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Top 20 billion projects in the urban intelligent transportation market in 2019

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[ Security Exhibition Network Enterprise's Attention ] Compared with the same period of last year, the number of billion-dollar projects in the intelligent transportation market increased slightly. In 2019, there were 29 billion-dollar projects in the city's intelligent transportation market, and a total of 21 bid announcements have been announced. Among them, there are 7 smart parking projects in the city.
Compared with 2018, there were 24 projects with over 100 million projects in the city's intelligent transportation market, and a total of 19 projects were awarded. The total market size of the projects awarded was approximately 2.946 billion.
In 2019, the number of projects awarded in the intelligent transportation market of 100 million yuan increased by 2 year-on-year, and the scale increased by 31.4% year-on-year. Among them, there are 7 smart parking projects, an increase of 4 over 2018, and a net increase of 765 million in the market size, contributing 26% to the year-on-year growth rate of the total over 100 million projects in 2019.
Based on 29 projects, the main characteristics of the billion-dollar project in the urban intelligent transportation market in 2019 are:
There are many smart parking projects, including 10 (including those that have not won the bid), and they are mainly construction and operation projects, and companies need to advance funds in the early stage;
Design institutes have increased the number of general contracting projects, with a total of 6;
Among the 21 successful projects, Hisense Network Technology won 2 projects with a total amount of 33.853 million yuan, accounting for 8.7% of the total scale of the project in 2019. Compared with last year, Hisense Network Technology received less than 100 million projects. One, but it performed well in the overall market of over 100 million projects, and one company received multiple projects of over 100 million (Yihualu has a project announcement for a single source, not counted for the time being);
Of the 21 successful bids, 13 were won by traditional intelligent transportation companies and companies with a professional background in transportation, and 8 were won by mobile, communications, local state-owned assets, and Internet companies;
There are two demonstration projects for intelligent connected cars and intelligent transportation applications, both from Wuhan, Hubei.
The 21 announced bids and the items of the enterprise are:
1. Member of the consortium of Qianfang Jietong Technology Co., Ltd .: Zhongtong Service Consulting Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., 378.3 million yuan, Xueyang Engineering and Electronic Police Project in Liyang City;
2. Heze Communication Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Chuangtai Technology Co., Ltd. (Commonwealth), 35.247 million yuan, smart parking construction and operation project in Heze City;
3. Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., RMB 30.438 million, and the EPC of intelligent traffic engineering design and construction of the Third Ring Expressway in Hohhot;
4. Anhui Zhibo Parking Investment Operation Co., Ltd., 24.6 million yuan, Taihe County urban three-dimensional parking garage and smart parking franchise project;
5.Hangzhou Hikvision System Technology Co., Ltd., 21,919,500 yuan, platform integration and operation and maintenance services for the intelligent transportation construction project platform of Xiqing District, Tianjin;
6. China Mobile Communications Hubei Co., Ltd., China Communications First Public Bureau Highway Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd. (Commonwealth), 20.8288 million yuan, Wuhan Intelligent Connected Vehicle and Intelligent Transportation Application Demonstration Zone Intelligent Infrastructure and Application Platform Construction Design and Construction General Contracting (EPC);
7. Beijing Sunshine Haitian Parking Management Co., Ltd., 200 million yuan, procurement project for smart parking social capital side of Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing City
8. Zhenjiang Transportation Industry Group Co., Ltd., 17.200.4 million yuan, Zhenjiang (smart parking) Internet + parking full coverage franchise project;
9. Qingdao Hisense Network Technology Co., Ltd., 17.07 million yuan, intelligent traffic safety management system project in Huanggang City, Hubei Province;
10. Gaoxing Technology Group Co., Ltd., 16.617.4 million yuan, Yueyang Intelligent Transportation System Construction Procurement Project;
11. Qingdao Hisense Network Technology Co., Ltd., 165.88 million yuan, Changsha Intelligent Transportation Management System (the third phase continued construction) project;
12. Beijing Yihualu Information Technology Co., Ltd., RMB 16.2058 million, Beijing Tongzhou District Signal Light Upgrade Project (second phase);
13. Dongguan Jiangxia Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhonghong International Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (Commonwealth), 158.894 million yuan, construction of smart city parking system project in Anzhou District, Mianyang City
14. Lhasa Pure Land Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Soviet Jiao Ke Group Co., Ltd. (Commonwealth), 15.246.9 million yuan, EPC general contracting of the traffic police detachment information project (Phase I) of Lhasa City;
15. Zhangjiajie Zhongdian Jiawang Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd., RMB 14.45108 million, PPP project of Cili County smart parking lot;
16. Zhejiang Zheda Zhongkong Information Technology Co., Ltd., 13.45 million yuan, intelligent traffic HA-KSL-ZNJTSG bid section of the first phase construction project of Huai'an Expressway;
17. Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. and Huizhou Jiaotong Road and Bridge Investment Co., Ltd., a total of 126.75 million yuan, Huizhou smart shared parking system platform operation management project,
18. Wuhan Fenghuo Zhongzhi Digital Technology Co., Ltd., 115.998 million yuan, Chongqing Liangjiang New District Intelligent Transportation System Construction Project;
19. Beijing Shenzhou Xinqiao Technology Co., Ltd., China Communications Construction Group Design Institute Co., Ltd. (Commonwealth), 113.856 million yuan, Wuhan Intelligent Networked Automobile and Intelligent Transportation Application Demonstration Zone Command and Dispatch Center and Data Center Construction Engineering Design and Construction General Contracting (EPC);
20. China State Engineering Design Group Co., Ltd., RMB 10.482.5 million, general contracting of BRT ring line project for elevated ground system in Yancheng District;
21. Beijing Baidu Wangxun Technology Co., Ltd., 10.36 million yuan; Baoding City, Hebei Province, Intelligent Transportation (Baoding AI traffic management brain) procurement project.
The 8 unannounced winning bids and the projects of the winning bidders are:
1. Urumqi Motor Vehicle Intelligent Service Platform Project, with a budget of 49.057 million yuan;
2. Weifang City Intelligent Transportation Comprehensive Improvement Project PPP project, with a budget of 380 million yuan;
3. Harbin Smart City “Transportation Cloud” project, with a budget of 23,293,400 yuan. The single-source supplier is planned to be Beijing Yihualu Information Technology Co., Ltd .;
4. Chongqing City's main urban area intelligent transportation system upgrade project (tender section 2) outfield basic subsystem project, with a budget of 230 million yuan;
5. The central transportation platform integration project of intelligent transportation system upgrade and reconstruction project in Chongqing's main urban area (Bid Section 1), with a budget of 126 million yuan;
6. Tongling City, Anhui Province intelligent transportation technology infrastructure construction project + market test plan PPP, budget amount 120.86 million yuan;
7. Smart parking project in Leshan City, Sichuan Province, with a budget of 110 million yuan;
8. The construction project of smart parking management platform in Laishui District, Jiangsu Province, with a budget of 107.28 million yuan.
In addition, among the project information announced in 2019, 11 projects belong to the category of smart cities or urban brains, which include smart transportation construction content, but the amount cannot be verified, so it is not included in the statistical scope.
The specific items are as follows:
1. "Government Digital Construction" Project of Dongguan City, Dongguan Municipal Government Service Data Management Bureau, Guangdong Province (2019-2021), Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., 274.128 million yuan;
2. Guangxi Pingnan County Smart City Project, Guangxi Zhongke Shuguang Cloud Computing Co., Ltd., 56.789 million yuan;
3. Guangxi Guiping Smart City Construction Project, Guangxi Zhongke Shuguang Cloud Computing Co., Ltd., 245.64 million yuan;
4. 2019 China Unicom Anshan City Public Security Bureau Smart Big Transportation (Xueliang Project) Purchase Project, Liaoning Post and Telecommunication Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd., 169.98 million yuan;
5. "Digital Lhasa" Urban Brain 2019 EPC general contracting project, Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd., Tianyuan Credit Suisse Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (Commonwealth), 137.569 million yuan;
6. Chongqing Taonan District Smart Police Service ("Xueliang Project", intelligent transportation, intelligent community prevention and control system) project, Chongqing Shufang Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., 118 million yuan;
7. Smart City Project of Guanling Buyi and Miao Autonomous County (Phase I), Tongfang Co., Ltd., 116.665 million yuan;
8. Jiangxi Fengcheng smart city construction PPP project with a budget of 68.264 million yuan;
9. Henan Yongcheng Smart City 5G smart pile construction project construction and supervision project, with a budget of 400 million yuan;
10. EPC general contracting for the first phase of the new smart city project in Lianjiang City, Guangdong Province, with a budget of 387.8 million yuan;
11. Huarong County, Hunan Province, a new type of smart city construction PPP project with a budget of 3.015552 million yuan.

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