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Xikang: Strengthening scientific and technological innovation productivity and entering a new era of security reform

——Interview with Gui Hong, Director of Marketing, Hangzhou Saikang Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
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[ Interview with Security Exhibition Network] The 2019 Shenzhen Security Expo has come to a successful conclusion! The Security Expo fully demonstrated the current cutting-edge products and technologies of the security industry. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things have been increasingly applied to the construction of the security industry. A new technological change is coming.
Hangzhou Saikang Communication Technology Co., Ltd., as one of the important forces in the field of transmission equipment , attended the Expo and brought many surprises! Security Exhibition Network had the honor to interview Gui Hong, the marketing director of Hangzhou Seccom Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Seccom"), and talked to him about Seccom's product development, enterprise layout, and market under the development of innovation and market changes. How to deal with issues such as dynamics.
Gui Hong, Director of Marketing, Hangzhou Saikang Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Increasing investment in technological innovation is the main theme of Xikang's development
Technological innovation has always been a key factor in the continuance of corporate development. It is understood that in September this year, Seccon issued 8 software copyright certificates. In this regard, President Gui introduced Seccon's technology in three aspects: technology, talent and investment. Acting in innovation.
First of all, to open up the fouling among various departments within the enterprise, and the cut-off point for coordinating the cooperation between research and technology departments is to mobilize the initiative and open thinking of R & D personnel. In addition, as with the overall short-term needs of the industry, talent is the second development of Seccon. The essential. The concept of talent introduction and people-oriented combined with the university's production-study-research strategy, strengthen cooperation and exchange, and inject fresh blood into the technical force. With the above two steps, the next step is to give real support. President Gui revealed that in 2020, Secom will increase research and development funds by 10% on the original basis, and use solid actions to help the growth of corporate innovation vitality.
Product upgrades cater to market changes and enter a new era together
"5G" in 2019 is constantly appearing as a hot word in the industry, and this is also the case at this year's Expo. Guihong summarizes the combination of 5G and the security industry as a relationship of "interdependence and interoperable development". In addition to the increase in data transmission rates, it will also promote the transformation of big data, cloud computing, and Internet of Things technologies, and deepen the security industry chain. Card and makeover. Secon has long been committed to the research, development and production of optical fiber transmission, data communication and network access equipment. In such a period of opportunity, it has also further adjusted product upgrades and development directions, and entered the new era of "smart things" with the industry market.
At the Expo, Xikang also brought upgrade products such as fiber-optic switching transmission equipment, multi-function data transmission equipment, and high-definition video optical transceivers . Among them, the multi-function unlimited data series was used as an example. In the past, wireless routers adapted for 4G networks, 4G integrated Data service routers, etc. will also make innovative changes while 5G continues to enter life.
Concluding Remarks: Entering the quarter after 2019, Shenzhen Amber Expo is also the last exhibition that Xikang participated in this year. In 2019, Xikang increased its participation in the exhibition, and learned and learned in the tour. During the interview, President Gui mainly mentioned the word "real" for the exhibition experience throughout the year. The improvement of the number and quality of exhibitions is the true feelings of exhibitors. In addition, through touring exhibitions in various places, direct communication with first-line customers and understanding the real needs of customers is of great significance to future product design and corporate planning. Based on honesty, winning with quality, driving with innovation, and winning customers with service, we look forward to seeing another successful harvest of Secang's innovative technology in the new era of "Smart Things".

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