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2020 The 19th North China Social Public Safety Products Expo

Development time:
End Time:
Exhibition location:
Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center

Until the end of the show

82 days

石家庄市安全技术防范协会、河北省公安厅相关部门及全省各地市公安局技防办 Organizers: Shijiazhuang Safety and Technology Prevention Association, Hebei Provincial Public Security Department and relevant departments of the Municipal Public Security Bureau

Exhibition Introduction

"Hebei Ambo" has been held since 2001, and is based in Shijiazhuang, the central city in North China, and radiates from the north to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. After 18 years of careful cultivation, the "Hebei Security Expo" has been hailed as the grand event of the security industry in North China. With the strong support and leadership of governments at all levels and the competent public security departments, with the assistance of the provincial and municipal security industry associations, the 2020 Expo has been upgraded to the "19th North China Social Public Safety Products Expo". It will be held in Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center (Zhengding New District) from March 20th to 22nd, 2020. It is expected that more than 1,000 well-known companies will participate in the conference, and more than 60,000 people from the province and Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Mongolia, Shandong, Henan and other provinces and cities will visit to build an exchange and study for the enterprises in the industry and seek cooperation. An industry platform for negotiating trade and mutual understanding.
As one of the most influential exhibitions in the national security industry, the scale, grade and popularity of the exhibition in 2019 surpassed previous sessions. The conference attracted Huawei, Haikang, Dahua, Tiandi Weiye, Jufeng, Ping'an Community, fifty-four, Yealink Networks, DJI, Shensi, Hebei Security, Haiqiang Alliance, Liad, Qiangli Optoelectronics, Haijia Cailiang, Hi-Tech Optoelectronics, INVT, VISION Technologies, Opel, Blog, Black Dragon, Golden Shield, Lilin, Jiegao , Guangtuo, Eleanor, Paulen, Aerospace Broadcasting, Dongfang Lock Industry, Haier, Romans, voc, Green Times, Akihabara, First Line Fengxu, Huasan, Boda, Ruijie, Tenda, TP, MAXHUB , Shiguo, Skodas, Police Wing, Zhiye, Shunda, Green Times, Fuxin, Zhucheng, Che'an, Yufan, Jiapin, Yiming, Ge'an, Jiawanjia, Zelet, Xing More than 600 domestic and foreign well-known smart security companies including Ruida, Sevik, Jieshun, Liangtian, Mingwei, Hyun Ruixin, Darin, Chuangan, Xulong participated in the exhibition. During the three-day exhibition, they received a total of Public security, prosecution, judicial system, police station, security from North China More than 50,000 person-times from engineering companies, system integrators, security agents, finance, electric power, urban construction, transportation, telecommunications, real estate, property companies, security companies, institutions at all levels and other industries. According to the statistics of the data center, there are more than 4,000 visitors from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, more than 3,000 visitors from Shanxi Province, more than 2,000 visitors from Henan Province, more than 2,000 visitors from Shandong Province, and more than 5,000 visitors from Beijing and Tianjin. During the exhibition, the "2019 Public Security Police Informatization Summit" was held in the conference room of Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 800 leaders in the field of public safety, informatization experts, scholars, and customers, integrators, ISVs in the field of informatization of public safety Manufacturers, manufacturers, etc. gathered at the scene to discuss how to strengthen the network application of public safety video monitoring and construction in Hebei and surrounding provinces, maintain the safety and social stability of Hebei and surrounding provinces, and prevent and combat various illegal acts. The success of the conference provided strong scientific and technological equipment support for Ping An Hebei Construction.
The North China Security Expo 2020 will continue to innovate the exhibition mode, while combining the current deep integration of smart security and smart city construction, the same period will host the "2020 North China International Smart Community and Smart Property Management Exhibition" and "2020 North China Smart City Expo" To provide a new platform for cooperation and win-win for enterprises developing smart cities in Hebei and surrounding provinces. At the same time, "Xiongan New Area Project Construction Matching Conference" and a number of rich professional and technical exchange meetings were held to directly achieve cooperative trade and agency joining.
The organizer of the conference, Hebei Zhenjie Group, will continue to make the North China Amber Expo a domestic brand exhibition with the support and assistance of the Provincial Public Security Department and government departments at all levels. The conference will invite the leaders of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and other provinces and municipalities in charge of comprehensive governance of politics, law, and law to participate in the conference, and invite local security industry associations to organize delegations to visit the exhibition, and actively organize Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Mongolia, Shandong, and Henan People from the security industry visited the exhibition. Thanks to the industry elites from all over the country for their attention and support for the "North China Security Expo" for many years! We look forward to seeing you again in the North China Security Conference!
Concurrently held "2020 Hebei Police Police Informationization Summit" "2020 North China International Fire Safety and Emergency Rescue Equipment Exhibition"
I. Schedule and location:
Registration and exhibition: March 18-19, 2020 Start time: March 20-22, 2020
Removal time: 12:00 noon on March 22, 2020 Venue: Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 9 Heyang Road, Zhengding New District)
Exhibiting scope:
1. Safe City Exhibition: Safe City Construction Management Platform Technology and Products; Urban Comprehensive Emergency Disposal Platform; Urban Public Security Monitoring System (Finance, Campus, Cultural Expo, Medical, Metro Tracks and Other Key Security Systems); Safe Smart Community System, Community Monitoring Management Platform city monitoring and alarm networking system; network security products; intelligent transportation systems; intelligent police systems.
2. Solutions and security services: Security solution providers; 3. Security operation service providers: communication network services, alarm operation services, security services, etc.
4. Security products:
★ Video surveillance system: front-end equipment, video transmission equipment, video storage equipment, central control software and equipment, display system, multimedia video processing technology, multimedia network application technology, etc .;
★ Anti-theft alarm system: sensors, measurement and control devices, alarms, fences, vehicle anti-theft and anti-theft network alarm systems, etc .;
★ Access control system: access control, card, parking lot management system, patrol inspection management system, etc .;
★ Intelligent buildings: building intercom, home intelligent system, building automatic control system, etc .;
★ Public broadcasting and conference system; biometrics, anti-counterfeiting technology; professional LED display system;
★ Police equipment: security checkout, police equipment, police vehicles, drones, special vehicles, criminal investigation equipment, wireless walkie-talkies, police communication and information application equipment, law enforcement recorders, public inspection law digital processing systems and other human security protection Equipment, anti-terrorism equipment, etc .;
★ Power supply, integrated wiring system, wires and cables and peripheral equipment, accessories;
★ Chassis, cabinet, TV wall, console, security door, lock, safe (box), bulletproof composite glass, etc .;
★ Lightning protection products, fire protection products, electronic education equipment, etc .;
5. Other social public safety products and professional security market; 6. Smart city construction and Internet of Things technology and equipment exhibition; 7. Xiong'an New District security product innovation docking exhibition.
3. Exhibiting Procedures
1. Exhibitors should fill in the application form (contract) and stamp with the official seal, then mail or fax it to the organizing committee;
2. Exhibitors shall remit the exhibition fees and other expenses to the designated account of the organizing committee within the agreed date after registration, and pass the remittance voucher to the organizing committee;
3. After receiving the exhibition fee, the organizing committee finally determines the booths and has the right to make reasonable adjustments to a small number of booths;
4. Booth arrangement will be based on the principle of first registration, first payment and first allocation;
5. Advertisement fees are paid at one time, otherwise no arrangements will be made;
6. Exhibits pick-up, accommodation arrangements and other conference affairs will be issued a separate notice one month before the conference.
Fourth, publicity and promotion
1. Carry out comprehensive promotion through newspapers, magazines, radio stations and websites.
2. Promote through long-term accumulated industry resources and extensive customer networks.
3. Promotion through domestic professional exhibitions.
4. Invite professional audiences through 100,000 invitations and 200,000 vouchers.
5. Organize government officials, institutions, scientific research units and other relevant leaders to visit the conference.
6. Professional visitors are: administrative agencies at all levels, public inspection units, large enterprises and institutions, security installation and construction units, real estate developers, security production manufacturers, engineering design units, security product distribution, distribution, wholesalers, education systems , Property management companies, financial units, electric power, urban construction, hospitals and other units.
Five, matters needing attention
1. Any equipment prohibited by the state and public security organs from being sold or used is neither allowed to participate in the exhibition nor to be brought into the venue for sale without permission.
2. Any unit that needs to hold a technical seminar or a new product promotion meeting, please report the seminar contents, new product introduction, and speaker qualifications to the organizing committee one month before the meeting.
6. The Secretariat of the Organizing Committee: Shijiazhuang Zhenjie Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Phone: 0311—83837330 67501803 13933027820 13020855598 (same number on WeChat)
Contact: He Xianhua

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