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Practicing wisdom, new policing

——Interview with Gong Lindi, Marketing Director of Gaoxin Technology Group Co., Ltd.
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[ Interview with Security Exhibition Network ] Driven by the integration of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, building a new pattern of "smart police" has become a new trend in police operations and an effective measure to promote the construction of public security informatization. The domestic smart city Internet of Things product and service provider, Gaoxin Technology Group Co., Ltd. adopts the strategy of "one horizontal and four verticals", focusing on the application of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, focusing on four topics: public safety, large transportation, communication and finance. In the business sector, Safe City and Intelligent Transportation will focus on the public security business sector, positioning it as "domestic new police product and service provider." At the Shenzhen Security Expo 2019, the Security Exhibition Network talked with the company's marketing director Gong Lindi on the development of new and emerging smart police services.

Gong Lindi, Marketing Director, Gaoxin Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Based on the actual needs of the grass-roots level to fight prevention and control
In recent years, the artificial intelligence and big data technologies relying on high-new intelligence and new police affairs have built four core wisdom-enabling projects and eight innovative police applications as the core of construction. They have created video clouds, new wisdom in prevention and control, new wisdom in command, and wisdom. The advantages of the new traffic management and smart new supervision, etc., have established a set of science and technology, integrated combat law enforcement and prevention and control integrated police operation modes for public security organs at all levels.
In addition, it is the drafting unit for the video cloud and new smart supervision modules of the Guangdong New Smart Policing Master Plan (2018-2020). Gaoxing, with its rich project practical experience in the field of video cloud and smart new supervision, has landed in the Guangdong Provincial Supervision Corps Monitoring Networking Platform Project, Guangdong Provincial Corps Resource Integration Platform Construction, Zhongshan Video Cloud, Zhongshan Smart New Supervision Project, Shenzhen City Second Detention Center Project.
Add another new: video cloud empowers the middle stage
At the Expo, Gaoxin Smart's new police service added a "Member"-video cloud empowers the middle stage.
Video Cloud Empowering China and Taiwan is actually an important part of the video cloud project. Prior to this, the Gaoxing video cloud project has been implemented nationwide. The project includes one network, one cloud, one lake, and one platform. One cloud that is high-tech has a cloud management platform. GoInsign puts all servers on the cloud, physically decentralized, logically unified, and uses a powerful and reliable cloud management platform to manage and schedule these servers. There is a variety of data, such as images, videos, texts, records, etc., in a lake, that is, the new intelligent police service, which is huge and complicated. One platform is "Video Cloud Empowers Central Taiwan".
According to Gong Lindi, the cloud management platform is equivalent to a pedestal, while the video cloud empowers China Taiwan to establish an ecological platform. Gaoxing Cloud Management Platform focuses on creating multi-dimensional data fusion application capabilities and custom business service capabilities. It provides public security customers with intuitive, fast, accurate and comprehensive multi-dimensional data visualization analysis and judgment results to support public security operations. Enabling Zhongtai will use a unified service to call services to achieve decoupling of data and applications, build custom operation platforms for business applications for users, and perform secondary orchestration of decoupled data and services to form diversified services or topics. , Build a new business process, and perform real-time analysis and result presentation of data including faces, vehicles, videos, alarms, etc. based on the new business process.
Video cloud does not exist in isolation, it is a new development form of existing video surveillance industry applications. The video cloud covers the traditional video surveillance networking and sharing, multi-dimensional information access, operation and maintenance management and one machine one file application. It focuses more on intelligent applications with video images as the core, and solves the traditional video surveillance industry's "invisible, invisible" "Clear, unable to connect, unsuccessful use, poor use, not deep use, and labor". The emergence of Gaoxing's "Video Cloud Enabling Central Taiwan" has revitalized the entire network of video image resources, innovated police work mechanisms, and provided technical support for deeply digging the value of video image applications.
In the future, Gaoxing will continue to be committed to technological innovation, ensure that new technologies, new models, and new services go online quickly, empower the police, help build new smart police, and build a new era of smart public security.
Adding wings to the tiger, new wisdom and supervision
Of course, in addition to new smart policing, Gaoxing has also launched many products in new smart supervision, such as smart supervision actual combat platform (province / city / institution), management integrated database (province / city / institution), network monitoring Platform (province / city / institution), supervision of AR maps, lawyers' video interview system, etc.
(1) Practical platform for smart supervision: provide three-level combat platforms for the headquarters, detachments, and institutions, as well as standardized supervision data, integrated technical defense management, intelligent inspection and supervision, intelligent risk research and judgment, holographic information display, and visual multidimensional command Six advantages.
(2) Management and management comprehensive database: Provide data collection standards and system docking specifications for the headquarter, detachment, and institution level, laying a solid foundation for supervising data sharing at all levels.
(3) Networked monitoring platform: It provides a new way of manual and intelligent inspection and supervision, and uses algorithms such as face and behavior analysis to support inspection and supervision.
(4) Supervision of AR real-world maps: Real-time information display on real-world maps, the main functions of technical defense systems, emergency command management, and risk research and early warning are realized through the use of augmented reality technology and resource integration and access.
(5) Lawyer video meeting system: Through the access to provincial and municipal lawyers' libraries, and using face recognition technology, the three-dimensional lawyer video meeting service across different offices / institutions is realized.
Gong Lindi said that the information technology of China's prisons is still in a relatively weak link and there is a lot of room for improvement, so it is also a blue ocean market. At present, the main problems faced by the informatization of the institute are the retrieval and the general detachment. The data services between the detachment and the general corps have not been connected, and it is difficult for the detachment to command, dispatch, evaluate performance, and provide guidance to the institution. Gaoxing uses information technology to get through the business data among the supervision station, the headquarters, and the detachment to build a smooth business application system. In addition, the three categories of people closely related to the prison: the personnel of the public prosecutor's office, such as the supervised personnel, corrections, and lawyers, have also established a unified management platform to achieve three horizontal and three vertical management.
Conclusion: Many projects have been implemented, and new products and technologies have been continuously improved. Gaoxing is working hard to implement its position as a “domestic new police product and service provider”, bringing real capabilities to the public security business.

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