Fugly Mondays: 90s Fruit Shirt


 Listen, this shirt actually made me ‘squeeeee’ with delight when I saw it at Brotherhood of Saint Laurence, but I know most people would just walk right by and write it off as a shitty 90s print that a business woman would have worn, and they are right, but, see, it’s got fruit! So, that binary of most people hating it but me loving it made it purrrrfect for my Fugly Mondays Segment. And fruit, well, particularly pomegranates,  I can’t say no to pomegranates – they’re too delicious and awesome! I also can’t say no to custard apples or rambutans, so, keep that in mind. Vietnam spoiled me! :D

I also really loved the autumnal colours of this shirt, and so I decided to play them up by keeping the rest of my outfit neutral. My custom-made suede skirt from Hoi An, the heels I conquered in my biggest fear post and a sock bun (but not as big as this one! :D) made this outfit all about the shirt, but with the right amount of funk!

I think if you’re gonna pull off the tacky-polyester-print-shirt-with-90s-nostalgia then it needs to be buttoned ALL the way up, and mayhaps even worn with a vest for a bit of dapper nod. Additionally, the sleeves were a wee bit too short for me, which worked well because I could fold the cuff to a length I thought worked better, just past the elbow. Also, you know I’ll always love frilly socks. :)

Don’t forget to check out my other weeks with my Fugly Monday challenge – and any suggestions for future weeks, or, if you’ve got an outfit for Fugly Monday, please, do a post about it, i’d love to see it! :)


Little Stella feet watching me. :)

14 12 11 10

Shirt: thrifted Shoes: thrifted Skirt: custom made in Hoi An Sunnies: bought at a market in Shanghai Socks: Daiso Dinosaur Necklace: Lizzie and Fitz

Happy Monday!

xox Jacqui


Mustard and Olives

1As is my tradition from a long time ago in Hanoi, I am wearing both this dress and jacket before I give them away. It’s another condiment heavy outfit…although, no, no, olives aren’t a condiment, I’m on drugs. No…not really that either…man, this paragraph has a lot of fibs. I’ll tell you a truth tho – it was my 32nd birthday on Monday! My fiance and I have been waiting 14 months for a process that should take 12-15 months, max. Nothing to celebrate in the absence of not seeing him for so long. Nothing to smile about when our visa just WAITS, not being approved while we feel like we are in limbo. Hmmm, hooray for ‘global processing times’, bureaucracy and a seriously messed up visa process. Still waiting, no words. Not even an interview yet. It’s hard to plan your future when you don’t even know if your government will allow you to marry the man you love. I’d like to have kids, like right now. So yeah birthdays aren’t a time for me to celebrate as all it does is remind me that my life is fucking stagnant while I wait.

Seriously, I feel I should write a book called ‘Never fall in love with and desire to spend your life in your own country with a person from a High-Risk Country…maybe I should workshop the title to have more pizzazz? Perhaps ‘How to spend your life slowly going insane’, or maybe ‘The Ins and Outs of justifying your inner most feelings and emotions to a third party who will judge their validity in their own sweet time’. Or maybe just ‘The waiting’. That last one sounds like a Steven King…well, that rant is out. If you’d like to read more about how long we’ve been waiting, I have occasionally had miniature outbursts here, here and here but overall, I try to keep this blog positive, otherwise the floodgate will open and I’ll start thinking about how romantic Romeo and Juliet were. And no one wants that. They were dumb kids. Just cos I know what it feels like to have a banished lover doesn’t mean I should start idolizing them or their solutions. Shut up, Shakespeare! Mercutio for life, brah!

Yo, here’s my outfit before both these babies go to thrift shops! Remember I’ve worn the jacket here with this pink top and the green dress here. Hey, isn’t it lovely to be able to have bare legs again after such a chilly winter! That is something to be Pollyanna about instead of sighing and moaning about my prospective marriage visa status delays and ticking biological clock!

2 4 5 6 8 3Jacket: thrifted Dress: thrifted Socks: Daiso Shoes: gifted for review from Mox Shoes Headband: PHO sizzle Glasses: bought in Shanghai Ring: Hutch Melbourne

Did you know it’s National Op Shop week this week in Aus? Make sure you get your op shopping on and I’d love to see some more fully thrifted outfits floating around too!

xox Jacqui




Fugly Mondays: 80s Dropwaist Dress

fugmon1This dress was purchased by sister for a 90s themed party. She then chickened out and wore something less ‘hideous’. I did some research and guestimated that this dress would have originally been worn in the 80s orrrr early 90s, and very much part of my Don’t Tell Mum The Babysitters Dead (here and here) or Babysitters Club kind of fetish I am going through.

Now, this dress almost broke my symmetrical brain. Firstly, it was a size 14 and I’m a size 16, so it was a bit too small. But, whatevs, I’m used to that, but no, it broke my brain because I believe that set of four buttons are actually meant to be on the side and not directly in the middle where a normal person would put them. I tried putting them in the middle but then I’d be all boobs out. Yeah, nah, crazy dress. But, a crazy dress like this IS perfect for a Fugly Monday challenge! To accentuate the white square buttons that nearly broke my brain and the gorgeous lace collar on this drop-waist floral number I decided to accessorize with black and white. Obviously I needed to wear a black petticoat with this otherwise it would have been boob-a-rama, but the oversized hat and completely ridiculous sunnies add to the monochrome palette and accentuate not only the purple florals of the dress, but also dem damn buttons.


fugmon4 fugmon5Dress: thrifted Hat: from a store in Brunswick St that was closing down Sunnies: Variety Store Lipstick: Rebel by MAC

Sadly for this dropwaist darling, it’ll be going back to the op-shop for someone a tiny bit smaller than I, and perhaps someone who can tolerate a lack of symmetry in button placement.

So, that’s one more Fug Mon post from me – stay tuned for next week where I show off a shirt most people would have shuddered at, but I clasped my hands in delight!

xox Jacqui


All the Purple

4While I’m still making far too many flower crowns, I’m also branching out into different types of crowns. Combos with other various things I feel like hot glue gunning…lace, dinosaurs, smiley faces, random $2 shop things that would brighten up a headband. This is one of the combo hybrid headbands with lace, beautiful purple rose and some sneaky side-dinosaur-action! I still haven’t put these crowns up on PHO sizzle’s website, but we might do it soon, otherwise they’re available at Rose St Market when I’m there :D.

Also, just letting you know my 4th Blog Birthday giveaway has had it’s winner! Big congrats and thank you everyone who entered across various social media!

This is one of my entirely thrifted outfits too – aside from the handmade crown, that is. Love it when that happens. Also love pairing tawny brown with purple because of the way it pops! Actually I just love brown as a colour. I don’t give a shit if what’s her face from The Devil Wears Prada doesn’t like it. She’s a dinosaur and not the cool kind glued to a headband! Ha!

15 276Crown: handmade Jacket: thrifted Dress: thrifted Goat pin: Lizzie & Fitz  

Tomorrow is Friday!


xox Jacqui


Bats & Gardens



Ahhh weekends! As I mentioned in this post from a few weeks ago, I don’t get many weekends as I’m at the market a’hawking my PHO sizzling wares like the merchant from the start of Aladdin. Well…not quite but I just produced enough imagery to make myself let out a Miss Krabappel laugh.  Well! This weekend just gone I wasn’t at the market or doing a phototshoot or anything else much PHO sizzle related (except packaging ALL the orders I got from our 50% off sale for part of my 4th Blog Birthday) so, I thought I’d take myself on a road trip. I have some choice favourite friends for road trips, including Ant (weirdly enough he doesn’t have his own tag but you can see adventures with him here, here, here and so on) and Ian and Helen. Ian and Helen were snaffled up this weekend for a trip to the half-finished Great Stupa of Universal Compassion outside of Bendigo, and a yum-cha lunch in Bendigo as well as a stroll for the park nearby with lotsa bats!

So, while this outfit is quite toned down for me, it does have my main goal in life – comfort. It also doubles as this weeks entry in Meagan Kerr’s NZ Curvettes challenge for rainy day because it did rain! :D


blog5 blog3 blog2 blog4Skirt: thrifted Black Top: PHO sizzle (now sold out) Top: thrifted Boots: custom-made in Hoi An Sunnies: market in Shanghai

Speaking of PHO sizzle – remember you’ve still got some time to enter my 4th blog birthday giveaway of 3 PHO sizzle products valued at $200.

Read the instructions from this post and I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

xox Jacqui


Fugly Mondays: 80s Power Suit

Yeaaaah, you get the idea. And if your local Op Shop is anything like mine, the place is crawing with these babies! Mostly for pretty cheap! And generally well made, and tailored and in my case, a really soft wool blend. So, to challenge myself this Monday, I’m bringing  Fugly Mondays back – the game where I attempt to style what others would classify as hideous, unstyle-able, u-g-l-y-you-aint-got-not-alibi clothing. Now, late eighties fashion, and early nineties fashion holds a special place in my heart. It’s when I was an my most influential and formative years, so it makes sense that when I see clothing from this period, that I want to try it to make it work, as I was too young the first time round.

I’ve talked about all my love for the fashion of movies from this era before in my Style Inspiration post, but that still doesn’t stop this power suit from being a tough one to style. I actually bought it because I will wear the pencil skirt and jacket, separately, but together poses a big challenge. How to break it down? Make it seem less powerful and shouldery (and I’m already shouldery as fuck, mind you) or should I go the other way and just fully commit to the 80s business woman look – but that’ll look too costumey. There’s a lot of ‘y’s being added to things today.

So, how to calm a power suit down? Well, I brainstormed two ways and tried out one. Firstly, you can add something soft to your outfit, probably as your shirt. Something flowy, or something floral, perhaps even lacy. I’m sure that happened a lot in the days when these were big news. But, secondly, you can add something fun that doesn’t match the business genre! Eg – a print tee, bright funky stockings, beanies, and so on. That was what I did, and I’m pleased with the result, oh, and black lipstick and sunnies also helped with breaking down some of the severity of the look. Also, Mister Sun was well and truly doing his thang in these pics, which is kinda YAY, maybe winter might be finishing!

Check it out:

2361485Power Suit: thrifted for $15 Batman Tank: a long time ago from Jay Jays – it’s one of my gym shirts actually.

So, I hope you like my take on how to wear an 80s power suit in a modern context, and stay tuned for next Monday where I’m styling something else from this era! ALSO, don’t forget to enter my 4th Blog Birthday Giveaway where you can win 3 pieces of PHO sizzle clothing in size 6-20 and valued at $200! You’ll get these three items if you win!


The 50% off sale gift is over, BUT the giveaway isn’t!! You’ve got until Thursday to enter. Read my post here for all the deets. <3

xox Jacqui


Fourth Blog Birthday Giveaway!

2I wasn’t go to do anything to celebrate my blog’s fourth birthday, but then I had ‘one of my unpredictable changes of heart’ (love sneaking a Simpsons quote in when I can) so, hurray! I was mulling and wondering what cool nifty giveaways I could do with my blog and was drawing blanks until I realized I can offer a pretty awesome giveaway and a way to celebrate and thank my readers, and that is through PHO sizzle.

So, my FIRST way to celebrate my 4th blog birthday is to offer my customers 50% off PHO sizzle stock for 48 hours (now until Saturday at midnight)  . If you want to take advantage of this sale, just use the code 4years at checkout. Also, it does exclude items that are already on sale, just letting you know. I know many of you have bought things at full price and I’m super grateful for your support as customers, and as readers, which is why I’m trying to give back with this 50% off sale and the giveaway mentioned below…

My SECOND gift is a giveway through this blog – I looked through my stock and hunted down some things I still have at least one left of in each size from 6 to 20 (so whoever enters I’ll be able to cater to then within that size range). Funnily enough it was my outfit in this ranty post and my gorgeous dress in this post. These products are our Cora Crop FloralSmooth Sailing Culottes and What’s Kraken Maxi so, if you want to win these clothes, valued at $200 with free postage originally, (the Cora Crops are now on special for $30 not $50 though) here are the ways to enter:

- comment on this blog, PHO sizzle’s blogFashion and Pho’s facebook page, PHO sizzle’s facebook page, my instagram or PHO sizzle’s instagram explaining why you’d like to win these, or why you love PHO sizzle as a brand. Wanna comment on all six of those platforms like a social media addict (hehehe, like me)? Okay…that’ll be six entries for you. :D

Additionally, if you want more chances to win you can share either my or PHO sizzle’s info about this sale and giveaway via instagram or facebook, which will also count as extra entries. Please keep in mind you need to have your instagram on public for me to see this.

I’ll leave this competition open for one week and add up how many entries each person has, then throw them all into a hat and draw out the winner. :) This giveaway will close on Thursday the 20th of August at 6pm Melbs time – I’ll announce it shortly after then, with pictures of the hat and names for realness.

I hope you’ll decide to enter this giveaway and take advantage of the sale too! :D

Anyway, here are some outfit pics and bring on Fashion & Pho’s fifth birthday!

3 7 6 8 5 4Top: Candy Star Crop Skirt: Goat Parade Pinafore Crown: handmade

Hey, guess what? Tomorrow is FRIYAY! :)

Thanks again to everyone who has read this blog over the years and supported me with PHO sizzle. You’re legends. <3

xox Jacqui

9 1

“Winter Titty City Kitty”

1Last week my class nominated English Language Evolution and Globalization for their topic of the week. They get to nominate a topic that I teach them in conjunction with the book. This has resulted in hilarity when I’ve had to teach metaphysics, but mostly it is a fun way for them to learn about something they want, whilst using English as a medium to discuss it. Anyway last week I had them diving into ‘hybrid English’ languages, or, non standard forms of English like Taglish (thanks Chel) Jamaican Patois, Nigerian Pidgin and AAVE. They had a pretty in-depth research assignment where they had to give a video tutorial about some words in the language they’d chosen and discuss the evolution of English and language in a larger sense. For their listening component of the week I had them listen to songs I decided were ‘non-standard versions of English’. Including, one of my favourite songs by Zebra Fucking Katz, so much so my favourite I’ve already blogged about it before here. Anyway, to say they had trouble with his rap would be an understatement, but one of his lyrics stuck in my head since then which is ‘I’m the new young darkling winter titty city kitty’, mainly cos my students said they couldn’t even say that bit as it was too much like tongue twister… Anyway, moving onto to today – this outfit is a bit of a winter titty city kitty as I was constantly afraid my nips would slip through this ‘scarf-as-a-top game – and the kitty, well, I am rocking my cat vest – you’ve seen it before in Aussie Curves Animal Print week.  Oh, and back to my students for a second – they are adults. International students who are studying English at a language school in the advanced level, if you think that listening to a song with ‘naughty’ words in it is baaaaaaaaaaad (read that like a sheep) then you should know that a) they hear a lot worse outside the classroom on the streets of melb b) learning to swear accurately is just as much a part of English langage as anything else so, quiet bud.

Let’s talk about the fact the same week I was saying adieu to Aussie Curves with my feedback, Meagan Kerr, absolute legend, opened her NZ Curvettes challenge to Aussies! Huzzah!  And then I realized I had only one day to get the first challenge done, which the theme of the week was ‘scarf’. I knew what I wanted to do. I had already done a 13 ways to scarf post a few years back, and had already played with wearing a scarf as a dress and as a skirt, so, aight, I’ll wear one as top. But, damn, middle of winter – winter titty city kitty for sure, but, in summer it is my go-to for wearing something when you really don’t wanna be wearing anything – you know those days and nights when it’s so hot you hardly have the energy to put on clothes? Yeah, scarfs and kaftans are my jam on those days.

So, yay for Meagan opening up her challenges to Aussies! Here’s my first look with the theme of scarf!

4 2 5 8 3 6Jeans: PHO sizzle Top: custom made in Hanoi Top/scarf: from a cutsy Korean Accessory shop in Hanoi Lippie: Velour Lips by Australis

Hey, tomorrow is hump day! Yes!

xox Jacqui


Princess Aurora and the Blue/Pink Dress

1Remember in Sleeping Beauty when the two fairies argue over what colour Aurora’s dress for her birthday should be? Well, I do. I always wanted to be able to change my clothing colours with a tap of a wand. Also, I remembered that scene with this outfit as I seem to be midway through changing it from blue to pink, or pink to blue. To go with my American Apparel Hipster Lion top and PHO sizzle‘s Folly Tea Skirt, I have a new flower crown and an even newer wood watch gifted from Jord Wood Watches!


I picked the Fieldcrest watch in maple for review and am so glad I did. Firstly, it was more lightweight than I expected! For some reason I thought it would be heavy but am pleasantly surprised by its agility. If a watch can even be agile? Well, it can now. Secondly, I am also really happy with the light wood contrasted against the silver. It looks dreamy and very simplistic. It’ll go with every outfit and be trans-seasonal! That is important when choosing a watch. Finally, man, it’s WOODEN! Isn’t that just cool? Ohh, also, the tick is really soft. I hate hate hate the sound of ticking – I’m a bit of a Captain Hook at heart, and with this watch you can only hear the tick if you hold it right up to your ear and listen carefully.

Like so:8

Gosh I’m funny. But really, if you’re into pretty and eye-catching watches that go against the grain (totally a wood reference, in case you didn’t get it)  you should most def check out Jord Watches. Funnily enough, it and my shoes are the only two thing unaffected by the two fairies pink/blue battle.

2 4 7 6 3Top: American Apparel Skirt: Folly Tea Skirt by PHO sizzle (my brand MY BRAND!! ;) ) Shoes: thrifted Socks: I picked up 5 pairs of bed socks for $10 at Rye Market. It was fantastic. Crown: handmade by me! Watch: Fieldcrest in maple- gifted for review from Jord Watches

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Monday and continue to have a nice rest of week too! I’m gonna go back to binge watching segments of Sleeping Beauty on youtube now. But not this bit - it scares me still. No seriously, you don’t know how scared I was of Maleficent as a child. I had nightmares about her coming to get me via green orbs for effing ages. The music in this scene is giving me goosebumps. *shudders*

xox Jacqui


Best Wooden Watch

Japanese Streets: Alternative Curves

8Well, honestly I did want to dress as a salary man for this month’s challenge, or in a real simplistic, monochromatic outfit that is structured but drapey at the same time…you know something unisex and all about the layers as I think when I was in Fukuoka, the simplistic and structured layers inspired me. But, of course, the easiest way was to reference that famous Tokyo area – Harajuku. So, even though I haven’t been there, I went with a bit of Gothic Lolita  look inspired by the Fruits book I had as a teenager. This look didn’t really work the way I wanted and so, instead of Gothic Lolita, I look like a Moulin-Rouge-Bar-Wench/Pirate with a bit of Beetle Juice and A Clockwork Orange throw in. Meh, whatevs – still an interesting look. You’ve seen this op-shopped dress before in this post, but otherwise I think the insanely long fluffy socks make this outfit rather funny and, well, knee high socks do always remind me of Japanese fashion, even though it is probably just a stereotype by this stage. Anyway, onward ho with the pics!

4 9 11 2

Hehehe, you see what I mean about the Moulin Rouge? I just wanted to cancan all about the place!

6Dress: thrifted Cardigan: thrifted Hat: Dotti Shoes: Mox Shoes Socks: from a little Bargain store near my house.

Anyway, that’s my look for this month, don’t forget to check out the other ladies when their looks are up and check out our looks from other months below:

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

xox Jacqui




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