Top 5: Fashion Blogs That Inspire Me

Now I read a lot of fashion blogs… a lot. I think it kinda goes with the territory of having a blog myself and having lots of blogs I follow and admire and many dialogues and comments I have with my readers who comment, based on stats I can also see I have a lot of ‘silent readers’ many of whom are creepy build-up-your-stats robots, generally coming from Russia, but, unfortunately for me, they rarely comment on my blog. Haha. So, I could actually do a Top 20 of blogs I like to read, but, this is a Top 5 segment, not a twenty, so I thought I’d pick 5 blogs that I love reading because they inspire me, either with their outfits, their photos, their gosh darn creativity, or all of the above.

Obviously, unlike other Top 5s which are countdowns, this is just a list, because none of these blogs are better than the other in my eyes, they all just constantly make me go “wow”.
Now, all the photos here are linked back to these ladies original  posts, and I strongly urge you to check out their blogs!

~ Barbara at Lady Parisienne is not only drop-dead-femme-fatale-sexy-redhead-gorgeous, she also has an amazing style! It’s all capes, hats, fitted dresses and neo-gothic beauty.
As well as that, her photos are just exquisite! Living in Paris probably helps, but she certainly knows how to find and utilize a background for her style. Some of her photos have me gasping  at how beautiful they are. Oh, her blog is in French too, but, c’mon, y’all don’t need English when you are looking at such amazing images! She also has the same name as my sister, so, she’s gotta be cool! ;)

~ Erica Marie at Sea Of Blooming Dreams makes me jealous whenever I see her photos. She lives in such a beautiful area, that, particularly when I was in Hanoi and surrounded by alleys, noise and chaos, were lovely to look at and imagine the peacefulness and silence. She also has (well I think this) a similar clothes style to me, and so when I look at her outfit posts I think “yep, I’d wear that,” which I don’t actually have with many bloggers. I like the juxtaposition of stylish clothes and heels in a rural setting and I think Erica Marie pulls off that juxtaposition perfectly! She also has some pretty cool tutorials and recipes!
~ Paris at Charcoal Alley made me lose my mind when I first discovered her blog! Her outfit posts are so amazingly dense with ideas, creativity and utterly stunning imagery. Looking through the words, concepts and images (of her and of all the other images she’s chosen to match her post) totally inspires me. She must be, honestly, one of the most creative people out there in le olde blogosphere and I love it when I see she has a new post so I can sip my coffee and take all the creative genius in. Her clothes are great, and often very, summery, or should I say quite urban gypsy, boho-esque and she rocks her enviable accessory collection. Also her written quote images in her posts are really cool and often so poignantly on topic with the rest of her post it’s eerie. Eeriely amazing!
~ Imogen at Tia Cherie is a fellow Aussie Blogger, so my national pride (bahahahhaha) makes me love her already. Nah. It’s not only that. I love Imogen cos she has such a well established style. Her outfits are pretty frocks, cute cardigans and matching accessories, along with a sophisticated hairstyle and possibly some flowers or bows thrown in for good measure. While I have a couple of these frocks, Imogen has the whole look going on, and she rocks it. Hard… or soft? It’s a soft look? Ohh, I confused myself. Either way, truly, Imogen and all her Alannah Hill glory make my smile when I see her posts cos I wish I had such style discipline!
~ Ali at The Drawing Mannequin is a great writer! Her blog posts are usually tales of her adventures or observations of life written in a highly amusing (I’ve often coughed my coffee all over myself during Ali’s posts) manner. Her eloquently written posts are also filled with adorable outfits, or snippets of projects she’s doing for university. She has a knack for cute, quasi-preppy (I hope she won’t get offended by me saying that) outfits that make her look completely adorable and oftentimes quite foxy…at the same time.
So there you have it –  5 blogs that inspire me for different reasons each time I see a post by them. Now if you didn’t make it onto my list, it isn’t cos I don’t love you and enjoy reading your blog, but, as I said at the start, Top 5 yo! Who knows, I might make this become a regular thingy, and do another top 5 blogs I like another time.
Anyway, which blogs inspire you?
xox Jacqui

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8 Comments on Top 5: Fashion Blogs That Inspire Me

    November 20, 2013 at 10:26 am (1 year ago)

    this is so nice!!! I can’t stop smiling thanks so much, thanks for all your kind words, it’s so touching and flattering! big kisses Jacqueline

  2. Ali Hval
    November 20, 2013 at 4:32 pm (1 year ago)

    Oh my gosh, Jaq! You are the sweetest thing to say these things about me. Quasi preppy, lol, I love it!! I am so glad that you like reading my posts. I always enjoy seeing your happy little comments. You always brighten my day. BLOG FRIENDS FOR LIFE!!

    • Jacqueline Stewart
      November 20, 2013 at 10:07 pm (1 year ago)

      I like the idea of blog friends for life! ha! wicked. xox

  3. Imogen
    November 21, 2013 at 9:26 pm (1 year ago)

    Thank you so much my amazing friend. You made my day and my whole week for that matter.I hope you know how much this means to me- it made me feel so excited. Everything you wrote is truly beautiful and appreciated greatly. I feel so honoured to be featured on your blog and to have you as such a fabulous friend.

  4. erica marie
    November 22, 2013 at 4:19 am (1 year ago)

    Aww Jacqueline, this totally just made my week!! Thanks for all the kind words you had to say about me. I’m so happy you love looking at all the beautiful country landscapes I live in and oh I totally have those moments where I’m like, “yup, I’d wear that” with you too lol.

    xo erica

    • Jacqueline Stewart
      November 22, 2013 at 5:08 am (1 year ago)

      hahaah, no worries. I do like your landscape. xox


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