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Dahua shares: dual-engine multi-layout brings seven black technologies

——Interview with Li Huan, Deputy General Manager of Product Department, Domestic Marketing Center, Dahua
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[ Interview with Security Exhibition Network ] The 2019 Shenzhen Security Expo has come to a successful conclusion. Various companies at the Security Expo have displayed their styles and brought new products and technologies to attract domestic and foreign audiences. Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., one of the industry leaders, also carefully planned to bring the theme of "Dahua HOC City Heart, Smart Twin Era" as the theme. Security Exhibition Network, as one of the exhibition cooperation media, walked into the Dahua booth to learn about the wonderful details. Li Huan, Deputy General Manager of the Product Department of Dahua Domestic Marketing Center, introduced us in detail.
Li Huan, Deputy General Manager, Product Department, Domestic Marketing Center, Dahua
Two highlights: AIOT & SDTV
AIOT: It is the four forces of full perception, full intelligence, full calculation, and full ecology. With video as the core, the perception and intelligence capabilities built on it rely on the entire network to comprehensively and truly build the data value of smart twins.
SDTV: Based on the four capabilities, Dahua has the ability to plan at the top and deepen the design. Thinking from the perspective of customers, it truly creates value for customers from industry management, forms a closed loop and empowers the customer-oriented value chain. Hundreds of industries, bring solutions to deepen business scenarios, and form a typical case.
SDTV is the methodology of Dahua's information construction, and it is also Dahua's thinking. Service (service) is the leader, data (date) is the foundation, technology (technology) is the tool, and ultimately help customers realize value (value).
Product Layout under Emerging Technologies: AI & 5G & Big Data
AI, 5G, and big data technologies are like motors, helping the security industry to expand boundaries, making the original limited innovation and limited growth mature stage, and finding new space and opportunities.
1. AI: Our products gradually usher in a comprehensive upgrade.
At present, general AI products are divided into four categories: integrated intelligence, full intelligence, integrated intelligence, and easy intelligence: integrated intelligence: refers to multi-lens products, using multiple cameras of the camera to achieve linkage, stitching and other functions; full intelligence: refers to multiple algorithms concurrently, With high computing power; intelligent integration: multi-algorithm switching, high cost performance; easy intelligence: for professional scenes, such as vehicle entrances and exits, face access control and other professional scenes, low prices can get good results; In addition, Dahua also launched Professional AI products, such as urban tube balls, water level detection, parking violations and other intelligent products customized for the industry.
2. 5G: brings new market opportunities to the security industry.
For traditional scenarios, due to the high peaks of time, place, and crowd usage, network bandwidth stability cannot be guaranteed, so 4g cameras are rarely seen. In the 5G era, the bandwidth capacity is larger, so the proportion of wireless products in traditional scenarios will increase significantly; special network support scenarios such as fire emergency, traffic command and dispatch. The 4g era is a shared network, and everyone depends on competition. 5g introduces end-to-end slicing technology to flexibly open dedicated lines on the public network, so that the public network also has a dedicated network experience; deployment, control, vehicle, criminal investigation and other mobile scenarios. In the 4g era, monitoring is mainly used in mobile scenarios such as deployment, vehicle control, and criminal investigation. However, different regions have different network characteristics. 4g cannot stabilize the bandwidth of the entire region, so various problems often occur. In the 5g era, low latency and large bandwidth all solve the problem that 4g cannot stabilize the bandwidth of the entire region, making the mobile experience better. Dahua embraces 5G in an all-round way. We have received 5g technology projects, won 5g national competition awards, 5g application pilots, and joined the 5g industry alliance as vice chairman. We also just released a 5g industrial module with Huawei last week. There will be batch products on the market next year. We cooperated with China Mobile to complete 5G docking based on CPE, and realized the “5G + 8K” live video application, showing the super-clear West Lake beauty. Through “5G + drone” aerial photography, we realized the high-definition live broadcast of Qiantang Chao and Hangzhou Marathon, helping Bank of China "Experience Digital Smart Space without Feeling".
3. Big data: Dahua has released the GAIA big data platform, which implements a video cloud architecture for city, industry and civilian use.
A data online network, based on standard computing and storage components, through the global IOT access to solve the problem of unified access to the entire network of the device; a view intelligence engine, through the unified management of algorithmic computing power, to achieve a cloud-side view Effective collaboration of data and perceptual intelligence; a data intelligence engine that manages all links of the data in real time and multiple links, solves the problem of time and space data governance, and realizes the evolution of data from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence; a business enablement platform, through container-based Component kit design and industry business model precipitation, building a flexible and open application enabling platform. Support data online, value calculation, and business applications through the "four ones".
Showcase "7 Big Black Technologies"
With the unfolding of the strategic layout, at the 2019 Shenzhen Expo, Dahua also brought the "7 Big Black Technologies" on display.
1) Intelligent coding: The combination of AI analysis technology and AI image enhancement technology is adopted to make the analysis result adaptive in real time and guide the reorganization and scheduling of the coding toolset. After that, Dahua's self-developed bit rate control algorithm is used for reasonable bit allocation. Under the premise of ensuring the same image quality, the code rate is saved by 60% -95%.
2) Clear shadow wide dynamic: Multi-frame fusion wide dynamic technology is commonly used, but there is a common problem, that is, two-frame fusion will produce a ghosting effect on the edge of the object for moving objects. Dahua Qingying technology takes into account the wide dynamic effect and the clarity of moving objects.
3) Super depth of field technology: Ultra-low illumination requires a large aperture lens. Those who have played photography know that the larger the aperture, the smaller the depth of field. When the aperture is increased, the background blur effect will be obtained, but the security scene will lose information. Dahua Super Depth of Field technology, a large aperture can also have a large depth of field, the target of the entire scene is clearly perceived.
4) Double pupil technology: For mixed scenes, such as the scene where the license plate and the face are mixed, because the license plate is generally coated with reflective materials, when the license plate is clear, the face will appear too dark, or the face will be clear, but the license plate will be overexposed. . Dahua's heavy pupil technology realizes the simultaneous capture of multiple different types of targets, and each target is processed independently, which effectively solves the problem that different types of targets cannot be captured in the same frame.
5) "PFA +" 2.0 technology: Innovatively introduces a complex object distance self-learning intelligent focusing algorithm to realize the capture of vehicle license plates and the rapid capture of faces and human bodies. New self-learning focusing algorithm, without manual calibration and intervention (currently, competitive products need manual calibration), focusing in one step
6) Cross-camera tracking technology: Use target detection and gait recognition technology to achieve video relay tracking of target objects between multiple cameras.
7) Vehicle-road collaboration technology: Intelligent traffic algorithms automatically construct event rules through scene structure, and automatically identify and record event process evidence chains through target structure. This technology uses cutting-edge deep learning detection, segmentation, classification and other methods to automatically identify stop lines, lane lines, zebra crossings, shoulders, guide arrows, guardrails, yellow grid lines, traffic lights, bus lane signs, traffic signs, etc. Form structured scene information, and simultaneously detect, track, correlate and attribute recognition of road objects such as human-machine non-objects. Based on structured scenarios and structured goals, event rules can be configured without automatic event identification.
Concluding remarks: From the above strategy, layout and black technology demonstration, it can be seen that Dahua shares are expanding from traditional security to video things. At present, Dahua has positioned the company as a "global video-centric smart IoT solution provider and operator". Of course, in this process, Dahua shares also experienced a process of transformation in three aspects: unified thinking, technical reserves, and application boundaries. Among them, obstacles were overcome, and a new presentation was finally brought to everyone. Looking forward to the new strategy and new layout, Dahua has more exciting performances!

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