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Notice on the Finals of the Second Security Vocational Skills Competition in Hubei Province

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[ Security Exhibition Network Association News ] The 2019 "Hubei Craftsman Cup" Skills Competition-jointly organized by Hubei Vocational Skills Appraisal Guidance Center and Hubei Safety Technology Prevention Industry Association-the second security professional skills competition After fierce written tests and practical skills competition, a total of 16 contestants were finalists. According to the requirements of the competition plan, the related matters of the final are notified as follows:
I. Time and Place:
Final time: 14:00 on December 25, 2019
Final Venue: Meeting Room 3, 4th Floor, Nanyuan Building, Central South Garden Hotel
Second, the final competition content
Security project design plan, plan ppt speech, on-site defense and other links started the final competition.
Third, the final regulations:
The competition will be played in reverse order according to the results of the semi-finals. The plan ppt will not exceed 8 minutes for each speaker, and the answer to the question will not exceed 5 minutes. Individuals must not leave the field to complete the game until the game is completely over.
The players' appearance order is as follows:

The scoring criteria are as follows:
1. Resume (5 points)
2. Related honors (5 points)
3. Personal performance (5 points)
4. User rating (5 points)
5. Completeness, feasibility, advancement, and rationality of the design plan (25 points)
6. Performance presentation of plan ppt (time control, clear expression, clear thinking, prominent focus, correct point of view) (25 points)
7. Question answer (30 points)
4. Awards:
(1) 1 first prize, 5000 yuan bonus;
2 second prizes with a prize of 3,000 yuan;
3 third prizes with a prize of 1,000 yuan;
10 winners with a prize of 500 yuan.
Certificate of honor issued by the competition organizing committee.
(2) For the first-ranked contestant, after being reported to the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security for approval, he will be awarded the title of "Hubei Provincial Technical Expert".
(3) The top 8 players in the final result will be promoted to the first level based on the national professional standards of intelligent building administrators (X high promotion to technician).
(4) For the contestants who have won the winning prizes or above, the provincial security association shall recognize them as the qualifications of technical personnel in the competence evaluation of the security engineering enterprises of the association.
(5) There are several excellent organization awards, special contribution awards, and X attention awards. The competition organization committee will award honorary certificates based on the organizational work and actual contribution of each participating unit. The award ceremony will be held on December 26th during the third Hubei Security Industry Carnival.
This event will be an opportunity for personnel engaged in project design, construction, and management to verify and improve themselves. Welcome to the on-site observation and learning of members and technical staff of member units.
Observation registration: (copy link opens on web page)
Contact: Hu Cao 18672792006
Hubei Security Technology Prevention Industry Association
December 10, 2019

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