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Looking forward to 2020: Security + AI

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[ Security Exhibition Network Perspective Tracking ] The world is in a period of great development, great change and great adjustment, and human society is undergoing huge and profound changes.
The intelligent revolution will bring about a "change in the situation" of the smart industry. How to understand this "change in the situation" determines our objective understanding of today's world development and technological innovation, and it will also directly affect our comprehensive understanding of daily life.
Change doesn't mean a foregone conclusion, so the future is full of endless possibilities. Security + AI is developing at an iterative speed, and it may become the benchmarking industry in the era of intelligent interconnection in 2020.
The so-called: layman watching lively, layman watching the doorway. How do you all view and understand this "changing situation"?
As a capability, artificial intelligence will empower all industries and exist in every part of the city. "Ubiquitous intelligence" is the core feature of the intelligent era, with two major characteristics of intelligent IoT and the integration of physical information.
——Xin Pan, Senior Expert of Hikvision Solutions
Security intelligence is not just a single point of intelligence, but a whole area of intelligence. From the front-end camera to the cloud edge and cloud center, there is no shortage of one. Only the end-to-end cloud's full-field intelligence and global collaboration can allow multi-dimensional data to flow in the end-cloud and protect the physical world with the development of the digital world.
——Pan Zhichao, Director of Huawei's Intelligent Security Marketing Support Department
In the future, as computing power increases and costs decrease, artificial intelligence products will cause the computing power to move forward; but the back-end analysis will not disappear, because there are still deeper applications and applications of big data that When using AI, there is always some data that is transmitted back to the server. After unified integration and big data processing, social value can be generated.
——General Manager of Anyang Contempt Public Business Division
AI technology has flourished in the security industry for only three or four years. Therefore, there are still many unknown things in this industry that need to be continuously explored. Enterprises need to have a good grasp of their own development direction, a sensitive business sense of smell, and a rapid response to research and development capabilities. In addition, in response to customer fragmentation scenarios, enterprises also need to balance the relationship between customized services and mainline services.
——Zou Boyun, Director of Lifei Public Safety Product Line Solutions
The development process of the security industry is the process of solving the pain points of the security industry. In summary, it can be divided into: an evolutionary process that can be seen, seen, and understood. The follow-up may develop into "don't care" to achieve the depth of artificial intelligence Application, let management completely liberate manpower. The tide of AI will definitely reshuffle the existing pattern of the security industry. Manufacturers that follow the trend of development will ride on the dust. With the AI tide going up, it will gradually be known and recognized in the industry.
——Meng Fansong, Product Manager of Tianye Albert CHAN
More new trends and new perspectives of the industry are in this industry guide. We will sort out "security + AI" in this book.

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