Bright Summer Frocks

1I gotta say, my tailor (now tech designer for my clothing brand) does know how to make me a nice frock! And well she should because she’s made me at least 40 over the years I was in Hanoi. That may seem excessive, but, one can never have too many pretty summer frocks, in my humble opinion. When we designed this dress from Stage 2 of PHO sizzle‘s Mix n Match Marine Collection I was smitten with the design. The deep pockets ( I LOVE pockets on everything – as a teacher it is handy), button up front and purple trimming to contrast with the green of the fabric. The African wax itself is so stunning! With large brown and white tropical flowers and hints of a gold chain forming a vague check pattern behind them, I was in love with the fabric before we made the dress. The halter collar is something I’ve been crushing on for a while (obviously if you see this collection) and I adore the a-line flare of the skirt. Unfortunately, this dress, and the Deep Sea Dress in my collection aren’t to everyone’s taste or body shape (waaah!! :( ) .  I’ve included a very stringent sizing guide and hope people know their own body shape well enough to figure out if it’ll work, otherwise, I reckon I’ll sell lots of these at Design A Space where my lovely customers can try it on and figure it out in front of the mirror.

So, as soon as this stock arrived, I bought it. And yes, I do BUY my own stock – I’m a small business, I have to support myself even if it is just transferring money from my personal account to my business account, there are no freebies here.

With this vibrant summer dress I matched it with some super bright lipstick from Australis Velour Lips and some borrowed green earrings from my sister. I love the feel of African wax cotton and the way it holds it shape, and of course how BRIGHT it is.

5 6 2 3 7Dress: Seaflower Dress from PHO sizzle Shoes: thrifted Earrings: borrowed Lipstick: Velour Lips by Australis in TOK-I-O

So, yeah, I am pretty excited about my new purchase, even if it is from my own brand! Ha!

Happy hump day, y’all!

Oh guess what!? I forgot to tell you! Yesterday’s blog post was shared on Skorch Magazine’s facebook page! OMG! <3

4xox Jacqui


Aussie Curves – Night Out

1So last year there was an Aussie Curves theme called ‘Date Night’ which I kinda thought wasn’t a great theme – I ended up just wearing my pajamas for that challenge and showing potential outfits I may wear on a date if my fiance’s visa ever gets approved. Anyway, I’m glad that this year the theme seems to be Night Out, which is a bit more inclusive to the vast array of people in the group and a less hubby/wifey/featurewall/theatreroom/sodastream-ish. HA, that is a very interesting adjective, but I think you get me. I like Night Out as a theme a lot more… So anyway, I started thinking about nights out and realized I don’t go out very often. Hahaha, well, that’s not true, I often have after-work drinks on Fridays with colleagues and friends who work in the CBD, but I’m wearing my work clothes. I have lots of boozy afternoons at friends houses where we graze on cheese and crackers and vast amounts of wine, but I’m in chilled out clothes for these. I have nights out in terms of runway shows for my brand, which sounds super glamorous, but it isn’t. If anything it is stressful, particularly changing models backstage and dealing with copious last minute fuck ups.  And for these events, I do have to look pretty for the snake around at the end of the show and for mingling with people, but I am usually wearing flat comfy shoes and something I’ve custom designed that doesn’t take away from the clothes in the collection. In my mind, the theme night out should connote the feeling of enjoyment and pure fun and not work. PHO sizzle stuff still counts as work for me – it’s an awesome job, but I am working. So, let’s imagine I go out on a night for a friends birthday, or karaoke (which we usually do on Fridays in work clothes), or dinner and then drinks at a nice bar, I’d probably wear something like this.

2 8 3 4 7 5 6Bowler Hat: Dotti Black Crop: Jay Jays (old stock and I’m addicted to it, I’ve worn it SO MANY TIMES) Skirt: old stock from Caroline Morgan – worn in my Aussie Curves – Nature post where I dressed up like a butterfly and my Metallic Milkmaid post. Cardigan: thrifted Necklace: Fun Accessories Lipstick: Rebel by MAC Sunnies: Jay Jays

So, yes, this would be my ultimate night out look, don’t forget to check out the other lovely ladies perfect night out styles!

aussie curves 2

9xox Jacqui

Share-In-Style: Black and White

7Occasionally, as well as Alternative Curves awesomely fantastic monthly blog themes, and Aussie Curves weekly themes, I join in Share-In-Style. Unlike the other two, Share-In-Style allows you to back link old posts, so, I often just find a post that suits their fortnightly themes, especially if I am short of time. But, like today, I do sometimes make a fresh post for their international blog hop. Share-In-Style is the brain child of three Spanish bloggers I absolutely adore, Sacremento from Mis Papelicoswho I have been following the longest, Elena from My Name is Peggy Sue, who I hosted the Share-In-Style: Flowers bloghop with, and Rosy from Sewing Adicta . They are amazing ladies who have created a community where anyone, anywhere in the world, can join in the blog hop, and they go out of their way to make sure they visit all the bloggers who post, and encourage everyone to do the same. I’ve discovered such awesome bloggers through their group and encourage you to join in, if you blog. Anyway, so, for this week they had the theme of Black and White, and, y’all know I’m into le monochrome! I’ve even posted all my b&w outfits in a throwback post! Anyway, here’s my take on the black and white theme, and, yes, it is a wee bit Spring Racing/Eliza Doolittle, ‘cept, I don’t agree with horse racing, as you might remember from my itty bitty rant about it. Ha!

2 1 4 3 5Hat: a shop that is closing down on Brunswick Street that I CANNOT stop buying things from. Dress: Teaberry Sunnies: market in Shanghai

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to check out the other wonderful bloggers who join in Share-In-Style!

6Happy Monday!

xox Jacqui


Aussie Curves – Favourite Colour

2I don’t really have a favorite clothing color, my favorite color is red, but I don’t actually own THAT much red, and as far as clothing goes, I love All the colors and patterns, as you well know! :D But, there is a colour combo that I love together and that is pink and black! There’s something strong and feminine at the same time. and it does remind me of Grease 2… I have to admit that, Ha! Well, I’m feeling better than I was last week with my rant and my fashion show for RAW- natural born artists was a success and I’ll be posting about it soon enough, but it was a wicked night! My favorite thing about this outfit is my turban. I’ve wanted one of these hats for more than 3 years but have never found one. Today I found one in a discount bin for $5. YUP, very happy with it! I’m also wearing my maxi dress I got designed for my grandmother’s 90th a few years ago. I rarely wear maxi dresses (although I did design one for PHO sizzle so some part of my brain must like them?) and did actually blog about this dress at the time, but, some time later I deleted that post because I wasn’t happy with the pics. Anyway, this dress is an exception to my dislike of maxis, and I love the black lace accents against the soft mottled pink. Paired with my new turban and silver accessories, I felt glam as!

6 5 3 4 1Dress: custom made by Red Pearl (now my tech designer for PHO sizzle) Shoes: NO!Shoes Accessories & Turban: all from Fun Accessories

Thanks to my mum for taking these pictures, and thanks to everyone who commented on my last post, I’m getting around to replying over the next couple of days but I really appreciated your advice, thoughts and empathy.

Don’t forget to check out the other Aussie Curves ladies! :D

7xox Jacqui

Rants and Culottes

j1Yeah, I’m wearing head-to-toe (well, not quite cos my shoes aren’t from my brand) PHO sizzle, and if you don’t like it – GET FARKED! Ha, that’s a nice way to start a blog post isn’t it? I’ve got a few things on my mind that are in direct opposite with the beautiful shining sun outside. I should be leaping about like a lamb learning the joys of jumping, but instead I’m frantically planning for the fashion show we’re doing on Friday night and feeling hissy about other things. My sister and my niece are coming over soon, maybe that’ll make me smile.

What are you hissing about dear Jacqui, you ponder. Well, aight, I’ll tell you.

1) Lack of reciprocal blog comments. I’ve bitched about this before, but blogging is not a one way street. It SHOULD be as much about reading and commenting on other blogs as it is about producing your own content. That’s the way I’ve always done it and I quickly stop commenting on people’s blogs who don’t bother to comment on mine. This community of fashion bloggers thrive because we get to know each other and feel like we are friends. If I went to Brazil, Paris or Sydney right now, I know I’d want to meet up with my blogging buddies for coffee because I feel like I know them. I feel embarrassed that in some communities I am a part of, it is so much more about spewing out content that it is about taking the time to look at other blogs. Now, I know people get behind on reading blogs, and for a couple of weeks there, I was super behind on reading my fav blogs cos I was busy with other things, but, I caught up! And, if anyone takes the time to write a comment on my blog, no matter how small, I take the time to check out their blog and comment back. FIN. Oh, and if you don’t have a blog, sorry! Hahah!

2) PHO sizzle’s sizing range. I’ve actually already talked about this on PHO sizzle’s LOVE blog   but unfortunately my brand won’t be continuing plus sizes after this collection. This doesn’t make me particularly hissy per se, but it more makes me really sad for a couple of reasons. Firstly, as a minuscule company starting out, I produced sizes 8 to 16 for the first few products of my Teaser collection and actually, that is more of a range than most itty bitty companies who would only do one-offs or just S,M,L. Very quickly people asked me to extend my range, not only smaller women (particularly Vietnamese who felt an affinity with PHO sizzle) but also plus sized women who seemed excited and super keen for our clothes. I felt confident we could make patterns for sizes 18 and 20, but felt after that size we would need to do more fit model measuring and research to increase above that, which we didn’t have the financials for. So, we extended the end of our Teaser collection and all of our Mix n Match Marine Collection to include sizes 6, 18 and 20. I feel sad to cancel making plus sizes after this collection, but, to be completely honest, it isn’t selling! And, that makes me feel depressed. I tried to create a brand that fits most women with the belief that plus size women want to wear the same clothes are straight sizes, and it didn’t work… Maybe because my clothes are too bold for plus sizes? I don’t know, but a big part of me disagrees with that as a fucking statement! Maybe because I didn’t extend above a size 20, but I didn’t feel confident to get the fit right. Maybe because the designs are too niche? But I don’t really believe that either… Perhaps this article says it all more clearly that I ever could, but it really saddens me that I have to cancel this special part of PHO sizzle because it is really close to my heart.

Fast Fashion truly thrives without calculated steps from consumers to support local and small designers. I have noticed the ‘sales culture’ is much more prominent in the Australian Plus Size industry. I mean, ‘sales culture‘ is in the Fast Fashion industry in general, but I have found that more straight sized women are supporting local designers than others. I don’t know the reason for this, but I’d like it to change. So, why sales culture in plus? Is it because big fast fashion plus-size giants (without naming names) charge an arm and a leg for something that shouldn’t cost that much so therefore you wait until it is on sale? Yes, and I understand that, hell, we all like a sale, but have you ever stopped to think you’re perpetuating sales culture by doing this? They up the price at the start cos they know no one will buy it at full price, and the concept of ‘SALE’ is so deeply rooted in your psyche that you don’t even consider buying something until it is on sale. So, the cycle continues… What’s up with that? I deliberately have quoted my prices the way they are because I’m not buying into that ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. I charge $65 a skirt because I make enough profit (although I’m constantly being told I should charge more because of the great quality of my clothes) at that price, but, I feel that if I kept playing this Australian fashion game (at both a plus size and straight sized level), I would have to charge $135 when I release a skirt just so I can knock it down to $65 for a ‘sale’. THAT IS MADNESS. 

And so, yes, it was great to have the ‘option’ of plus size with PHO sizzle, but unless things are actually purchased and the brand is supported financially at the plus size level, the ‘option’ doesn’t pay my bills. Man, I’m all about quotation marks in this rant. I’m not Kelly Osbourne with enough money to continually pour into a business and provide a big sizing range regardless of the outcome. I’m a part time ESL teacher, full time designer and business owner merely trying to get my brand off the ground and see if I have enough money to keep this dream of mine going a little longer. I know everyone connected to PHO sizzle personally because I hand picked them. My tailor and my IT guy were my friends in Hanoi, my lovely logistics manager and graphic designer were my former students. My book-keeper is my fiance. My clothes are made by a lovely little seamstress in Hanoi who works for me and a guy who sells leather jackets, she worked with my tailor before she left for Sweden. There’s no factory, just her sewing with her great skills, occasionally her husband helps by sewing buttons. We pay them well, and they enjoy working for us because we don’t push them to get stuff done too quickly. Actually for wage comparison, I could get my clothes made here for the same price, but, I choose to support Hanoi as my former home and the people in my business because they are dear to me and we want to build this as an International Small Business. Anyway, I got off topic: While I’d love to keep providing more choice for the Australian (and International) women who are bigger than a size 16, I financially can’t compete with the buying practices that are already in place within this demographic. But, that being said, thanks to the wonderful women who have bought my clothes at this sizing range and supported me – you’re amazing!!! <3

Well, I’m all ranted out. Sorry about that… here’s my outfit:

j4 j3 j2 j6Culottes: Smooth Sailing Shorts by PHO sizzle (I’m wearing a size 16 which are too big cos all my size 14s are in consignment shops and stores around Melb) Top: unreleased Cora Crop Floral by PHO sizzle.

Anyway, seriously I’m tired after getting all those thoughts out of my system, and I have to go back to writing product descriptions…


Happy HUMP DAY y’all!

xox Jacqui


Little Witch Pop, Jupiter Queen

6Yeah you know, a couple of things happened this weekend. Me and my sister found a Turkish Restaurant in walking distance which serves breakfast. This is a marvelous discovery for me, and I was pretty flattered when they owner said my Turkish pronunciation was better than his daughters’! Ha! After breakfast we went exploring into a variety store. You know the ones – fake flowers, weird ceramic frogs singing and an abundance of Tupperware. There was also a dodgy nail polish and lipstick section where I picked up this gold lipstick for a whopping $3.50! I got the pearl stickers there too…

2The other thing that happened this weekend was I have been listened to A LOT of Azealia Banks in preparation for PHO sizzle‘s next runway show this Friday as part of RAW Melbourne’s current show.  I’m using three of her songs from Fantasea for catwalk music and one of the songs, Atlantis, has been stuck in my head nonstop! I was raving about the lyric ‘little witch pop jupiter queen’ to my friend Nikki yesterday and decided that I’d do a post interpretation of that lyric, cos after my Anastasia Screamed in Vain post I guess that is what I’m doing these days – hearing a random lyric and basing a whole post around it! So, here it is! And you may wonder why I’m wearing a fur jacket when it is clearly too hot, but I haven’t had a chance to show it off yet cos I lent it to the Divine Miss K from Horror Kitsch Bitch shortly after I bought it and got it back recently, so, I needed to quickly do a post before summer seriously comes to kick our arse!

1 3 4 9 8 10 12 11 7Jacket: thrifted Dress: Glassons Glasses: Jay Jays Hat: Dangerfield Boots: I don’t know… 

Anyway, this is what I reckon a little witch pop jupiter queen would look like. Listen to the song here!  Happy Sunday everyone!!!!


xox Jacqui


Aussie Curves – Skirt

1Yesterday I did a teaser on my facebook page and instagram showing this picture, promising I was going to explain why I need to fake tan when my hair is platinum (as opposed to various pastel hues) . I honestly think the pictures speak for themselves! If I hadn’t had a mystic tan from my friend’s shop in the CBD called Glow Station (I reviewed them here) I would have the same colour hair, skin and clothes! Ha!

10Instead I look like an uber brown goddess! Well… no, not quite, but there is certainly something Grecian going on with these pictures. This week Aussie Curves have the theme ‘skirt’, and, since I’ve shown most, if not all, my skirts before I thought I’d show my brand PHO sizzle‘s luxurious faux wrap around Beach Maxi made of lightweight white linen and pair it with the fast selling Cora Crop which is made of the same fabric. This combo looked awesome on the model at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and it looks just as awesome on me for a lovely lightweight summer white out look – when I am tanned! Haha! Thanks to my friend Kristie for taking these rather creative pictures, and thanks to my mum for letting me steal one of her protea‘s for a prop! :D

2 8 3 5 13 7 11 12 6 9Skirt: Beach Maxi in size 14 from PHO sizzle Top: Cora Crop in size 18 (for an oversized look-it is meant to be quite fitted normally) from PHO sizzle Jewelry: all from Fun Accessories a closing down clearance store on (around) 210 Brunswick Street Tan: Glow Station

Anyway, since I rarely would wear a complete white out look, I’m glad I showed it off and pretended I was on Santorini instead in Melbourne, and I’m loving the white skirt that is part of this collection, it makes me REALLY wanna go to the beach!

Don’t forget to check out the other Aussie Curves skirt looks :)

aussie curves 2

4xox Jacqui




Fern Gully

1Ahhh, Victoria; the only place where a horse race equates a state holiday! Not that I’m complaining too much, I mean, I like having the day off and chilling in my friend Bear’s ferny garden, eating far too much cheese and fruit and drinking champagne, but the horse race? Don’t fucking care… In fact, I more than don’t care, I actually disagree with horse racing as a sport, and, this year two horses died so we can continue this FINE tradition of pushing animals to their physical limits so we can place money on them ‘winning’ for our entertainment. And if you drive past Flemington on this day, you’ll see hordes of inebriated people – drunk women who carefully teeter about in uncomfortable heels and obnoxious hats assuring themselves they look classy, others that have abandoned their shoes and fasincators all together and sit on the curb scowling with heatstroke as they wait for ‘hubby’, who’s just as soused up, to try and hail a cab by stepping directly into the middle of traffic – cos, fuck yeah, he’s a white-3o-something-male who’s had too much booze and how dare the cab don’t stop for him!! Hmm, so, yeah, as you can see, I roll my eyes pretty hard at Racing Season, but, I am grateful to be able to hang out with my friend on her public holiday.  We discussed photography and an up-coming lookbook for PHO sizzle as well as how amazing nature, and the colors of nature are. These ferns looked so pretty when we took these pictures, the dappled sunlight painting them different vivid shades of green. Lovely.


4 7 8 3 6Top: handmade – fabric from Spotlight Skirt: thrifted Earrings: borrowed from my sister

Thanks to Bear for taking these photos and providing a lovely afternoon of delicious food, inspiring conversation and lots of giggles.


5xox Jacqui


Leader Of The Pack – Alt Curves

1Yeah, it’s a new month for #alternativecurves, which means a new challenge! Last month we did Alternative Fairytales and I retold Pavel Bazhov’s versions of one of the fairytales from the Perm region in Russia (where I lived once upon a time). It was about The Mistress Of Copper Mountain and was certainly the longest post I’ve ever written! This month the theme is Leader Of The Pack, which for me originally conjures up amazing images of the Pink Ladies, Wanda from Crybaby or perhaps even the amazing Teddy Girls from 50s London.  Now, this is gonna be amazing and I can’t wait to see what the other ladies come up with, but, for me, see, I’ve already dressed as Wanda. And, it’s too hot to go as a Teddy Girl, so, I went a bit further with the loose ‘girl gang’ theme and went with ’90’s girl gang’ in a salt-n-pepa-girlfriend-pretty-fly-for-a-white-gal kinda thang… Yeah… you dig? I gotta add, I was in hysterics editing these pictures – I’m so out of my comfort zone with this outfit and the fact I decided a milk crate would make my backyard suddenly be good enough to look like a street corner is making me lose my mind! Ha! Enjoy, I’m gonna go listen to Ain’t Nuthin But a She Thing and None of Your Business now (my two fav Salt-N-Pepa songs).

5311108742126But, you know, I am the leader of a pack of two?

9Hugo’ll be in my pack any day. :D

Make sure you check out the other Alternative Curves gals when they add their look, and don’t forget to follow them on instagram too under the name @alternativecurves.

xox Jacqui


Monday’s Child Poem

So, YAY! I’ve finally finished my #childrenoftheweek series based on the poem Monday’s Child. You’ve probably seen all these looks separately, but I thought I’d pop them together for one post. Just click on the link to be taken back to the original post!


 Monday’s child is fair of face,



Tuesday’s child is full of grace,



Wednesday’s child is full of woe,



Thursday’s child has far to go,



Friday’s child is loving and giving,



Saturday’s child works hard for a living


But the child who is born on the Sabbath day,

is bonny and blythe and good and gay.

 I had so much fun with this series and I’m happy I finally finished it! 7 looks for 7 different days and 7 different children! :) xox Jacqui

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