70s Jumpsuits Jive


2My favourite character on New Girl is the Russian model Nadia who makes Jess dance one drunken night and says ‘Dance monkey, dance!’ over and over. The photos (and gif) of me and Kristie dancing kinda reminds me of that. As well as abstractly small TV quotes, these outfits have a hella 70s vibe! YEAH!

PHO sizzle does have elements of the seventies in our Mix N Match Marine Collection, but particularly when you wear these outfits together. I really dig the seventies jumpsuit kind of feel of these looks and perfect for summer. Obviously Kristie had to help me with this post because we bring the best energy to photos when we pose together! Remember the blue wig insanity from earlier this week? See what I mean? Kristie’s grand fun! Hugo and Bonnie obviously had to join in this jiving seventies post too!

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Remember, my brand PHO sizzle has free shipping in Australia and a flat rate of $15 for overseas orders. Also, we have size 6 to 20 of these designs and at least 2 fabrics we designed and got printed ourselves which means NO ONE ELSE WITH HAVE THEM EVER! Oh, and if you think I’m promoting my brand too much on my blog – erm, how can I say this politely…? Get fucked? Was that polite enough? Hahahaha, but seriously, this brand is my baby and I’m trying to show the world how great it is through platforms that are useful and resourceful for me – I’d be mad crazy not to have outfit posts with my brand’s clothing – it’s like having a full game of dress ups.  Now, here’s the best gif ever made. We have comes in leaps and bounds since our tartan gif.

70sphosizzle on Make A GifNow, here is the best picture ever of Kristie showing the sheer insanity of her mind and these awesome summery pants!


xox Jacqui and Kristie


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2 Comments on 70s Jumpsuits Jive

  1. Kobi Jae
    February 6, 2015 at 9:50 am (4 months ago)


    Kristie seems freakin’ awesome, I ADORE that last photo. What a boss <3

    Also, Hugo's (or Bonnie's?) little head in that gif! He does not know what's happening.

    • Jacqueline Stewart
      February 21, 2015 at 4:54 am (3 months ago)

      Yes, we get FAR too silly when we’re together – you’d love Kristie though, she’s perfect.


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