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Sizheng Technology: Intelligent Voice Recognition Pickup is still underway and more technical bottlenecks need to be broken

——Interview with Xia Xionghui, Technical Director of Guangzhou Sizheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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[ Interview with Security Exhibition Network ] Most traditional monitoring systems have no sound, and people can only see silent images. With the multi-dimensional requirements of security, video surveillance has increased from "visible" to "clear" and "audible" in recent years. See ", opened the market for audio surveillance and quickly developed into an important branch of the security industry, expanding applications.
In the field of audio and video monitoring, Guangzhou Sizheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sizheng Technology"), as a company focusing on audio monitoring research and development, and "serving user needs" at the just-concluded 2019 Shenzhen Expo It also attracted much attention. During the Expo, the Security Exhibition Network also walked into the Sizheng Technology booth and discussed with the technical director Xia Xionghui about product highlights, corporate services, and the industry environment.

Xia Xionghui, Technical Director, Guangzhou Sizheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Safe city solution-intelligent voice recognition alarm pickup
After 10 years of technology precipitation and accumulation, Sizheng Technology has extended from the original surveillance audio field to the video conference system and smart home field with its rich experience in the audio industry, and has developed into three main lines that go hand in hand.
At the 2019 Shenzhen Expo, Sizheng Technology's many booths, the pickup is still the protagonist. This time, Sizheng Technology's main product is an intelligent voice recognition alarm pickup product. Compared with the traditional pickup, it has been upgraded in terms of speech recognition. It can perform long-distance recognition of specific sensitive words and special sounds. When an abnormal situation is sensed, the time information is transmitted to the monitoring PTZ, and an alarm action is issued to play an early warning role. Taking prison applications as an example, the traditional audible alarm is to set the alarm warning line based on the sound intensity of people speaking (that is, decibels). There is a problem of high misrecognition rate. The Sizheng intelligent voice recognition alarm is non-specific. Sensitive words are used to identify alarms (customizable alarm words), which reduces the false alarm rate and improves the accuracy and superiority of alarms.
For integrated audio and video surveillance, the camera is the eye and the pickup is the ear. Images seen by the eyes and sounds heard by the ears are transmitted to the pan / tilt, which is the brain, through the nervous system such as cables, optical fibers, and networks, and then instructions are given to complete the alarm. The intelligent voice recognition alarm pickup not only has the eyes and ears, but also the ability to listen to the sound. It provides a proven and early-defending solution for the safe city Xueliang project to complete more guarantees.
Diversified scene choices, technical bottlenecks to be broken
With the support of policies, the popularity of surveillance pickups has spread in all walks of life. In view of the diversified use scenarios of pickups, Sizheng Technology has developed high-fidelity pickups suitable for banking, prison, public security monitoring, and public security scenarios; suitable for outdoor and road use High-noise reduction digital array pickups in scenarios, etc., are recommended in the service based on the actual needs of users in different scenarios.
Although Sizheng Technology has outstanding achievements in the field of pickups, and has launched many products and solutions, summing up the past case application and implementation experience of Sizheng Technology and the accumulation of R & D and innovation of various pickups, Xia Xionghui admits that the current treatment of noise is still Bottlenecks in audio and video. The development of audio monitoring technology has long faced the problem of difficult noise processing. Although the noise reduction technology is continuously optimized as the product is updated, it still has a long way to go to meet higher requirements. "Shengzheng exists where there is sound." As a pioneer in audio solutions in the industry, Sizheng Technology will continue to make efforts in noise reduction algorithms to break down barriers.
Conclusion: In the past, the combination of audio and video surveillance was mainly based on video surveillance, supplemented by audio. The cooperation relationship improved with the increase of audio and video synchronization requirements. In the future, Xia Xionghui believes that the cooperation of audio and video surveillance will be further promoted to achieve the integration of audio and video, and the realization of the industry from analog to digital to platform.

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