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You know me- almost every post recently I’ve been in my swimmers in some way or another! Most of my swimwear is blue or in variants of  and I think the only piece I haven’t show you before in posts is the high waisted bottoms, dubbed by my aunt as ‘big girl pants’. Love it! They are also blue! I bought them from an online store in China knowing full well that the red polka dot top wouldn’t fit me (lived in Asia long enough to know my boobs are bigger than an XL according to their sizing) but was more lusting after the bottoms anyway.

 I don’t reaaalllly know how I accumulated so many pairs of blue-ish swimmers, but it works a charm as I mix different tops and bottoms to my hearts content! I do know I used to have more bikinis in different colours, but, they’re slowly and surely being replaced by blue. Picasso’s blue period is coming.



My main needs in swimwear is for me to be able to fight waves, go over rapids and generally run around madly without too much of an issue of ‘uh-oh, i’m naked,’. Now, obviously, a couple of my triangle bikinis really don’t meet that criteria, but, you know, when a wave has just dumped you after body surfing it, your nose is full of salt water, your head is lodged in sand, and you see another wave fast approaching just as you open your stinging eyes and attempt to gain some composure, well, a bikini top around my neck exposing nips is the least of my worries tbh! The wave monster is a far greater concern. I’ll deal with that dastard bikini after the waves have spewed me forth onto the shallows. Aside from functionality, they need to look cute and probably have some kind of print or little feature that makes me squeal. That isn’t only how I choose swimwear, I think I choose all things in life by this mantra. HA!

Also, I need my swimmers to be able to mixed and matched with my other swimmers flawlessly, however, my concept of ‘matching’ may not be the same as everyone else’s, my sister said I have a panache for clash and I totally agree with her. I do love clashing patterns, colours and fabrics, so maybe it doesn’t matter so much if I start buying swimmers in non blue shades? HA! I’ll wait until the current bikinis I have do eventually die though because why buy more when I’ve got so many already? Oh, in case you are wondering, yes I do have a one piece too – I just haven’t blogged in it and I rarely wear it – it makes going to the toilet SO HARD!


I think I realized I was happy enough to pose in a bikini in the photo below which is from Thailand in 2010 – long before I had a blog but when I was starting to feel more comfortable in my skin. I’ve written about my body acceptance and then, body love journey here in a four part series, so I won’t go over it again, but I do think that this photo in Thailand is when I went ‘yeah, bikinis, yeah!’  – then my sister and I subsequently went and bought about 5 pairs each! Hehehe. Only 3 pairs remain, and the checkered ones featured below when I’m in the rainbow tyre are close to dying… the doggie print itsy weeny bikini is still going strong however! Ha! Survival of the bluest!

I don’t get particularly self conscious when wearing swimwear in an environment where everyone else is also in their swimwear because, well, human nature means they are too worried about themselves looking okay to even notice others, and if they do, well, whatever. But, I do also swim in highly deserted places – rivers with no one else, miles and miles of surf beach with a few random people intercepted at different junctures. I have swum a lot in pools, especially in Hanoi, but to be honest I didn’t even worry about whether my body with ‘fit’ enough to wear a bikini, I just got on with it and had fun with my friends. This confidence  probably does have a lot to do with my blog and the journey I had before I started it that is outlined in that four part series I was waffling about.


The posts below are some of the posts I’ve done where I’ve featured swimwear on my blog – as you can see, I often wear that blue halter top as just a normal top, but it is good to swim in as it isn’t as precarious as the triangle bikinis. I didn’t want to just show you all my different bikinis, but more how I’ve worn them and worked them into outfits in this blog. I love the ‘porcelain Ming vase’ set as it makes me feel delicate or like a flower child hippy – it is paisley after all, and obviously the doggie triangle bikini is a favourite because the print is so unique, even if it is precarious to wear.  Just click on a photo to be taken to the original post with many more photos.



3 4






So, there you have it – a whole lot of swimwear photos of me – and with all the blue togs I have – the possibilities are endless!! :D I hope this has given you some style tips as well as proven that I’m addicted to blue bathers!

Also, THE MOST EXCITING NEWS I HAVE is my interview about PHO sizzle and last fashion show we did is up on youtube! HUZZAH HOORAH! Check it out here - it’s fun and really well done :D

Don’t forget to check out the other AC ladies swimwear posts when the the link code is up!

xox Jacqui


aussie curves 2

2014: The Best Outfits

 Much like my run through of the best outfits of 2013, I thought I’d do something similar for this year. I mainly do this to remember all the outfits I’ve posted about this year and, man, there were A LOT. I did narrow it down to the ones I liked the most, or had the most comments and views, or, the outfits where I look most different from myself. It’s also a tidy summary for me to remember 2014 – the year of the Hanged Man (well in my personal tarot years anyway – did you know tarot can be used like horoscopes? You have one major arcana for your life and then one each year to follow and use as a guide – my friend and I have been doing this since Istanbul days and it seems to work just as well as horoscopes for us! And you get a new card to predict each year – more interesting that horoscopes, but obviously still taken with a grain of salt! Ha!) So yes, Hanged Man, one of the most mysterious cards in the deck and not particularly very happy, and I have the Death card to look forward to in 2015! Yay (the sarcasm detector just went off the charts). Anyway, enough mumbo jumbo, let’s get down to the outfits! You can click on the photo to be taken to the original post. 

1-1024x781 6-759x1024 7-1024x768 12-1024x766 23-1024x853 28-1024x766 35-727x1024 38-1024x1019 43-742x1024 46-1024x767 52-1024x801 54-1024x816 57-806x1024 65-1024x953 83-753x1024 83-1024x768 85-1024x756 101-1024x766 102-787x1024 105-1024x766 141-1024x848 161-1024x768 181-736x1024 212-1024x745 219-793x1024 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 414-1024x7682014 has been equal parts rewarding and depressing for me. I have done a short business course in Micro Business Operations, found a rewarding part-time ESL job and started a fashion label that is blossoming nicely. If I look back to January, I certainly didn’t plan to do any of that. PHO sizzle is my full time job and I still never get everything done for it, but throwing myself into my company meant I could temporarily distract myself about the one thing that was missing from this year… my fiance. We have probably talked every day this year, but it isn’t the same as him being here. The prospective marriage visa is probably one of the hardest and most expensive visas for someone to apply for, and heads up, they just increased the price by 50% for 2015, which would mean it would now cost roughly $4500 for a process which takes 12 to 15 months and can still get a big fat NO at the end of it. We both try not to think about what will happen if it gets rejected, our tentative plan is to move to  a French speaking Caribbean island and shun ourselves off from the cruel and unjust world. So while I am joyful and excited about PHO sizzle and very proud of how far our little company has come in 8 months, I am also just itching to see my love and get on with my life! It truly does feel like the year of the Hanged Man, primarily defined by the feeling of ‘being stuck’ or waiting.

I’m also happy about the progress my blog has made this year, yes, I rarely do anything except outfit posts anymore, but that is just the way Fashion and Pho went. I’m flattered to have been included in articles about plus size bloggers (here and here) and enjoy all the new readers that have joined this year. I also do enjoy Aussie Curves challenges, even though I do often lament the themes, I always seem to make it work and that is what the broad themes are all about. So, let’s cheers to a lovely 2015 for everyone and thanks for being here for the 2014 rollercoaster!

xox Jacqui


Time Travel Throwbacks

I feel partially responsible for this month’s theme for Alternative Curves cos I suggested it, especially since it’s getting into the second week and no one has done it yet…not even ME! :/ So, I was looking through all my archives for a ‘best of 2014′ post I’m planning and thought I’d just combine all the time travel posts I’d already done into a bit of throwback to inspire myself and possibly others – I think the key to dressing from another era is to acknowledge that you’re probably not going to be able to be 100% authentic, so, why bother? Ha! All of mine just have tinges or odes to times past, but not the full kit and caboodle. Also, so as to not make this post extraordinarily long, I quietly ignored all my super 90s posts like this one. So without further Apu (yes, I’m sure that is a Simpsons giggle) here are some time travel-ish posts I’ve done in the past year: Just click on the image to be taken to the original post.

An unknown time when witches chilled in the forest:


Princess Anastasia hiding out, so… 1918 ?


The Prohibition Era:



All the Fifties & Sixties












So, yes this is just a small post to get my brain inspired to get cracking with the monthly theme. :) Happy Tuesday.

xox Jacqui



Thursday Throwback- Black Crop Staple

I’ve talked about staples before, and one of my recommendations is black, particularly black tops! Actually, in winter it is almost the only thing I wear (and skirt or pants, I mean, I’m not Donald Duck). But, for this Thursday Throwback, I wanted to point out that you don’t actually need a lot of clothes to be a blogger! I have only bought three new items of clothing in 3 months! I’m not including op shopping, nor the clothes from PHO sizzle I can play with, but I guess what I’m saying is that creating outfits is really more about trying to figure out what you already have and how it can match with other things you already have…. And so, with something as simple as a black crop, you can create dozens of different outfits! So, for today I thought I’d look back at the times I’ve worn my black rose crop from Jay Jays (couldn’t find it on their website, but I’m

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sure you can pick up something similar anywhere) on the blog.

You can click on the photo to be taken back to the original post. :D



So, that’s another throwback done and dusted.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Get yourself a black crop! Stat! :)

xox Jacqui

Thursday Throwback: Yellow Styles!

Until I was about 10, my favorite color was yellow. At about age 10 I changed my favorite color to purple and then flip flopped around until I settled on red. I haven’t changed since, red is still certainly my favorite color. And, anyone who has taught ESL to kiddies knows that having a favorite color is important, so don’t scoff it! Anyway, I thought for this throwback I would look at all the outfits I have had in this blog featuring yellow, my original favorite color, and my wonderful fiance’s favorite color.

Just click on the link to go back to the original post.


A recent Aussie Curves Second Hand post with a yellow tee I turned into a crop top.


Wearing a great yellow skirt in Istanbul in 2012 when I went back to visit friends. Two great friends and I explored Kuzguncuk and spend the day exploring. It was fantastic!


A amazingly bright yellow dress that I bought in Thailand and is now covered in holes, but I still wear it as resort wear or beach clothing. This was in my 2013 Tet holiday in Mui Ne.

yellow4Ah yes, remember this insane ruffle-tastic top that my tailor Red Pearl made me? Lemon colored clothing… hmmm, not so sold on it.


Having a lovely day in sunny Hanoi smoking nargile and chilling with friends at La Salsa in Tay Ho. This striped dress has some yellow on it, so I thought I’d include it.

yellow6Wearing that mustard top I wore a lot last Autumn just before I left Hanoi.

yellow7Still kicking that mustard top with a tribal skirt and enjoying a delicious breakfast at Hanoi Social Club.


Gee Wizz! There it is again! Hahahah. This time I’m pairing it with a beautiful red dress I got made in Hoi An and my great ankle boots.


Ahh yes, the beginning of the 90s phase I am still deeply in. This was earlier this year when I bought this great frock from the Op Shop!


Ahhh yes, my recent rant about me and my fiance and when I should have been able to wear this dress, but now I can’t. Still love it though.


Ohh, this is an old one when me and Tutu when to HCM’s museum in Hanoi. Love the primary colors in this outfit, and the memories of such a good day.

yellow12This one is pretty old too! A day when me and Sam hung around Hanoi, played backgammon and bought some bamboo furniture. Good day too!

So, there you go. 12 outfit posts I’ve worn yellow in. Isn’t that amazing? Gosh, I didn’t even realize I owned that much yellow! Hahah.

xox Jacqui

Thursday Throwback: Fairy Looks

Untitled-1So it would seem to me that every couple of months I have to try and look like a fairy… or a mermaid, or something merged between the two. What this says about me I honestly don’t know, I think it just shows I like playing ‘dress ups’ just as much as I did as a kid.

Anyway, for this throwback I thought I’d look at the fairy looks I’ve shown on the blog in the past:

Just click on the image to be taken back to the original post

1Awww, this wonderful Lady of Shalott post that reminds me of good friends in Hanoi and the wonderful grounds where Piknic Electronik was.

2Come into the fairy ring: Another photo shoot at Piknik Electronik in Hanoi from 2013. This is when I was investigating fairy rings and fairy sightings and chuckling about how many of them involved alcohol. But, if I was a fairy I would mess with the drunkies, cos, it’d be fun!

3Australian Rusalka were some photos shot up at Biggara near Corryong at the start of the Murray River. I was interested to read about rusalkas and how they essentially were fresh water mermaids.

5Metallic Milkmaid: Ahh yes, recently I did an incidental fairy-esque post when I ended up looking like a milkmaid from another planet beamed down into my garden with a fairy amount of confusion.

Anyway, I think this throwback has a message of this:


xox Jacqui

February 2014

all copy

 Ohh Jacqui, why you do these repeats? We’ve seen your outfits for February! Stop wasting our time! 

Lol, yeh, I know, but have you seen them? Have you really seen them? Now I got a flashback to that movie with Sam Neil bellowing ‘You can’t leave; she won’t let you. DO YOU SEEEEEE?’  Umm… I notoriously forget the name of this movie, ummm, Event Horizon! That’s the one. Terrifying. Anyway, these rerun posts are purely for the people that might have missed a post… Or maybe you just wanna marvel at how many outfit posts I fit into a month with 28 days when I was studying full time and trying to set up a business. I marvel at that! But yeh, here is a flashback at the genres and mad-cap outfit antics I got up to in the shortest month of the year. From Lana Del Rey lyrics, Pepsi reviews, Doors songs, Senegalese fusion outfits, tees with random Konglish or possibly offensive slogans, crops, 90s fashion, milkmaid plaits and ever changing hair colors – Feb had it all!

Just click on the image to be taken back to the original post.

1 5 (6) 6 (3) 6


2 (2) ssfds

5 sfsd 10 7 2 (3) 2 3 (2) 3 4

 I’m happy it’s already March, in fact, I want this year to move as fast as possible, but that kind of wish will probably just make time move slower.

xox Jacqui


Thursday Throwback: Kanga Vision

Untitled-1I recently realized that the Kangaroo puppet I snaffled from my grandmother’s house has actually featured in a couple of my outfit posts… so I thought I’d take a stroll down memory lane and remember when Franz Von Roo Kanga had actually appeared.

Just click on the image to be taken to the original post:


When Franz and Leonard Cohen both started talking at me in my Everybody Knows post from last year, hehe, and when my fav photographer Sara took the pictures!


 Kanga also featured with Ant at the start of our epic On the Beach photo shoot last January, without getting wet!

2And what about when Franz tried to make this day all about him recently in our Burgundy and Gum Trees post? Shifty fucker…

So, props are gold in outfit posts, and don’t let no one tell ya different, you can use them for all kinds of reasons…and when they are a kangaroo puppet, they generally talk back with good advice. ;)

Happy Thursday!

xox Jacqui

January 2014


January seemed like an extremely looooong month didn’t it? I was camping up near Corryong, I went to Bendigo to chill with my Bear friend, then my Bear friend came to Melbs and took some amazing photos and chilled with me. My hairs been, white, pink, and all shades of purple this month, and emotionally and personally it has been a very hard month adjusting to the idea of living here for at least a year and missing my beloved who is far far away from me. As well as all of that, January has been an exciting month for me and I start to plan my own clothing line with a childhood friend and muse about designs, fabrics, and all of that. I’ll pep you guys up now, but our line will be out in March for a teaser and our full collection and online shop aims to be ready by August or September.

Anyway, I’ve also had some diverse-as-a-Melbourne-tram outfits going on in January, which is what this recap is all about.

Just click on the picture to be taken to the original post.

1 (2) 1 (3)

1 2

3 (2)



5 (2)





So, January, you’ve been very (to quote Heathers and use ‘very’ as an adjective on its own). I hope Feb is just as real and less dramatic in some departments of my life, but, so far, 2014 is looking to be very interesting. And keep your eyes peels for more updates about our clothing brand teaser!


 at my good friend Lani’s 30th having fun with a pineapple 

xox Jacqui

2013: The Best Outfits


Yes yes, even The Simpsons love a good ‘Best of’ so they can recycle old material and don’t have to think up new content. Hehehe, I’m not making this ‘best outfits of 2013′ specifically to be lazy, but mainly to test out this new format of wordpress and completely get my head around it. I’ve got so many dead links in back posts I am crying tears into my coffee…It’ll work out, but the mere thought of doing it manually is making me feel sick. Lol.

Did you know that last year I did a notorious amount of outfit posts? Hahah, I bet you did know that, but, I was looking through them for this post and picked out some of my personal favorite outfits for my Thursday Throwback looking at 2013 and my personal style, which, as per usual, changed to suit my mood. The above photo was taken recently for a trip I took to Lakes Entrance for New Years, and was still in 2013, just. I had a quiet New Year and actually went to bed before midnight, and then woke up, peacefully in my tent to 2014. I liked the idea of waking up to a new year, and I hadn’t done it for a long time, usually I hold out until 12 to watch the new year roll into existence. On New Years Day, we went swimming in the ocean on a cloudy day, and it felt slightly biblical, like we should have baptized each other with the newness of 2014 or, being reborn in 2014 or something… Instead we just body surfed and laughed as waves continually thrashed us about like corks. Anyway, here are some of my favorite outfit posts from 2013.

You can click on the photo to be taken back to the original post


Urban Pixie: Remember when I turned into an urban vampire fairy like some weird extra from True Blood for my Flower Crown giveaway? Lol, so pale! I remember me and M.K, who both love a vampiric photo shoot giggling as we tried to take these pictures out the front of my house.

DSCF0249Tribes: and how about this beautiful outfit where my lovely friends S.M and K.S braided my hair and took photos with their spesh camera in the back streets of Tay Ho (A suburb of Hanoi)? And later, when I posted these outfits, I reflected on the importance of friendship circles, or, as I said, Tribes.

DSC04970 Lotus Poser: This outfit post in Hanoi’s Lotus fields was pretty special as I went on a fun trip with some of my favorite students, and when I look back at these photos, I remember the fun day I had with them, and how much I miss them.


Lavender Hearts: This was a super quick snap at my old work that I coerced my partner-in-blogging-crime Jenny from Culinary Wanderlust to take. I just freaking love this dress and am so glad I got my tailor to design my collection of Sapa Fusion clothes, and this post makes me smile cos my Pirate Mouse Shoes always make me smile. Whoever said things can’t make you happy never had a pair of piratical mouse shoes, obviously.


Femme Fatale: Remember this post that S.G took the photos for? I love the femme fatale character, and, well, at least with this post and my Top 5 about the best femme fatales, at least my four years of Cinema Studies at uni didn’t go e-n-t-i-r-e-l-y to waste. That’s what ima tell myself anyway… hahaha.


On The Beach: This one from was January 2013 when I was in Australia. My lovely friend Ant and I took some va-va-voom photos, and as I looked through them, I felt, really, really proud of these pictures. I’ll never look this sexy again. Must have been something in the salt water of Torquay.


The Lady of Shalott: These wonderful pictures were taken by a new friend (at the time she was new, now she’s an old hat friend- ha! Old hat friend! ) S.D at Piknic Electronik in Hanoi, in a venue where you can explore and wander up little stone paths and lose yourself in the greenery. This post reminds me of the beauty of Hanoian summer on those Sunday afternoons with good friends, a lovely atmosphere and great music.


First Lady: This was when Jenny took some photos of me close to our work in Hanoi when I looked like a 1950s Mad Men extra. Red Pearl made this fan-dangle (spelling?) suit and it is pretty stunning.


Playing in the Gardens: a pretty recent post with Ant. What a fun day shimmying around the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne wearing a lovely kaftan from Kashkha! So many laughs were had this day!


West Lake Sunset: I love this outfit and these photos and it reminds me of a lovely evening I spend with some friends from Saigon (and Jenny who took these photos) at Hanoi’s Intercontinental West Lake Hotel drinking beer and laughing into the sunset.

23Spring Roses: What a wonderful day me and my cousin had! I love looking back at these pictures of looking at her belly, and reflecting of babies and weird shit like

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that. Lol. Also, spending 2 hours wafting around the Victoria State Rose Garden in Melbourne was pretty much bliss. Loved the smell of roses and looking at all the rare types that people far more talented than me have cultivated. I’d like a type of rose named after me. I wonder what color it would be?


Pleasure Spiked with Pain: These pictures were taken one lunch time when S.G and I drove to a close Bun Cha place in Hanoi. I like this photos cos you get to see the way I remember Hanoi in the background, and, of course, my areoplane dress reminds me of my tailor and how our friendship was really cemented when I asked her to make a 1940s dress from a picture at So Vintage Patterns (if you trawl through, you’ll probably find my areoplane dress somewhere) from boy’s pajama material. Can you tell this gorgeous bitch of a dress is flannel? Hahahahhahahaha!


Come into the Fairy Ring: Another Picnik Electronik photo shoot! I love these photos and S.G did a great job of positioning me in exactly the perfect place so the sun hit these pictures just right. And I love the research I did about fairy rings for this shoot; any excuse to go into a wikipedia black hole, emerging hours later saying “Huh, so, that’s why Winston Churchill’s cat was called Nelson, wait…how did I get here when I was researching fairy rings?” Lol, just an example, but it happens to me more often than I’d like to admit.


Fast Food and Car Parks: A quick couple of photos from Ant while we were on our way to a friend’s thirtieth birthday. It’s funny, when you get back from Vietnam, even a Melbourne suburban car park seems like a suitable place for outfit photos. I love it!

3 (2)Hanoian Autumn: Having breakfast at the Hanoi Social Club with my good friend T.B and I asked if he could quickly take some pictures for me. The light was beautiful and I felt content and at peace, in a city where that is a rarity because of the frenetic traffic, I lapped up the tranquility like a cat on a heating vent in winter.


Burgundy and Gum Trees: An adventure to Bonnie Doon with Ant and lots of giggling, posing and jumping off things. I feel at home amongst the Australian bush, and, even though there was a body of water near by, it was too cold to swim, but we promised we would return once Aussie Summer hit. Here it is! Time to go back asap for lakeside frolicking!


Senegal Dreams: This was pretty recently! After coming back from Senegal, I showed off the lovely outfit my friends’s family gave me as a present. I am still impressed by how good I look in it. Hahaha. If all West African clothes look so effing awesome on me, well, I may be changing my style. :) Mummy took the snaps of me in my backyard in Melbourne.


That Neon Feeling: Atop my friend’s roof in Dakar, Senegal, S.G and I took some killer fluro photos of me in a beautiful crop from Dakar Boutique. I love these photos cos it reminds me of that day, as we were arguing about something absolutely ridiculous and by the end of this photoshoot we had stopped arguing, like we realized whatever we were bitching about wasn’t even worth the effort… And those ‘sheep’ watching us with their gorgeous eyes and cute horns. These photos make me miss Senegal and my friend a lot.


So, as I look back at all the outfits of 2013 and choose some I remember and like the most, I am, yet again, so impressed with all the people that have helped me make this blog possible; Tomi for doing the actually magical shit on this new page, the people I vaguely consult about Top 5 posts by asking weird questions, my amazing amazing tailor Red Pearl in Hanoi who supplied me with at least 90% of my wardrobe for this blog, and my new friend Diarra Bousso from Senegal for her kind words and lovely clothes, my friend in Senegal who supports me and gives me feedback about how nice I look, and all the wonderful people who comment on my blog, or like my facebook pictures. And, as I’ve said before in this post, OH MY GOD THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO TAKE MY OUTFIT POSTS! Without you and your ability to take wonderful photos, this blog would not be possible!

So, 2013 is done and dusted.

What will happen this year? Only Zeus and Odin know, and they ain’t telling.


xox Jacqui


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