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Tianbo Communication: Optimizing the technical team to create brand value 2020

——Interview with Wen Zhong, General Manager of Shenzhen Tianbo Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.
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[ Interview with Security Exhibition Network ] Optical information and optical networks have become important national information infrastructures. Benefiting from the advantages of "large capacity, low loss, anti-interference, and low cost", the rapid application and development of optical fiber communications in the field of security has established The development foundation of smart cities also supports the extension of strategic emerging industries such as next-generation mobile Internet, Internet of Things , cloud computing, and big data.
Shenzhen Tianbo Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianbo Communication") is a leading company in the field of data communication and high-definition video surveillance, focusing on the development of optical fiber communication products. During the 2019 Shenzhen Security Expo, Security Exhibition Network went to Tianbo Communication to visit the new office and discussed with the general manager Wen Zhong about the requirements, changes, and development directions of the optical communications industry in the field of video surveillance.
Wen Zhong, General Manager of Shenzhen Tianbo Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.
New requirements in the field of HD security solutions
In recent years, the rapid development of optical fiber communication technology has reduced the cost of optical fiber transmission monitoring systems . The use of optical fiber communication to achieve high-definition monitoring has become a new standard. What are the special requirements when optical fiber communication is transferred from traditional mobile communication to the field of security monitoring?
Wen Zhong recalled that since Tianbo Telecom entered the industry in 2000, from the initial service of the three major operators to the current solution provider in the field of security monitoring of smart cities, the big difference lies in technical requirements.
In terms of products, even after years of change and improvement, the core of using optical cables as transmission media has not changed. In terms of technical requirements, communication services can be completed with fewer people in the past, but now in the field of video surveillance, professional technical teams are the necessary support for enterprises. Therefore, Tianbo Communication also positions itself to provide a deeper and more comprehensive set of high-definition solutions and a whole series of switch products.
Business and People Dialogue Create Brand Value
Of course, while strengthening our own technology and doing a good job of the product itself. As the basis for the long-term development of the company, building brand value is also highly valued by Tianbo Communication. Especially with the introduction of high-definition networks in China, due to different market needs, creating a brand value that belongs to Chinese security companies, corporate responsibility is significant. Wen Zhong summarized the value of the brand as "value comes from innovation, innovation comes from the market, and the market comes from the scene." In the final analysis, the brand of an enterprise is to promote the dialogue between business and people.
Tianbo Communication has expanded its product application scope in 2019, and has participated in a number of projects in Zhangjiajie, Hunan, Beijing-Tibet high-speed rail, and public security Tianwang at various levels in Guangdong Province. In product development and production, Tianbo Communication always maintains its own "personality". Even the same product is slightly different from other companies. Investigating the reason, Tianbo Communication will go to the site to communicate with design and construction personnel in the early stage of each R & D process to obtain hand requirements, and produce products that are simple to operate and meet actual needs.
HD intelligence is the trend 2020
Talking about the future, 2019 is the first year of 5G commercialization, and it is also a hot word for the 2019 Shenzhen Security Expo. Tianbo Communications, as an old enterprise in the optical communications industry, has long been laid out for this. Mr. Wen revealed that Tianbo Communication started to deploy unlimited signal coverage business as early as two years ago. Currently, it has begun to promote unlimited WiFi coverage and routers for 5G will also be launched shortly. With the maturity of 5G applications in the future, the industry requirements for ultra-high-definition intelligence will become an industry trend.
Concluding remarks: 2019 is coming to an end. This year, Tianbo Communications moved into a brand new office building and continued to move forward with a brand new production environment and strict production requirements. Just like the slogan of Tianbo Communications, “Tianbo Telecom is fast and windward.

New office front desk

Group photo of new and old customers

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