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Haowei Technology Appears at the Shenzhen International Expo 2019 with a New Image

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[ Security Exhibition Network Exhibition Report ] On October 31, 2019, the four-day 17th China International Social Public Safety Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Safe Expo") came to an end. During the exhibition, more than 1,100 security companies and 130,000 visitors from various countries and regions around the world gathered at the Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center, and the scene was comparable to the Spring Festival.

As an industry-leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, OmniVision made a stunning debut and showed the audience the company ’s cutting-edge innovations and new product solutions in the CMOS industry, adding a lot to the Expo.
New changes: Howell Technology, Weir Semiconductor, and Spike Co., Ltd. appeared as "Howwell Group"

At this edition of the Expo, the booth of OmniVision has changed a lot compared with the previous one-Howell Technology, Shanghai Weir Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Weir Semiconductor"), Beijing Sibeike Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "Spike") debuted as "Hawway Group", showing the core products and services of Haway Group in the field of image sensors . The scene was crowded, and the audience was like a city.
It is reported that the exhibits include Howell Technology products, Spike's cost-effective CMOS sensors and Weir Semiconductor's semiconductor components. The three major products work together to provide customers with more comprehensive and complete security solutions.
New product:
1. Howell 8K Perceives the Future

The huge display in front of Howe's booth is delicate and smooth even when approaching, and the picture is very clear. The burrs on the twine are clear. The items shown are 8K as they are at present.
Howwell's new 8K image sensor is a cutting-edge technology in the entire security field. It not only allows viewers to intuitively experience the effects of video surveillance in the 8K era, but also demonstrates its sophisticated technology in the global image sensor field.
According to on-site technical experts, this product uses four-pixel-in-one technology, using four pixels of the same color arranged together to form a large pixel. It can output 8K Bayer video in bright light, and can output 4K even in low light. The video is very suitable for the application development needs of security AI identification.
2, Spyco eye-catching cost-effective products
During the product landing process, many users hope to balance the cost and image quality. As a domestic cost-effective CIS manufacturer, Spike exhibits have also received a lot of attention from the audience.
Spike's exhibits include SP2305, SP2306, SP2309, etc., all have the characteristics of low light sensitivity, large signal-to-noise ratio, and low power consumption, which can provide high-quality digital images and high-definition video for security video surveillance. It is worth noting that, relying on SPECRO's proprietary integrated technology, SP1405 can eliminate FPN, eliminate tailing and reduce blooming, which is very advantageous in traffic scenarios.
3. Ultra-small pixel stacked BSI process global shutter image sensor
If Haowei's exhibits focus on the market, and Spike's exhibits focus on cost-effectiveness, then the stacked BSI process global shutter image sensor located in the comprehensive display area is a sensor that is currently smaller in size than any other product in this field.

According to the staff, this product is technically able to ensure that it does not deform when capturing high-speed moving objects, and can obtain clear images under conditions where ambient light conditions are not ideal. It is worth mentioning that this product also relies on PureCel® Plus-S technology and Nyxel® technology, which has high sensitivity and NIR sensitivity.
4.Well Semiconductor products complement Howell's security layout
In addition to the above-mentioned image sensor products, Howwell Group's booth at this edition of the Expo also added products such as semiconductor protection devices, power supply devices, audio devices, and discrete devices from Weir Semiconductor. This part of the product is mainly used in USB or dc_in interface protection, power supply to sensors and platforms, sound acquisition and other links, can help customers solve design challenges with low noise.

New highlight: Four-in-one technology zone

In order to deepen the visitors' understanding of technology, the Howe Group booth specially set up a four-in-one technology zone to show the audience the difference between the four-in-one technology and the full-size output technology through practical applications: the four-in-one technology can provide 300 10-megapixel resolution, 2.8um large pixels, improved sensitivity, can make the displayed image brighter; the full-scale output technology is more fine-grained, can provide 1.4um pixels, 12 million pixels for video images Resolution and 2x zoom function. In addition, in AI recognition training, the application of full-size output technology can provide 4x image detail.
Concluding remarks: At the 2019 Shenzhen International Expo, Howwell Group fully demonstrated its new progress and technical capabilities in the field of image sensors. In the future, Howeway Group will continue to focus on technology research and development, continuously improve core competitiveness, continue to provide customers with innovative service solutions, and promote the change of the security industry in the AI era.

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