Festival Street Style

On the weekend I went to the CAMA festival in Hanoi, we don’t get many festival things so there is usually a pretty big turn out and it’s a great amount of fun. I spotted a couple of outfits that fit into the chilled out festival vibe, I didn’t interview them for their names and inspiration like İ usually do because I was enjoying the delicious beer and not really concentrating on blogging so much…
a princess at the face painting booth!!
the most amazing dress! absolutely gorgeous!
So true.
I spotted a great outfit, then surprisingly, she was up on stage singing in a heavy metal band called Go Lim! Great band too.
And what about me? Well, I was simply wearing a t-shirt made by Red Pearl with an adorable cut-out heart and painted like a cat.
What a great day!

Street Style Snaps

Here is a small collection of photos I’ve accumulated of some of the cats around Hanoi these last couple of months.
İ enjoy doing street fashion shots, but as I have mentioned before, it is kinda hard to just approach people and say, ”lemme photograph you!” Hopefully I will force myself to do it more, because street fashion certainly does inspire me. İ love Linh’s coat in the first shot, and Ngoc Anh’s shoes are very very cute and Jude and River just look amazing. More men should wear blazers. And hats.

Hanoi Winter Styles

I haven’t done a street style blog for ages! The reason is that my Vietnamese ability consists of only saying ‘thank you’ and even that, I’m sure I don’t do well…anyway, that makes interviewing Hanoians and their interesting styles rather difficult. I was loitering in Hanoi Social Club today lamenting the cold and heard 4 extremely fashionable young things next to me speaking English! Let’s just say, the opportunity to photograph them was too much…

Ken and Hai Anh have their own blogs here and here which interest me and I believe in supporting local blogs as well as having blog friends from all over the world. :D
Thanks to Ken, Hai Anh, Linh and Song Ha for making my life easy today with a common language.

Hanoi Styles One Saturday

So yesterday I went out into the Hanoian Streets with some friends for my first batch of ‘Street Style’ photos. These are my favorite styles from the day, I’m not going to explain each one in detail, rather, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. A big thanks to Nhung and Tu-Tu for helping today; your ballsy attitude was appreciated.

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