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Chongqing Security Engineering Enterprise Management Staff Exchange Training Meeting Held Successfully

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[ Security Exhibition Network Project Contact Meeting ] On November 18th, the Chongqing Municipal Security Engineering Enterprise Managers Training Training Meeting was successfully held in Chongqing Wudu Hotel • Sun City Hotel. This conference was jointly organized by Chongqing Public Safety Technology Prevention Industry Association and Security Exhibition Network. Comrade Jing Yong, the third-level police supervisor and director of the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau's Science and Technology Information Division, and the police technology of the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau's Science and Technology Information Division. Comrade Wang Hong, the first-level director and engineer, He Yu, the secretary-general of Chongqing Public Safety Technology Prevention Association, and Zhang Chunyu, the general manager of Security Exhibition Network attended the meeting. Nearly 200 trainees from members of the association participated in the training.
meeting venue
With the booming construction of safe cities and smart cities , the demand for security applications in social and public safety, industry markets, and civilian markets has continued to increase, and the security market has huge space. The purpose of this training session is to promote the timely learning and understanding of industry standards by Chongqing security engineering enterprises, standardize their behavior, and grasp the industry's development trends. Establish a communication platform between the association and security companies, industry experts, and manufacturers.
The training session was led by Ma Honghao, a lecturer of the China Electronic Engineering Design Institute, who introduced "intelligent security system project management", and analyzed and explained every step from design, bidding, construction to acceptance. During the training, the students recorded and recorded the main points. Through the courseware carefully prepared by Mr. Ma Honghao and the lively and interesting lectures, the trainees were never satisfied.
Ma Honghao, Lecturer, China Electronic Engineering Design Institute
Student shooting record
At this training meeting, Xiamen Dinaike Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Bluebird Electronics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guangtuo Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Gaoshida Electronics Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Cube Holdings Co., Ltd. carried out new products and new products. Technical explanation and product display.
The concise scheme explanation and on-site product observation experience made the engineering companies and enterprises present at the scene have a strong interest in the product. During the class, the booth area was crowded with constant exchanges.
Business sharing
The holding of this training session gave us a broad and in-depth understanding of the transformation, upgrade and development of new technologies, new products and new standards in the security industry, further clarified standards, broadened horizons, updated concepts, and promoted associations and enterprises. Cooperation and exchanges between them promote the healthy development of the industry. 2019 Chongqing Security Engineering Enterprise Managers Training Training Meeting was successfully held!

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