Teal Feels

1When I find a woolen frock at the op shop, I can’t put it down. If it fits me, I’ll definitely buy it. This beautiful green dress was discovered and snaffled by me and is just adding to my collection of winter dresses. I particularly like the cowl (?) collar and button details. I was feeling a bit too Joan from Mad Men, and while that isn’t at all a bad thing, I had to throw some green sketetor hand hair clips into this outfit, just to give it a teeny bit of character! :D

Also, crikey! Wearing this colour makes me look RATHER pale. More vampiric than usual…sheesh!

3 2 6 4Dress: thrifted Shoes: I wish I could remember these things as it would make me a better fashion blogger, but I can’t. Hair Clips: Yea Variety Store

Do you ever listen to songs on repeat? I cannot stop listening to corbin‘s song worn (produced by Shlomo amongst others – hence the love), it is so good…. HEEEY, guess what!? TOMORROW is FRIDAY!


xox Jacqui



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2 Comments on Teal Feels

  1. Katie
    May 24, 2015 at 4:16 am (3 hours ago)

    i love this dress, it is rather Joan!! You are totally rocking it!!!

  2. missmurphyj
    May 24, 2015 at 5:39 am (1 hour ago)

    If anyone can rock Vampire Joan it’s definitely you! I love this dress and its styling potential! I get the feeling we will be seeing this one for a while to come! Incredible as always xx


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