers from insecure images or poorly configured networks; either way, this kind of damage will draw people's attention to the safety of containers, which will lead to some types of containers. Security alliances, and use technology to fight together.
More reliance on open source
Without open source, many enterprise technologies would not exist. In the coming year, we will see the data center's dependence on open source reaches a tipping point. Even now, it is difficult to find a data center that does not use open source to some extent. This will become more apparent by the end of 2020.
Simply put, more data centers will rely on containers, automation, cloud, edge computing, and other technologies open to the core, which means that Linux will not only become a proponent of the cloud, but also rule the data center. The market share of operating systems like CentOS 8, RHEL, SLES, and Ubuntu Server will increase significantly.
5G infrastructure
As OEMs launch devices and networks simultaneously by the end of 2020, 5G will become the new standard. This means that any company that expands its edge computing profile will find 5G critical to the successful adoption of this new technology.
5G is expected to be 10 times faster than 4G networks and capable of supporting millions of devices per square mile, so 5G will enable remote sensors to instantly update connected devices. The increase in real-time processing capabilities means that people will deploy technologies capable of processing and managing 5G. 5G is not only a reality, but also a necessity for any enterprise using IoT and edge computing.
Container cluster automation
In the coming year, there will be a greater reliance on artificial intelligence (AI) automation. The AI used with the CI / CD pipeline has become extremely complex. By the end of 2020, we may see self-programming, self-healing cluster deployments. With the right combination of cluster-related components, you can create a container system that can automatically update or roll back a deployment if an update fails. Developers will build on these systems to provide almost SkyNet quality for container cluster automation.
Need new skills
With the adoption of newer and more complex technologies, the IT field will become more competitive, and IT practitioners need to understand and learn more new skills, including Kubernetes, artificial intelligence integration, cloud hybrids, container security, edge computing, Linux and many more.

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