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The 17th Anbo Fair ended wonderfully, Guangzhou Ailifu Electronics returned with honor

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[ Security Exhibition Network Exhibition Report ] The four-day 17th China International Social Public Security Expo (CPSE) ("CPSE Security Expo") ended successfully at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center at 2 pm on October 31, 2019.
At the Expo, more than 1,100 domestic and foreign exhibitors, more than 13,000 professional visitors, crowded people inside and outside the exhibition hall; the exhibition content covered video surveillance, access control, intrusion alarm, physical protection, explosion-proof security inspection, biometrics , artificial intelligence , Anti-counterfeiting technology, information security, intelligent robots, drones and many other digital, integrated, intelligent technologies and products, showing the application and development of security technology in various fields of social public safety from multiple angles.
As a security company that has been established for 16 years, Guangzhou Ailifu Electronics Co., Ltd. appeared again in Shenzhen Security Expo after three years. The company ’s brand “Viandas” series of detectors has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign industry users to consult and negotiate. Full of gains!
Guangzhou Ailifu Electronics Booth (Photo)
Guangzhou Ailifu Electronics Booth (Photo)
At this Expo, Guangzhou Ailifu Electronics exhibited four major series of "Viandas"-the fifth generation flagship intelligent laser intrusion detector , full digital speed-decompression mode microwave on-beam detector, and explosion-proof and explosion-proof detection. Devices, large-scale full-function alarm controllers; the fifth-generation flagship intelligent laser intrusion detector, due to its high intelligence, long detection distance, and zero false positives, has made the audience refreshed, and everyone is interested in it. Our company's on-site reception staff consulted.
International friends consulted the reception staff (picture)
As of this year, the China International Security Expo has been successfully held for 17 sessions. As an annual feast for the security industry, each exhibition will set awards to encourage innovative and high-quality companies and products in the industry. This year is no exception. This Amber Expo, the original product of Guangzhou Elite Electronic Co., Ltd., Viandas Smart Laser Intrusion Detector, won the 17th Amber Product Golden Tripod Award.
"Golden Tripod Award" certificate (pictured)
The award is an affirmation of the company's past strength and an encouragement for the company's future development. Although the Expo 2019 has ended, the road of innovation and development of our company will never stop. Will be more high-spirited, do not forget the original intention, and work hard forward!

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