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DJI: From "Mengxin" to "Veteran" UAV pilots developed online

Corporate News Security Exhibition Network Author: May 13, 2019 13:57 Source: DJI
Not long ago, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other departments released 13 new career information, and the drone driver list is on the list. The birth of a new profession is the result of technological development, reflecting the new characteristics of the industrial structure and even the times. The emergence of high-tech professions such as drone drivers means that emerging industries relying on technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing are becoming new economic growth points, and the demand for employees in related industries is increasing significantly.
With the rise of drone pilots, in addition to the number of employees required, the demand for professional quality of personnel is also increasing. Industry-level drones have stricter requirements for pilots' professionalism and proficiency: operating different types and sizes of drones requires different flight licenses; under different application scenarios, different measures need to be taken in accordance with operating characteristics; Taking off of a large drone also requires multiple preparations and filing procedures.
Flexible and effective flight training has become a key part of the application of the drone industry. In some industries with a high level of safety risk or high requirements for drone operations, how to use economical methods to train the drone drivers' operating skills has always been a big problem. In this context, DJI flight simulation has emerged as the times require, allowing trainees to perform simulation learning and operations in a near-real environment, which has become a new choice for many companies to train drone pilots.
Traditional real machine training method
In traditional real machine training, enterprise users first need to purchase additional exercise machines. However, the lack of practical operation level for beginners can easily cause machine damage, and the high wear rate makes the purchase of the machine a considerable expense. In addition, the work arrangements of front-line personnel are different, the time is difficult to unify, and the training participation and progress cannot achieve the expected results.
What is DJI Flight Simulation?
DJI Flight Simulation is a drone simulation training software for enterprise users. Based on DJI's advanced flight control technology, it restores the natural and realistic flight experience, and provides enterprise users with basic knowledge teaching, simulation training and homework practice Complete solution.

By simulating multiple flight modes, flight angles, and physical characteristics of DJI UAVs, students can quickly improve their flying skills in immersive exercises. After the trainees are proficient in flight technology, combined with real machine training, it can help enterprise users save training costs and improve training efficiency.
Advantages of digital training for drones
1. Real scenes provide real experience
In the previous simulation training, many students learned the operations in the simulator, which could not be reproduced in actual operation. The students even needed to spend time to re-adjust the drone flight control in the real environment after leaving the simulator. The models used in DJI flight simulation are currently the mainstream multi-rotor models, and the flight parameters of the UAV in DJI flight simulation are the same as the real machine data, ensuring consistency in control feel and greatly shortening Adaptation time for trainees.
In addition, the application of the drone industry as an industry that has just become popular in recent years often requires training courses that are closely related to actual work. Take the power industry as an example. Because the transmission equipment is dangerous in the operating state and the terrain of the tower is more complicated, novices directly perform real machine training. Once the operation is wrong, serious consequences may be caused.
Based on in-depth research on power inspection scenes, DJI Flight Simulation provides a professional model suitable for UAV training in the power industry. It not only provides basic flight shooting training for the drone pilots of the power supply bureau, but also focuses on the simulation training of real power scenes such as refined tower inspection, daily line inspection, return home, electromagnetic interference avoidance, and shooting point inspection techniques Help drone drivers quickly grasp the details of work, and effectively solve the problem of unconnected drone training and field operations.
2. Simple and easy to use brings fast improvement
DJI flight simulations use DJI remote controllers, such as the Ma Yu series, the Phantom series, the Inspire series, the Jingwei M200 series, and the T16 plant protection drone. For flight practice, there is no need to re-purchase a dedicated remote control joystick, which reduces training costs and reduces adaptation costs due to inconsistency between simulated training and actual models.
From basic take-off and button operations, to hovering under certain environmental interference (such as directional wind, etc.), to flight on the route required by certain actions, DJI Flight Simulation has set flight levels for different levels of difficulty, Performance is scored. After completing the training, students can observe their flying attitude and trajectory, so as to quickly understand the problems in their operation and carry out corresponding intensive training.
3. Cost-effectiveness reduces training costs
Using DJI flight simulation can solve the problem of low training efficiency, effectively reduce training costs, and have good overall economic benefits.
Taking Zhaoqing Power Supply Bureau as an example, before using DJI flight simulation training, each group of patrol staff (2 persons) of Zhaoqing Power Supply Bureau visited 16 base pole towers a day. After training, it increased to 32 bases / day, and the patrol efficiency doubled. At present, the base number of transmission physical poles under the jurisdiction of Zhaoqing Power Supply Bureau is 8,685, which can save 811,000 yuan in labor costs and save nearly 4.34 million yuan in training costs.
Using the simulator for flight training, students can master the drone line inspection skills in a short period of time, reducing the burden on the team and improving work efficiency. More importantly, through the improvement of the efficiency of drone inspections, the safe operation level of power grid equipment has been significantly improved, major economic losses caused by failures have been avoided, and people's lives and production electricity have been guaranteed.
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