Top 5: Sexy Songs


Image from my Femme Fatale OOTD post. 

WARNING: This post title should warn you enough that there will be strong language and adult themes, if you are easily offended by either, perhaps skip this one. Hmm?

Holy FREAKING HELL! I haven’t done a Top 5 for some time!

Yes, I thought I’d continue along my musical themed Top 5 this week and talk about some songs I find sexy. Hot. Sensual. Grind-a-licious. Fuck-worthy. etc. This is  much like the famed album Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By, but this time it’s me choosing! Ha! I was tempted to put Freak Me by Silk and Closer by NIN in here… but I won’t, but they do get special mentions! So, this is a weird variety of songs, but they are certainly ones I think are hot, in different ways.

5) Breathe by Kylie

I know right? I’m confused too. My brain hurts and I can’t explain why I find this song attractive. I’ll tell you it certainly isn’t the music video… I guess it could be the lyrics, but I don’t think so. I think it’s just the melody… Blergh. I don’t know. I really don’t…but it is my number 5 and I’m standing by it.

4) Skin by Rihanna

Rihanna is the Queen of oozing sex. Just oozing right the fuck out of her.  In her outfits, her style and particularly her lyrics, but most of the time I find it too much –  like Jessica Rabbit on crack in a D grade horror movie you’d see on the foreign movie channel with some kind of killer tentacle snatch. That being said, I do actually also like a fair amount of her songs.  But this song… I particularly like it. I like the way it builds, I like the lyrics and the believable sexy impatience and desperation in her voice.

3) Fuck U all the time by Jeremih (shlohmo remix)

I am actually so in love with Shlohmo that I can’t even explain it. I play his soundcloud channel on repeat. I never get tired of his blend of grimy bass lines and hypnotic beats. This song is actually the first song I heard of his – it was blended into Azealia Bank’s Mermaid Ball mixtape along with some other amazingness!!!! Did you know he and Jeremih have done another collab since then which is equally as awesome (listen here) and there are rumors of them doing an album together! EEEPPP! Anyway, yes, sexy sexy song. I quite enjoy it, yes yes.

2) Wake Up (N.O.M.A) by Jeremih

Continuing on my chilled Shlohmo vibe, it’s his partner in sexy beats Jeremih. I I can’t really explain why I think this song is so hot, I honestly think it’s just Jeremih’s voice. I mean, the lyrics are pretty hot too, but yeah, I find this song beautiful and makes me think of morning sex, outdoor sex, beaches (possibly beach sex but that sand factor, yo!) and summer.

1) Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing by Chris Issak

Does it really surprise you that this guy and this video come in at number 1? COME ON! So much goodness here! The lyrics, his voice, and most of all – the video! And yes, the girl stripping is completely and utterly gorgeous, but, I gotta tell ya, Chris is looking prettttttty hot himself! And, aside from Dick Tracy and assumably Professor Plum, he’s also the only man I have seen pull off a two piece plum suit. I mean, check his pants! They are really awesome and men should wear that cut of pants all the time. But, I’m not frothing at the mouth over his fashion choices (aight, so I kind of am) but this video is so damn hot in the traditional, vintage hot way when people we easily scandalized by this kind of thing. Justify my Love is the only other scandalous video I can think of in the same category. These days, even with all the gratuitous and gross nudity (yeah, I’m talking to you Nicki) and extremely graphic sexual lyrics – it has NOTHING on this classic. As a side note – Drake looks reaaaalllly bored? No? Maybe it’s just me…

Anyway, this is my Top 5 sexy songs! What would you have?

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xox Jacqui


Top 5: Blogging Crimes


Yes yes, the time has come for a small rant about blogging etiquette, but first, this photo above is from PHO sizzle ‘s range of headbands that are currently for sale at our shop now! These promo pics of me are hilarious and I’ve haven’t uploaded them yet in a blog, but I thought this face was apt for this rant so I shimmied it in here!

So,  I’ve been churning out the ol’ fashion blog for more than 2 years now, possibly coming onto three and I have some grievances about…well, stuff! I also haven’t done a Top 5 in freaking ages! So, here is my Top 5 of shit that annoys me about fellow bloggers/lookbookers/fashion facebook groups. Oh, and if this offends you? Go suck a lemon and learn some social networking manners, ya dumb-dumb!

#5 – The No Readers


Hmm, so I am occasionally guilty of this one…no, that isn’t true – I skim read sometimes instead of devouring the text fully, but that is cos I often don’t have time and  just want to look at the pretty pictures, but my comment will always try to refer to something in the outfit AND what is happening in their social life if they have mentioned it. Here’s the scenario I hate: Some poor blogger has poured her heart out in an outpouring of emotion about something truly sad and paired it with a couple of outfit pics, and the comments she gets are ‘nice shoes’. It makes me feel bad for her, but I can understand these kinds of comments IF it is clear the person can’t speak the same language as the blogger, but otherwise, you should at least do a skim read to check there aren’t any deaths or suicide threats before you tell the blogger their peplum looks ‘cute’. It isn’t rocket science to skim read for any indicators, and it takes about the same time as looking at the photos.

#4 – No References


Yes this is the teacher in me coming out. Holy Hell! You use someone else’s image? FUCKING REFERENCE IT, ya wanker! Now, occasionally I haven’t linked back generic images I’ve found on google in some of my early top 5 posts, but I did at least write on the post ‘these images were swiped from google’ just to indicate that they aren’t mine. It’s a pretty half-hearted attempt at referencing, but I didn’t know how to link pictures to websites then, and I’m too lazy to go back and hunt through google to find them to amend the sitch…maybe one day I will. But in posts since then and any inspiration posts, you really should link back to where you found it from! It is good manners, and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal not to cite pictures…depending on which country you live in. While I’m bitching about lack of referencing I also hate people that don’t reference an idea or concept that they took from someone else…now I know this is the ‘fashion world’ (apparently) where everyone is copying someone, as it is completely hard not to, but try to be nice! If a blogger you read does a cool new thing with her hair and you think ‘ohhh, I should try that!’, then, by all means, try it! But, shit! Tell your readers where your idea came from, and maybe give the sister a link ay?, cos I swear to you if I realize you are copying someone without referencing I will go into Academic Teacher Jacqui Mode and howl ‘you plagiarizing scum!’ at the top of my lungs and then lose a fair amount of respect for you. Karma yo!

#3 – Spammy Lookbook Comments

lookbook woes

Yeh, this is purely a lookbook thing, but it does trickle into blog comments sometimes too. Lookbook works in a way where you get ‘karma’ in a points system which is based on many different things (for example how many people like your look, etc) and one of those things that increases your karma, or, at least makes you more visible, from what I understand, is commenting on other people’s looks. For those of you unfamiliar with lookbook, I can tell you the aim is to try to get onto the HOT page or the TOP page. Now, both of these things are extremely hard to do, and lil old me doesn’t actually really try, I more use lookbook in a purely voyeuristic, creeper way of looking at other peoples cool looks. So, from my understanding, the HOT page and, usually the TOP page, are filled with pretty women in rather predictable outfits, but that is the goal and purpose for many people! So, to get there one must ‘hype’ (lookbook’s version of facebook’s ‘liking’) other people’s looks and comment in the hopes they will return the favor. Now, here’s the issue: people write generic comments on looks instead of a real comment. They will find the page where the new looks are and post “gorgeous <3″ on every single look. Their hope is that some of these people will be nice enough to return the favor. It gets even funnier when they use a spam bot or something similar to post these oh-so-generic comments because the spam bot will post it on everything, even looks that break lookbook’s strict posting policy (eg- photo must be of a person between head and knees, only 1 person, no advertising, only 1 look, etc etc) ! So you’ll get some noob on lookbook posting pictures of their cat cos they think it’s instagram and then underneath will be comments like ‘stunning!’ and ‘lovely look!’ . Cracks me up. I mean, maybe they are talking about the cat, but I doubt it, and this ruthless ‘holy fuck I must comment regardless of how insincere I sound because i need the numbers’ is a bit of wank. C’mon y’all, it isn’t really life…

#2 – Captcha


Right! Enough! Other people have blogged about how stupid this is before, and bloggers still don’t get it. FOR FUCKS SAKE TURN THE CAPTCHA OFF! Do you know how angry I get when I write a comment and then have to type in the the numbers and codes? It takes so much time! I could have just pressed enter, but you made it hard! Most bloggers approve comments before they are visible anyway, so why, why, why, why haven’t you turned captcha off? PLEASE? JUST, pleaseeeeee! I visit a fair amount of blogs a day because I like them, I also like engaging and writing comments, but do you know how many times I have written a comment, gotten the captcha box, sighed and typed in the wanky thing and then it has said ‘uh.oh, it was wrong, write another one and waste 40 seconds of your life trying to figure out if i am two u’s in a row or a loopy w’ and I said, ‘no, nope,’ and close the tab whilst hissing and swearing vendetta like mini Side Show Bob? TOO MANY TIMES! Here is a friendly tutorial about how to turn it off in blogger. Please, do it!

#1 – A Lack of Reciprocal Comments and Blog Visits

etiquette word in letterpress type

To be honest, this is one I’ve only recently encountered since I came back to Australia and started interacting with more Australian bloggers. I cannot believe it because for more than 2 years I’ve been abiding by the International Rule of Blogging, which is, if someone leaves a comment, you at least take the time to check out their blog and if it is at allllll interesting you leave a comment back. The only time I don’t reciprocate is with blogs that aren’t personal style and just some silly wench who has ripped off the latest photos from Vogue’s website and thinks they are making something unique. You people need to take a long hard look at yourself and realize there is absolutely nothing ‘fashion forward’ about spewing out famous fashion magazines’s inspiration. It is a waste of the precious amount of internet we have left. I call for a mass deletion, along with revenge porn sites and gossip about the Kardashians. I put you all in the same basket of a fucking waste of internet space.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, there seems to be a serious lack of etiquette within certain geographical confines, so perhaps Australia has a different rule, but, honestly I will go with the International Rule because if anyone has taken the time to read my blog and write a comment, they deserve my time in return. And, just quietly, I have found SO many awesome blogs by checking out who has commented on mine, and started some lovely online friendships this way. It is my number 1 grievance with blogging, and it makes this sphere of pretty much pure narcissism A LOT worse when we don’t take time to check out our commenters blogs.

So, there you have it, and BY JOVE, I feel better getting all that off my chest!


xox Jacqui


Top 5: Dirty Lyrics I Get Stuck In My Head

q(Image from my blog post about how people should pull more interesting faces in photos.)

Right, let’s be careful here. This is obviously gonna have swear words! Cuss words! The EFF word and WORSE! If that offends you, or you are, like, 6 years old… PLEASE don’t read this. But these are some songs that I know and love with rather dirty lyrics, and, as Murphy dictates with his law, that part of the song with the filthiest lyric, that’s what your brain wants to sing when you’re on a bus full of school children. Thankfully, I rarely sit on buses with children these days, so, I can sing this filth as loud as I want! So, let’s get on with it, coming in at number 5 is,

# 5 Esta Noche – Azealia Banks

Yes, Ms AB, the princesses of dirty lyrics, has some amazing stuff out there, and Esta Noche is just one of her cool songs. I love the way it moves from a rap into a crazy-arse dance song within a rap and then just keeps pumping the energy higher and higher surprising you again and again. And then of course there’s amazing lyrics like;

“I entice, I supply what your girlfriend can’t provide; that tight grip twat.

I got that slip’n’slide…”

and so on. Which are amazing, and pretty fierce lyrics (her song L8r has some great gems like this too- lyric vid here) that you don’t hear every day. But, out of the whole song, it’ll surly be that line you’ll accidentally sing in front of your grandma.

# 4 She Loves Me Now – Charly Black

I think I’ve talked about Charly Black‘s lyrics before in the intro for my Top 5 about Fierce Lady Dancehall singers post and I love him as a singer. But, man, it’s not appropriate to be singing about how many times he can fuck his girl in one day with such a catchy melody, It spells trouble for me. Even the chorus is:

“Me fu*k are four time paw Sunday
She couldn’t wake up Monday morning fi go a work
She tell the boss she cyaan come a work”

 And I’ll have that song in my head always, it doesn’t help it’s currently on my iphone so I’ll be on a crowded tram and worry that perhaps the person next to me can hear the lyrics. But I do like the song. Catchy as all hell.

# 3 Stripper Pose – Cham

The first time I heard this song was on a long mix of cool dancehall, all with pretty dirty lyrics, (I mean, it is dancehall after all) but this song made me  spit out my coffee at one of the verses and giggle like a school girl. I then realized I kinda liked the song, so downloaded it. But, similar to Charly Black’s song, Cham’s song, and particularly that verse  that took me back to a teenager giggling, is the kind that’ll get stuck in your head. And, if it doesn’t, it’ll at least make you say ‘OH MY!’ as you take out a fan to calm your frazzled nerves. Talking about that kind of thing might shock your politically correct brain to the core. It just made me laugh and appreciate the rhyming, like a limerick!
Lyrics talk about her appreciating the male shaft, particularly if it is of a certain size and color. ;) Ha! The was the funniest way to write that, ever!

# 2 Pulla Stunt – Zebra Katz

Now, I have to disclose – I’m pretty much Zebra Katz‘s biggest fan.
Really. I love him. He is so insane. So. INSANE. And, I do like his minimalist rap style, and pretty, clever but rude lyrics. This song isn’t thaaaaat rude, I mean, it isn’t oozing sex like the other two, but the lyrics are a lot more graphic. The chorus is,

“Ima pulla stunt, Ima fuck the **** (rhymes with stunt)
Ima upend a motherfucker running amok
Two shots in the breeze when the bang get buck
That’s honey to the badger, I don’t give no fucks”

Can we just take a second to appreciate this lyrical genius. HE HAS MENTIONED HONEY BADGERS IN A RAP SONG! That is amazing! As well as great lyrics, he has amazing music videos that are generally creepy as all hell, or just, really, really different. But yeah, with that chorus, it gets stuck in my head really badly, and, with that c-bomb, it really isn’t an appropriate song to start singing in the middle of teaching, or, like, I don’t know.. at your cubicle at work? Thankfully I don’t teach anymore and work from home, so,Pulla Stunt is on all day, and I sing it at the top of my voice.

# 1 Date Rape – Sublime

I think Sublime, and this song comes in at number 1 just because of the amount of times I have, actually almost sung ‘if it wasn’t for date rape; i’d never get laid’ in really inappropriate situations. The fact that this song has been in my musical library for close to 20 years means that it has, by sheer statistics, been more likely to get in my head more times than other ones cos I have just known the song for longer. Now, if you don’t know the song, please don’t be horrified by these lyrics, you need to listen to the whole song to understand the lyrics I get stuck in my head, it certainly isn’t a pro date rape song, so, please don’t think that!

So there you have it, here are some inappropriate lyrics that I get stuck in my head pretty much all the time.

What about you?

xox Jacqui 

Top 5: Things to Remember When Thrifting

So, since coming back to the land of Op Shops (thrift stores for you non Aussies) my passion has reignited for the humble second hand store, especially since I am pouring my money (not really a pour, more like a slow trickle) into my business I really don’t have lots of cash to spend on clothing. More than that, I find so much of the clothing in the top 4 players of Australia a bit naff…particularly the quality.  I’ll shop there for basics, but aside from that I don’t really enjoy it because it depresses me.  I  understand they are chasing profit so cutting production costs, but, the way I see it, a garment is meant to last more than two wears and if that means increasing the price to more than $20, then do it! But, I also am disgusted with shops that charge $60 for their garment and it still breaks after two wears. Not on!

I think fashion ‘trends’ (and I have deliberately put the word trend in bunny ears) come and go too quickly and that consumers are far more savvy about what trends they personally chose to follow these days, hence why shops that market towards a niche of consumers instead of to everyone under the sun will often get a strong loyal customer base. Obviously, I also think clothes in Australia have to improve in quality (and their fit) . For example,  I bought a canvas bag from Sportsgirl and it started ripping at a seam as soon as I transferred my stuff into it. I didn’t have time to return it cos I was using it as a carry on travel bag to go to Senegal the next day. That is ridiculous. Anyway, enough ranting about full price shopping, and I’ll get onto why I really wrote this; the tips, secrets and ideas for thrifting, as decided by me, and with a quick look at some of the gems I’ve shimmied from Op Shops in the past.

#5 Shop Alone

3Gold Brocade Jacket Thrift find. Post: All Sass and Wit

Yes, my first rule is, go at it alone! I actually don’t really enjoy ever shopping with other people, and if I do happen to go into thrift stores with a friend, we automatically split up to hunt for our treasures. We don’t discuss the split up; it just happens, and so it damn well should! You can’t find that amazing piece if you are listening to your friend’s story about something not connected to what your task at hand is. Your task is to find amazing clothes, and thrift stores aren’t going to hand them to you on a silver platter. You need to push through coat hanger after coat hanger of bad polyester tops from the late 90s before you’ll find that retro 70s shirt. You’ll be up to your elbows in woolen sweaters in a barrel before you’ll find that reindeer printed Christmas top.  You need to bring your A game to thrift stores, and I would seriously suggest having downed at least 2 coffees before you attempt it, or go the other way and be very m e l l o w to thrift. Either way, you must be thorough and efficient and concentrating, and most of the time, unless your friend is as much into thrifting as you are, they will just distract you.

#4 Check ALL the Sections

8 (2)Snowflake Sweater from Op Shop. Blog Post: There’s Plenty Like Me To Be Found

Yes, check ALL THE SECTIONS! Don’t just check the dress section for dresses! You forget that a dress you want could be hiding in the lingerie/sleepwear section as an old Courtney Love-esque slip, or some hipster could have run to the ATM for cash and left the adorable dress she wanted hidden in the menswear section. Or, you could see an over-sized tee in the kids section that you know will fit you! I often shop the men’s section for printed tees and boyfriend jeans, and when my friend and I were heavily into tie-dying, we would raid the lingerie/sleepwear sections for all the slips and pajamas made of white/cream/beige satin to make into pretties! Also, I often really like buying op shop belts and hats, and shoes! I know some people find that kinda gross, but the shoes have already been worn-in my someone else, so, predominately blister free!

#3 Try It On

5Skirt from Op Shop. Blog Post: Phoenix

I am really not good at this one, but I force myself to try stuff on. Especially now I know how fucked up the Aus sizing industry is, I mean, how else can you really decide if it’ll work? I occasionally don’t try stuff on if it has the hip/waist/bust measurement written on the garment (which a lot of old stuff does) cos I can read it and go ‘yup, it’ll fit’ or ‘nope, it’s for a smaller lady than I’, but otherwise, I’m going into those creepy weird change rooms that exist of a curtain made from an old child’s bed sheet with dinosaurs on it and a weird smell. I have also done the ‘try shit on in the aisles’ maneuver more times that you can count too, better safe than sorry.

#2 Assess the Garment

10Op Shop Skirt. Blog Post: Sunshine Beatnik

Right, now comes the hard part. You’ve found something. It’s beautiful. It’s unique. It fits to your satisfaction, but…will you actually wear it? Does it have stains that you can get out, or are you kidding yourself? Does it have just a little hem falling down or a big tear that you still convince yourself you can fix with a patch? Or, it’s an insanely perfect, shiny, one of a kind frock that you love, but you know, deep down, you won’t wear it. You need to assess what you have in your keen thrifting hands; Do you need it? Will you wear it? Does it go with anything else you own? Can you fix it?

If it’s too big and you know you can take it in on your sewing machine under 5 minutes, then for sure, buy it. But if it’s too small, and you are telling yourself you can just lose some kilos then it’ll be fine, naaaah… put it back. If it has some buttons missing and you are happy to find some cool, funkier buttons to sew on it, cool, but if it has stains that you aren’t sure about what they are, and how to get them out, nahhh, put it back. Smells weirder than just the Op Shop scent? Put it down, you don’t want to wear a shirt that has a stench that cannot be washed out by Op Shop staff.

#1 Be Brave

6Thrifted Kimono. Blog Post: Welcome to Kimonoville

Finally, if you do wear your op shop garments, wear them with pride! And take risks! If you see a crazy arse dress you would never consider buying, but, it’s 5 bucks and it fits you well, and doesn’t have any of the problems listed above. Try it out. Wear it with confidence. See if you do like it, and remember, if you don’t, that baby can always go back to where it came from for someone else to try. I love wearing my thrift finds as feature pieces with the rest of a relatively plain outfit, or just finding big warm knit pieces for winter. And, we all know there is something deliciously smug about replying, “Oh, from the Op Shop,” to an inquiry about where you got your skirt from.

xox Jacqui

Top 5: Aussie Ice Cream Favorites

Yes, a very difficult Top 5 post of deciding which 5 ice creams and icy poles get onto my list. I know I have done food Top 5s before, but, much sampling and consideration was done this summer and I’ve finally narrowed it down to my Top 5 Ice treats. I am sure this will ruffle some feathers and invoke adamant, outrageous disagreements with my loyal readers, but, to that I have to say, THIS IS MY TOP 5 DAMMIT! Do your own! ;) Hehehe, so, let’s see what made the cut:

# 5: Sunnyboy


Yes, the nostalgic Sunnyboy comes in at number 5. This flavored ice treat is the best! These remind me of hot aussie summers and school yards. I loved the raspberry flavor the best, even though it used to make my asthma flare up as kid (something about the raspberry flavoring used in the past causing issues for asthmatics? Perhaps my Mum just didn’t want me to eat them? I dunno…)  Remember how you used to chew/gnaw on it/suck it for a while, and then pick the whole chunk of ice up and flip it so the nice syrup filled bottom was then up the top? So intelligent instead of just sucking on boring ice! UGHHH yum! So much sugar!

# 4: Calippo


Ohh man, I wasn’t quite sure where to put this delicious Calippo icy treat, but man, on a 45 degree day, I pretty much live on Calippos and water. I love the lemon flavor the most and have never actually the pink one on this picture, if it isn’t nice, I’d be so devastated. I like the packaging that allows it to melt without dripping all over you, and even though your hands get cold holding it, you can always wrap it in your towel or something, or just wait for the sun to work its magic. It’s also the last fruity/icy treat on this list as I move into my favorite area of ice-creams!

# 3: Maxibon


It’s hard for me not to go the Maxibon every time I’m at the servo (gas station) cos I know I’ll like it. It’s the chocolate biscuit that gets me, I don’t really care too much about the other side with the chocolate coating, it’s the biscuit I want!! And I know I could just buy an ice-cream sandwich if I wanted all cookie, but the cookie is diffffffferent! I like the Maxibon cookie! Yumm, Maxibon certainly comes in the middle as a dependable, delicious ice-cream, that if it was alll cookie would probably be number 1. Also, check out it’s tagline

 “For biters. not lickers. Maxibon is filled with man choc,  man biscuit and crunchy man nuts, which makes for one freaking manly manwich, man.”

OH-KAY… way to idiotically narrow your audience by marketing towards men, man. Are you gonna bring out a pink version with a free nail file next? For the lickers?  Sorry, I hate products that align with a certain gender completely unnecessarily. Fire someone, Peters, that shit is total wank.

# 2: Choc Paddle Pop


Yes, the humble choc Paddle Pop (fudgsicle) is coming in at number two! I freaking LOVE these. They are simple, plain and delicious! I remember being on a camping trip with my family and family friends in the High Country. Stopping at some planned town connected to the hydro-electricity scheme, hence having the same layout as the other towns connected to the scheme,  ‘The kids’ went inside the general store to get ice-creams, while the adults surely went into the pub for beers.  As we sat in the sun on the sidewalk near the car, the kids who had bought Paddle Pops (me included) saw there was a competition on the sticks to get another free paddle pop. All three of us won and went inside for another! And then one of us won again and he had 3 paddle pops for the price of 1! Hahah! It also convinced me that the company must just ship the ‘winning’ boxes to some town in the middle of fucking nowhere! But, yes, choc paddle pops (or banana) rock! Simple yet effective.

# 1: Golden Gaytime


Yep. We have a named ice-cream called Gaytime. It was first released in 1959 and is by far, the best ice-cream in Aus.  It’s toffee and vanilla centred ice-cream, then, dipped in a coating of chocolate and rolled in honeycomb biscuits that give it that crunchy exterior! Since the 1980s it decided to embrace its name and the possible homosexual connotations that go with it, instead of caving to pressure to change it. Golden Gaytime has had tag lines like: “It’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own” and “Instant Gaytimes” in recent years, showing that it doesn’t give a stuff and is happy to make a bit of fun with its very 50s sounding name, before the word ‘gay’ was particularly aligned with homosexuality. To be honest, I could care less what it was called, it is still the KING/QUEEN/EMPRESS/GOD of ice-creams in Australia, and I won’t have anyone disagreeing with me on this one!


So, there you have it. My favorite 5 ice creams in Australia. You can check out my other top 5 food and drink posts here:

which ice creams do you like?

Top 5: Songs to Inspire Me


My business partner and I have been planning this from the crib.

So, as you might know I am currently studying and trying to start a clothing label with my good friend, as well as nursing my little baby hobby (this blog). It means I spend a lot of time in front of my pink computer (named Princess Ly) staring at excel cash flow charts or researching some new fan-dangle social media advertising I suspect might work for our label. As well as planning to do something I hope will not only sustain my ability to live and eat but also be a creative success, I am lurking around ‘the interweb’ doing generally fuck-all.

This business venture means  I also have waves of panic – not just little baby waves that you can body surf on and maybe get some sand in your ear, oh no, I’m talking like those big waves they get off the coast of South Africa where the pro-surfers go. The kind of waves my mum (who is afraid of waves) would have nightmares about.  And the panic is probably justified… I am an ESL teacher by trade, and now suddenly I am planning a clothing label? That is fucking terrifying! Anyway, when I have the momentous waves of ‘holy-fuck-what-the-fuck-am-i-doing-with-my-life’ I listen to some songs to calm me down, and to inspire me to keep going. I thought I’d share them with you guys…

# 5: Stand for Something by Keida

I’ve talked about the beautiful Keida before in my post about reggae songs I love and this song is, like the rest of her stuff, really amazing. And, it calms me down with its chilled reggae vibe.

# 4: If 6 was 9 by Jimi Hendrix (you didn’t see that coming did you?)

Yeh, I know, probably not what you expected, but I find this particular Mr Hendrix song (if not all his songs) quite inspirational. And it’s got some kick arse lyrics in it.

# 3: Field of Dreams by Bliss n Eso

This video has the best way of reading lyrics ever, every lyric video should be like the one above. But man, what a wicked song! I listen to it and get instantly reassured that I can do this, and in fact, I can do anything! I love music that pushes you to keep going with whatever you are doing and also reassures you, and Paris Wells has such a lovely voice for the chorus.

# 2: Made by Dub FX

My good friends in Hanoi introduced me to this song, particularly the live version which you should watch here. But as well as his mad live skills it is also a very inspiring song. And man, the lyrics completed reassure me to do what I am doing, and, if it doesn’t end up working, it isn’t the end of the world anyway. The kind of sentiment is pretty obvious, but, we do end up forgetting it- and at the end of the day, “I ain’t gonna spend my life thinking about why I never made it; I’ve already made it.” Fucking simple.

# 1: My Day by Tarrus Riley

Yeh, anyone who knows me kinda knew this would be number 1, cos I pretty much listen to it daily. And it has such good lyrics, and I’ve been in love with Tarrus since he’s been searching for his dream woman and telling us sorry is a sorry word. It’s so exciting that his album Love Situation is the # 1 album in Billboard. Download it! You won’t regret it. Such positive vibes. Anyway, yes, this song inspires me the most and tells me to keep going, and I can do what I want. :)

So, there you have it, a top 5 with embedded youtube videos! Aren’t I tricksy? I have also fixed up my other top 5s involving music now too, if you want to check them out and have a music injection of madness on this rainy saturday!

What songs inspire you?

xox Jacqui

Top 5: Fashion I want from movies

Right so, I have to start this Top 5 post by saying my top 5s from the past are a FUCKING mess! All the music ones I did with embedded youtube videos didn’t quite like ye olde blogger to wordpress switch and have removed the youtube vids and completely screwed up the formatting. I am in the process of trying to fix them, cos I like remembering my top 5s, but right now, read the old ones with caution and giggles… they were, once upon a time, well formatted and pretty, it’s just that old hell-demon-chestnut of transferring from 1 blog to the other…so don’t judge me too harshly if you read the back dated top 5 posts. But, I am talking shit, let’s get right down to the crux of the issue; items of clothing or whole outfits that I see in movies (not TV shows, cos that is a different kettle of fish) and desperately want it… in fact, in some cases, I may actually kill for it, so, let’s start with:

#5: Lynne Stone’s Dinosaur Barrettes

girlsjustwanttohavefun_dinosaurbarretteRemember Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ? If you do, you probably remember the lead actress Sarah Jessica Parker and not her stereotypical ‘quirky’ side-kick Helen Hunt. Anyway, I remember seeing this as a tween and not only thinking SJP’s character was a sap, but loving Lynne’s style. These hair clips are so freaking cool!! :D And remember her cicada hat?  Insanity! Also, Lynne ends up being Princess Wendy, that is way more awesome than winning some dance competition like Janey does. Just saying, Lynne lucks out, and I would argue it’s her awesome choice of accessories that get her there !GirlsJustWannaHaveFun3

# 4: Cora’s Crop Suit


Yeh, I love this scene from the original The Postman Always Rings Twice so much, and not only cos Lana Turner‘s legs look amazing and it’s such a funny and well played scene, but because her outfit makes me lose my breathe every time I watch it. I studied this film at uni, and it is still one of my favorites, even though I don’t really put Cora up there on my list of hottest Femme Fatales cos she isn’t evil enough, I mean, plotting to kill your husband is stock stand for film noir, you gotta do more to get on that top 5 list I did a while back, but her fashion, and her way of talking, and this outfit are amazing!

# 3: Sue Ellen’s outfit in this scene


How  90s boho does Christina Applegate look in her movie Don’t Tell Mum The Babysitter’s Dead ? I really like this movie and the outfits are always fun to giggle at, but, that being said, I really like some of them, especially this one. How cool is the hat? Her designs at the end do kinda make me roar with laughter though…

#2: Wanda Woodward’s clothes

wandaYeh, I talked about Traci Lords before… how can one not talk about this goddess?  She rocked it as one of the bag gyal Drapes in Cry Baby alongside Ricki Lake and with Johnny Depp leading the gang. I really loved her the best in this movie when I watched it as a tween…. granted, I didn’t know she’d done porn at that point and that she was probably sexing it up as a tongue-in-cheek stereotype (John Waters would have certainly seen the humor) but yeh, I fucking love the clothes she wears! It’s fun to type ‘Wanda Cry Baby’ into google search too! You see all these other people that obviously feel the same way and have dressed up as her for Halloween… I kinda wanna dress like her all the time, not only at Halloween.  I love the song at the end of the movie where the women are grinding up against the glass in the jail cell (you know, when Johnny Depp licks the glass and you think ‘ewww Johnny, that’s nasty!’?) and you watch Wanda and the guy she is dancing with. His facial expression is GOLD! He really wants out of that cell…and so would I! Aww look, I found the scene I was talking about on youtube! 4 and half minutes of your life you won’t regret! Especially at  3.58 when the guy dancing with Wanda is almost crying. Hahaha!  Although, of course, Alison looks pretty wicked in this scene too. :) Man, now I have that song in my head.

# 1: Princess Mombi’s Dress


So Princess Mombi from Return to Oz was the evil character (well, her and the Gnome King, but I kinda got why the Gnome King was such a bastard cos he explains that it’s cos fuckers keep stealing his jewels; fair point!) so I have no qualms with killing her for that dress. None whatsoever! In fact, Ozma would probably reward me for doing it! Isn’t it amazing! She is taking steampunk-spike-a-lators to a new level with this frock! You don’t understand how much I want it, how much I pine for it! This dress sits at the home of a private collector, except the spikes have fallen off with age… if I was the private collector I wouldn’t have let the spikes fall off. Man, if I become a millionaire with money to blow on stupid shit, I’m totally buying this dress… ‘cept it’s a size 8 (AU) and custom made to fit Jean Marsh. Hmmm… maybe I’ll convince someone to make me one.

So there you have it, some of the clothes and accessories I want from movies. What about yours?

xox Jacqui

Top 5: Lady Reggae Songs I’ll Sing LOUD

You should know me well enough now to know I love my reggae. A lot. I’ve posted quite top 5s about music (like this one about non english songs, or this one to ease misanthropy or this post about my top 5 teenage song memories ) and I’ve also posted a lot about female singers including: my Top 5 Most Depressing Songs,
my Top 5 Women’s Day Tunes,
my Secret Girly songs I like(that aren’t so secret now)
and of course, my Top 5 Fierce Lady Dancehall Songs.

So, I was thinking about songs that, as soon as they come on, I just start singing every word, and generally very loudly. That was enough for me to make a list. Hahah.

 ~ Talk is Cheap by Raine Seville

I first heard this song on the Peenie Wallie Riddim Mix and bloody loved it! Her voice is beautiful and the lyrics are magical, and it’s just too easy to sing along to. If I had my way, and I controlled the radio stations I would remove the generic filth they generally play and this song would be on every 5th song, especially in summer!

~ Jamaican Boy by Keida

Man, I could do a post entirely talking about Keida‘s songs, I love her so much. She has a wicked style and a wicked voice, and I don’t understand why people haven’t jumped all over her yet cos she is so so perfect! Jamaican Boy is totally cute, catchy song, which makes you start bopping and singing along as soon as you hear it. And, the music video is very cute. :) Now, I don’t have a Jamaican boy, but, if I did, I’d be singing this to him, all the time. 

~ Green Light by Ce’Cile

I’ve mentioned Ce’Cile before in my post about fierce dancehall songs, because she certainly is fierce! But, she also has softer and much more romantic songs, like Gwaan Live Life and Green Light, which, I love, and when I hear it, especially some of the lyrics in the verses, well, I identify, and I just have to sing along.

 ~The Truth by Tanya Stephens

I’ve also mentioned Tanya before on my blog about depressing songs, cos man, she knows how to write a tear jerker. She actually has a variety of great songs, I don’t know why I gravitate towards the really sad ones… hmm. Anyway, yeah, if The Truth comes on, I shall be hollering it at the top of my lungs, possibly with a glass of rum and tears streaming down my face. Lol, nahh, that hasn’t happened yet… but, we can’t rule it out.

~ Another Love Song by Alaine

I shall play this song at my wedding if I have my way. Hahaha, depends on who I marry, obviously. But this song, man, this song is amazing! Her voice is like… I don’t know, I’m shit at analogies, but, trust me, You listen to it and tell me it shouldn’t be playing on the radio, while you sit in the sun drinking an ice cold beer or possibly something with rum? Yeh, thought so.
Man…. I think I need a glass of rum? I keep talking about it…
Best song. Love it and who it reminds me of.

So, there are five reggae songs by wonderful female singers that I have to sing loud when I hear them.
Any songs like that for you?
Soon I’ll post the man version, but, seriously, it’s totally just gonna be Tarrus Riley.
xox Jacqui


Top 5: Fashion Blogs That Inspire Me

Now I read a lot of fashion blogs… a lot. I think it kinda goes with the territory of having a blog myself and having lots of blogs I follow and admire and many dialogues and comments I have with my readers who comment, based on stats I can also see I have a lot of ‘silent readers’ many of whom are creepy build-up-your-stats robots, generally coming from Russia, but, unfortunately for me, they rarely comment on my blog. Haha. So, I could actually do a Top 20 of blogs I like to read, but, this is a Top 5 segment, not a twenty, so I thought I’d pick 5 blogs that I love reading because they inspire me, either with their outfits, their photos, their gosh darn creativity, or all of the above.

Obviously, unlike other Top 5s which are countdowns, this is just a list, because none of these blogs are better than the other in my eyes, they all just constantly make me go “wow”.
Now, all the photos here are linked back to these ladies original  posts, and I strongly urge you to check out their blogs!

~ Barbara at Lady Parisienne is not only drop-dead-femme-fatale-sexy-redhead-gorgeous, she also has an amazing style! It’s all capes, hats, fitted dresses and neo-gothic beauty.
As well as that, her photos are just exquisite! Living in Paris probably helps, but she certainly knows how to find and utilize a background for her style. Some of her photos have me gasping  at how beautiful they are. Oh, her blog is in French too, but, c’mon, y’all don’t need English when you are looking at such amazing images! She also has the same name as my sister, so, she’s gotta be cool! ;)

~ Erica Marie at Sea Of Blooming Dreams makes me jealous whenever I see her photos. She lives in such a beautiful area, that, particularly when I was in Hanoi and surrounded by alleys, noise and chaos, were lovely to look at and imagine the peacefulness and silence. She also has (well I think this) a similar clothes style to me, and so when I look at her outfit posts I think “yep, I’d wear that,” which I don’t actually have with many bloggers. I like the juxtaposition of stylish clothes and heels in a rural setting and I think Erica Marie pulls off that juxtaposition perfectly! She also has some pretty cool tutorials and recipes!
~ Paris at Charcoal Alley made me lose my mind when I first discovered her blog! Her outfit posts are so amazingly dense with ideas, creativity and utterly stunning imagery. Looking through the words, concepts and images (of her and of all the other images she’s chosen to match her post) totally inspires me. She must be, honestly, one of the most creative people out there in le olde blogosphere and I love it when I see she has a new post so I can sip my coffee and take all the creative genius in. Her clothes are great, and often very, summery, or should I say quite urban gypsy, boho-esque and she rocks her enviable accessory collection. Also her written quote images in her posts are really cool and often so poignantly on topic with the rest of her post it’s eerie. Eeriely amazing!
~ Imogen at Tia Cherie is a fellow Aussie Blogger, so my national pride (bahahahhaha) makes me love her already. Nah. It’s not only that. I love Imogen cos she has such a well established style. Her outfits are pretty frocks, cute cardigans and matching accessories, along with a sophisticated hairstyle and possibly some flowers or bows thrown in for good measure. While I have a couple of these frocks, Imogen has the whole look going on, and she rocks it. Hard… or soft? It’s a soft look? Ohh, I confused myself. Either way, truly, Imogen and all her Alannah Hill glory make my smile when I see her posts cos I wish I had such style discipline!
~ Ali at The Drawing Mannequin is a great writer! Her blog posts are usually tales of her adventures or observations of life written in a highly amusing (I’ve often coughed my coffee all over myself during Ali’s posts) manner. Her eloquently written posts are also filled with adorable outfits, or snippets of projects she’s doing for university. She has a knack for cute, quasi-preppy (I hope she won’t get offended by me saying that) outfits that make her look completely adorable and oftentimes quite foxy…at the same time.
So there you have it –  5 blogs that inspire me for different reasons each time I see a post by them. Now if you didn’t make it onto my list, it isn’t cos I don’t love you and enjoy reading your blog, but, as I said at the start, Top 5 yo! Who knows, I might make this become a regular thingy, and do another top 5 blogs I like another time.
Anyway, which blogs inspire you?
xox Jacqui

Top 5: Sights I want to see in Senegal

I know I just came home, but I am running off to Senegal quite soon for a 3 week vacation. Similar to other Top 5 posts this one is a way to get myself excited about this trip!

I have to say I am already pretty excited, but also nervous cos I’ve never been to Africa before and don’t really know what to expect, but I’ve traveled enough to know that I shouldn’t expect anything and figure it all out when I get there. I also don’t speak a shred of French, but, hopefully smiling and shrugging will be enough…  And, there are certainly some beautiful sights in Senegal that look like must sees.  Similar to my Shanghai post, I won’t necessarily do these things, this is just a list of my research, and you guys now get an insight into what I might do. I may just lie on a beach for 3 weeks…So, without further waffling, here at my Top 5 things I want to do in Senegal:

#5 Reserve De Bandia

Yay! Oh Yay! I love animals, and zoos but often don’t go to ones overseas cos of the poor enclosures and feeling sad for the animals, but I looked up this reserve and it seems pretty cool! I’ll get to see all sorts of animals roaming around in big areas and hopefully be able to get up close to at least some of them. Those warthogs look pretty funny and I’ve never seen any in zoos before, like giraffes and zebras are in lots of zoos around the world, but I think it’ll be cool to see some less famous, but still interesting animals. I hope they have at least some English guides…

#4 Goree Island

This island won’t be as fun as the reserve, nor should it be, because of it’s depressing history. Goree Island was one of the destinations and processing areas in the Atlantic Slave Trade route and I’m sure looking at the House of Slaves and Door of No Return in the museum will be very somber and saddening. Many tourists go there to look through the museums, castle and beach. It’s very close to Dakar and it is a World Heritage site. I want to go there because of the significance in such a place, and while I think it will be very confronting, it’s something that should never, ever be forgotten.

# 3 Accrobaobab Adventures

Did you know the Baobab is my 3rd favorite kind of tree? Hmm? I bet you didn’t. I mentioned my fourth favorite tree in this post… You probably are also pondering what the first 2 are, but it will all be revealed one day. But how much fun does Accrobaobab Adventures look? Flying foxes (zip lines to non-Australians) through trees? Hell Yes! It really looks like a fun outing, one that I will have to remember to wear sunscreen on (I miraculously heard my mother’s voice in my ear just then reminding me). Did you know that the Baobab tree is known as the tree of life? (yes, wikipedia is awesome) You did? Hmmm. Did you know in the past that Baobab trees were where Griots were generally buried in Senegal? A bit more info about that here. Anyway, I really like Baobab trees and am looking forward to hugging them up close and in the sky!

# 2 The Petite Cote

You know how I said I might just spend three weeks on the beach? Yeah, it’s going to be hard to motivate myself to do anything if I get to the Petite Coast or Saly. The beaches in Senegal look clean, beautiful and without a lot of other tourists, so, I shall have a lot of swimming fun. And, unlike Aussie beaches, they, apparently, don’t have lots of nasty things that will try to kill me. That’s a plus! It’s not too far from Dakar and has many resort hotels, I’ll try to find a less wanky hotel and just relax in the ocean.

# 1 Lac Rose

I’ve been talking about the pink lake nonstop for several months to anyone who will listen and am so excited to be able to see it with my own eyeballs! It’s pink because of an algae that has a red pigment which turns the water pink. It also has a high salt content where many salt collectors work. There is actually also a pink lake in Australia but I figured I’d fly all the way to Senegal to see one. :)

So, there you have it, those are the top 5 sights I want to see in Senegal.

As well as visit my friend that I’m very excited about.
I have three weeks, I think I can certainly squeeze them in.

xox Jacqui

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