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Explore new trends in global AI governance from hot AI governance events in 2020

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[ Market Analysis of Security Exhibition Network ] Pursuing progress and pioneering innovation is the philosophy and spirit that many scientific and technological workers have always upheld. In terms of AI technology research and development, many science and technology workers are meticulous and fully absorbed, and strive to contribute to the healthy and rapid development of China's science and technology industry. With the unremitting efforts of many scientific researchers, the research speed of the AI subdivision technology has accelerated, and its role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the energy, transportation, construction, and medical industries has become increasingly prominent.
It is undoubtedly welcome that AI has been promoted and applied in many fields. In the application process, the shortcomings of AI technology and the existence of cracks in the integration of software and hardware are also exposed.
The leakage of personal privacy data and commercial fraud and criminal activities caused by the abuse of AI technology have also raised concerns. The systematic governance of AI has become a common goal of many countries. Global AI governance is inseparable from the active participation and cooperation of all countries.
Recently, Despise reviewed the top ten representative AI governance events in the world, and summarized the types of AI hot events with high attention. It is understood that the top ten AI governance incidents mainly include frequent accidents of autonomous driving safety, “monitoring headbands” entering campuses to cause controversy, AI face-changing applications leading to privacy disputes, and AI writing fake news that is sufficiently confusing.
After collating and analyzing these contents, we can find that the top ten AI governance events often involve subjects such as schools, enterprises, and legislative bodies. The public's focus on AI is mainly focused on the two aspects of privacy data protection and the legality of applications. So why is the public so concerned about these two points?
First, privacy data protection is closely related to everyone. As a key to the large-scale application of AI, privacy data protection has become a point of concern for ordinary people. As we all know, once personal privacy data is leaked, it will cause great distress to the normal work and life of individuals, and people in the Internet age do not want their privacy data to spread wantonly on the Internet.
Second, in the process of commercialization, AI cannot be separated from legal supervision. Due to different national conditions, the attitudes of various countries towards AI technology research and development and commercial applications also differ. Either support or wait and see, general governance of AI is imperative. As far as China is concerned, the corresponding AI governance laws and regulations are being formulated, and the approval process for the implementation of AI technology applications has also become standardized and systematic.
Rather than sit and talk, do it. The public's focus on AI also provides a new direction for AI governance. When clarifying various security issues caused by face recognition and video monitoring in AI applications, all relevant parties can actively take action and make a difference.
As many countries are trying, global AI governance may start in the following areas:
I. Accelerate the establishment of a unified AI technology research and development certification system to make fake AI nowhere to escape
The fierce development momentum of AI has not only attracted the attention of many technology giants, but also attracted the attention of some lawbreakers. Under the guise of AI, many criminals took the opportunity to engage in illegal and criminal activities such as counterfeit drug marketing and digital currency fraud. After establishing a unified AI technology R & D certification system, all countries will know what is covered by AI technology, so as to effectively curb the rampant behavior of transnational commercial criminal gangs.
2. Take into account the characteristics of the research and development and application of AI technology, and formulate legal regulations for AI application
No rules, no standards. Except for the malicious abuse of AI technology, some users of AI technology may not know the application scope and legal boundaries of AI technology. Especially in the current era of economic globalization, cooperation among countries in the fields of finance, trade, culture and other fields is becoming more frequent, and compliance with corresponding laws and regulations will help achieve more new achievements in AI governance.
3. Establish AI protection technology, equipment and other resource sharing platforms, so that the protection of private data is no longer “independent”
The protection of personal and corporate data and information can not only rely on the supervision of regulatory authorities, but also requires enterprises to cooperate to establish a solid protection network system. Based on the public cloud platform, companies can share their accumulated experience in AI protection technology research and development, network system upgrades, etc., which will also help form a global AI governance atmosphere that is mutually supportive and interlinked.
It is natural for people to have beautiful expectations for AI. Promoting global AI governance is also a prerequisite for people in all countries to enjoy a comfortable and safe technological life. 2020 has just begun, and AI global governance has opened a new chapter. Let us collectively feel the new changes in the construction of the AI governance system and the application of AI multi-scenarios!

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