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"Aunt Mei" aroused national attention to whether AI security technology could bring it to justice?

2019-11-20 10:06:09 Security Exhibition Website Author: Li quite hits: 52843
[ Focus News on Security Exhibition Network ] On November 18, 2019, a news about the second portrait of the trafficker "Aunt Mei" blew up the circle of friends. Subsequently, the Ministry of Public Security's emergency information release platform Weibo released news to rumor, But discussions on "Aunt Mei" are still lively.
Who is "Aunt Mei"? In 2017, the police in Zengcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province issued a notice saying that "Aunt Mei", whose real name is unknown, had been active in Zengcheng and Shaoguan Xinfeng for a long time, involving a number of child trafficking cases, and attached A mock portrait of Aunt Mei.
Two years later, Aunt Mei has not yet been arrested, and the police and relatives' search for parents have not stopped her. Many people have also suggested that the security technology under the blessing of artificial intelligence is advancing by leaps and bounds, why has it been too late to help the public security organs to capture Aunt Mei?
Is it reliable to catch Aunt Mei with AI security technology? In fact, this idea is not without foundation. For example, in 2018, the face recognition system at Jacky Cheung ’s concert helped the police catch dozens of fugitives. In daily life, I ’ve often heard that public security agencies use AI video image analysis technology to help recover lost elderly people. Deeds. This all shows the effect of AI security technology.
However, both criminals and missing elderly people have clear photos, but Aunt Mei has only portraits of the police. It is undoubtedly difficult to find a specific person across the country.
This also involves the landing situation of AI security. According to iResearch data, the penetration rate of AI cameras in existing city surveillance is 0.4%, and by 2020, the penetration rate may reach 16%. At present, ordinary cameras are still the mainstream of video surveillance equipment in the country, and some regions, including young and old, have no camera coverage.
In cities, AI cameras are often used in train stations, subways, and other areas with high crowd density. The dense crowds also make the face data that the AI security system needs to process very large, which is usually completed with GPU acceleration. In terms of software development, system customization, and deployment costs, the cost of setting up a high-throughput real-time portrait recognition system may reach tens of millions of dollars.
In addition to high installation costs, the system's false positive rate is also a problem. At present, face recognition has reached a high accuracy of over 99%, but even with a false positive rate of 0.1%, many warnings will be generated in the case of a large flow of people, and the police will need to make a second judgment.
Therefore, in order to play the role of face recognition technology, it is necessary to reduce the detection range. At present, face recognition is also mostly used in scenes such as train rider verification and witness identification, and the AI security system is used to capture such illegal acts as Aunt Mei in a short time. Molecules are impossible. As Xing Bo, deputy director of the Department of Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University, said: "What the artificial intelligence industry lacks is not algorithms, but how to better translate them into engineering means."
Concluding remarks: This aunt Mei, who "sees neither the head nor the tail of the dragon," reflects the public's concern for child trafficking. In terms of anti-trafficking, it is still necessary to cooperate with case-handling departments, non-profit organizations and the general public to jointly protect the safety of children. In terms of security technology, despite the current landing situation, it still faces problems such as insufficient penetration, high costs, and recognition rates to be improved in practical applications. However, security companies still need to concentrate on research. Perhaps in the near future, these technologies will make Aunt Mei arrested and help abducted children and their families reunite as soon as possible.

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