Trading Your Hours for a Handful of Dimes

3Yeah, quoting the Lizard King! I love the song Five to One and heard it on my sardine packed train ride home today…let’s just say the line ‘trading your hours for a handful of dimes’ was poignant as fuck!

Onto this getup! This outfit has two very important things that I reclaimed from my sister. She was going to send them to the thrift store, but I couldn’t, couldn’t let that happen. To be fair, she did give me first dibs before she sent anything anyway and,  you know me, I get attached to vintage clothes, particularly ones in my family. This hat has been in my family for ages and even my Mum doesn’t know where it came from and this vest (which is admittedly too small for me) was knitted by mum’s youngest sister. I had to hold onto both these for future generations.  Overall I felt like I had a bit of a ‘grad-student-hipster-professor’ thing going on with this outfit – which is totally A-OK with me. In other news I’ve been spending hours (I’m not exaggerating either) looking at the high res images from the mysterious Voynich Manuscript and fantasizing about designing a collection with the pictures.

1 6 4 7 5 8 2Vest: secondhand Hat: secondhand Jacket: thrifted Jeans: Jeans West Curve Embracer Shoes: EOS

Anyway happy hump day! I’m exhausted and have to chat with my IT guy about PHO sizzle’s AW15 collection.

xox Jacqui


Aussie Curves – Style Inspiration

13I feel like in our current obsession with ’90s style’ we’re forgetting a big chunk of the late eighties/early nineties. It could be that we are deliberately forgetting it, but while we (obviously including myself in this ‘we’) are orgasming over velvet, round glasses, grunge style and tied-dyed love – we’re forgetting about Tess McGill, Lana from Risky Business, J.C Wiatt, The Heathers, and of course, my favourite whose fashion I’ve talked about beforeSue Ellen.

So, for this Aussie Curves week and the theme of Style Inspiration, I thought I’d pay homage to the lesser remembered fashion icons of film from that era. I’ve talked about The Craft and Poison Ivy before, but, after re-watching Working Girl the other day, I thought I’d give a shout-out to the businesswomen of this era in film – striving to smash down the glass ceiling one chunky accessory at a time! And Sue Ellen, with all her tricksy fakery of pretending to be an adult meant this film is littered with, not only amazing ‘grown up’ outfits, but also what she wears when she goes back to being a teenager. Let’s take a look see at the grown up outfits:

YES! So much love for these! So, for me, I decided to go with a colour-block approach (in this case a mustard thrifted dress), a big hat, simple black shoes, a light lip colour, silly facial expressions, and, of course, my round glasses cos I can’t let them go. ;)

I’ve been blogging a lot more recently, I think it was after my uncontrollable week break that I had to play catch up on Strictly Ballroom, Hanging Rock, Bonnie Doon, a faux prom date and a well proper rant & pretty headwear. A lot has been happening!! My new job is going well and BSG’s VAMFF event featuring PHO sizzle went smashingly – there are pictures here from SPOOK MAGAZINE‘s coverage…can you spy Kristie in our blue wig? ;)  There are far more drunken, (and I’d argue) less professional pictures (cos I took them!) on our facebook page here.  Thanks to everyone who came – it was great to see you and sorry I was so busy!!

12 17 14 18 15Dress: thrifted Belt: secondhand from a friend Shoes: NO!Shoes Hat: a shop on Brunswick St that closed down Glasses: Jay Jays

So, that’s my Style Inspo for this week – a challenge to try to look like a stylish, late 80s, early 90s business woman. ;) Don’t forget to check out the other Aussie Curve ladies with their inspo!

aussie curves2

xox Jacqui


How’s the Serenity?

13Having friends that are non-Australians often means I am reminded of things I would have otherwise forgotten – the cultural significance of Bonnie Doon in Australiana film being one of them.  I’ve seen The Castle, but wouldn’t remember or even connect the idea that Bonnie Doon is in it, and that to others they might be surprised it is a really place at all. So, around a year ago my friends and I drove to Bonnie Doon for a day trip and they were excited about seeing the desolate landscape of Lake Eildon. That was one year ago, but this year we got our shit together and brought tyres to float on. It’ll be a yearly tradition now for sure.

I’ve actually been to Bonnie Doon once before in this blog with Ant when it was winter – you can check out the pictures here.

Thanks to Ian Ackerman for taking some of the pictures below – they capture the mud and summer heat well.

12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 3 4

I love having friends that are keen for road trips – it’s perfect and makes me appreciate the work/life balance I have. I’m also happy that I’m sharing more things that outfit posts – I know I made a deliberate decision to stop circle posts  but I do like adding more than just outfit posts into my blog. That might explain why I have been adding and will continue to do more than just OOTD – in case you’re wondering!! <3

 xox Jacqui


If they want you, they’re gonna have to fight me.

1When I started this outfit I REALLY didn’t expect to have a final result of a photo that made me look like the Afghan girl, but, erm, well, there you go. My fiance told me I looked verrrrry pretty in this picture, a not-so-subtle hint about what he wishes I’d wear now and when we marry. But, as I said, this outfit started somewhat differently with the blue scarf as a shawl around my shoulders that eventually seemed to creep over the scarved turban I was wearing to cover my hair that desperately needed washing.

You know, I’m really interested in Islamic fashion, and have quite a few beautiful books on the topic. As well as reading about the style changing over time, I loved the variations of headscarf coverings I saw when I lived in Turkey for two years, and then the variations again when I was in West Africa. Seeing the way Turkish women wore their hair and clothes in the 30s is fascinating, or reading about the Ouled Nail tribe of the mountainous border region of Morocco and Algeria. Did you know these women traditionally engaged in belly-dancing and entertainment and made money before they got married? They’d wear their wealth by stitching in all the coins they’d amassed into their clothes! So, pretty much, they were like human dragons! As well as all the historical awesomeness that is Islamic fashion – there are great hijab fashion sites you can see like this, as well as cool blogs like this one. Additionally, I love things like this which may shatter some peoples’ illusions of what they think they know about the history of fashion in some countries.

Now, before anyone comes howling with the cultural appropriation card at me in a huff of political correctness, I’m gonna say this - don’t bother!

If you know me, know my background, know where I’ve lived, who my fiance is, what I’m marrying into and how I educate myself on a topic before I decide to randomly wear a piece of fabric over part of my hair then you’ll know I’m not some fickle gal who is all like, ‘tee hee, ima wear it cos it’s cute!’ This article explains a bit more about cultural appropriation, which I obviously validly recognize as an issue, but, there are also a lot of dumb-fucks-posing-as-educated-fucks on the interwebs that have nothing better to do that get their mass-produced-cheap-labored knickers in a knot about someone they don’t know who may possibly be appropriating something if you twist it the right way.

A clear example of the nonsense of the moral police not knowing what the actual fuck they are talking about is when I mentioned hating leopard print and having to see it constantly in Vietnam in a post I did about how much I loved Nancy Duong’s timeline of VN fashion. A women felt she could mention she didn’t like what I’d said in a quick one liner in the comments and then link it to an article about appropriation. I’m not sure if she was saying I was appropriating or was trying to get more hits to that website, her very very very short sentence meant I didn’t have much to go on, but she was offended enough by my reply to her comment to report my blog, which really did nothing except meant Tomi messaged me and ask who I’d been warring with…  Anyway, who effing knows, but I do have blogging friends that have born the brunt of this moral panic by the cultural appropriation police, and, seriously, get offended if you want to, but make sure you know a god-damn huge amount of info about the person before you have a hissy fit, cos, in my case, I will explain myself perfectly and have you crying tears of frustration into your second year Cultural and Gender Studies handbook by the end of it. Ya dig?

So, to recap – I’m throwing a scarf around like I’m in a ribbon twirling event at the Olympics – it ended up on my head and I took some photos which look nice, my fiance will have to wait a long time for me to wear coverings like this everyday, but obviously if we moved to an area where it was appropriate, I’d totally do it. (Side note –  I did it in Turkey when walking home at night alone to hide my blonde hair from creepers.) The white turban is a style I’ve worn before in my blog here, here, and here and probably a bunch of other posts and in no way do I feel I’m appropriating anything and I’ll hiss at anyone who thinks otherwise.

Well…gosh…that turned into quite the rant, didn’t it? Goodness! Moving on…


So, you see, this is the actual outfit, a blend of metallics and light colours, a mixture of textures and a fun scarf to dance with while pirouetting in high high heels. ;)

The title of this post is from another Laura Marling song (I can’t stop naming blogs after her lyrics) called Night Terror and the line really connects with me for like a gazillion different reasons connected to my current circumstance of long distance love.

10 3 5 4 7 9 8 2Shoes: thrifted Skirt: gifted Scarf: gifted Turban scarf: gifted Top: Caroline Morgan ages ago.

I totally felt like a whirling dervish with those spinning photos – so many ridiculous ones for every relatively good one too! Ha! Oh hey, PHO sizzle‘s exhibition is open at BSG – you can see some rad photos from the opening night here. The exhibition is open until March 7th and has such cool designers and concepts there!

Have a lovely weekend! I’m gonna go binge listen to Laura Marling now! :D

xox Jacqui


Hanging Rock #2

3This is the second time I’ve been to Hanging Rock in this blog and probably that 15th time in my life. The best part about this was I was going because Ant invited me on an impromptu road trip – best kind!

We’re pretty well versed in road tripping and once we got there we’d both been so much we knew where the best nooks and crannies for some photos were. We hung out, climbed rocks in bare feet, shouted Miranda a couple of times and then posed hilariously on a tree stump. ;)

1 8 7 9 12 11 13 16 10 6 2 4 15 14


Thanks Ant for being a great travel companion and photographer! If you haven’t ever been to Hanging Rock, you should go!

xox Jacqui




Natasha’s Prom

pink2Sometimes you find the most ridiculous dress at the op shop, and you have, have to own it. This was one of those moments. This dress is hilarious – utterly and truly, but, it fit perfectly and I kind dug the hot pink colour. I don’t know if I’ll ever wear it, but, at least for this photo sesh with Kristie I was channeling my alter ego Natasha: a nouveau-riche Vladivostokian with an extended family of brothers, uncles and cousins that were identified in Hanoi. She often comes out after too many drinks… In this case she made a sober appearance and posed in what could only be described as a prom dress, with her itty bitty dog ‘lap dog’ and her penchant for all this her idol – Paris Hilton.

Fun words to say in a stereotypical Russian accent? Vowels. Verbs. Vocabulary. ought to. should. will. So yeah, ‘v words’ and model verbs! Obviously to add to this hilarious prom dress, I had to wear my faux fur coat, some big fuck off sunnies like those girls in naughties and a shiny headband, mainly cos I didn’t have a tiara. This outfit it totally tongue in cheek, as are many of the poses (I was inspired by this), but, I do like the dress I scored and of course my blog is a creative outlet. Natasha and I never had a prom, so now we have! ;)

pink3 pink5 pink4 pink6 pink7 pink8Dress: thrifted Coat: thrifted Shoes: Target (ages ago) Sunnies: borrowed from Kristie Headband: borrowed from my sister

Big thanks to Kristie for taking these, the photo below is when I completely lost my shit and didn’t stay in character (another good word to say with accent.)

Also, don’t forget PHO sizzle has a 35% off sale using the promo code ‘tet15′ that ends tomorrow –  Chúc Mừng Năm Mới too by the way! :) AND, in PHO sizzling news, we’ve got our exhibition opening at Brunswick Street Gallery this Friday for part of Virgin Australian Melbourn Fashion Festival – if you’re in Melbourne and wanna be posh at an art gallery opening please come along! :D

Ayo! Happy hump day lovelies!

xox Jacqui



Strictly Ballroom!


I love going to the threatre, but I don’t go enough. Each year I promise myself I’ll go more, but honestly I run out of time, and oftentimes money. The last theatre productions I saw was Gulliver’s Travels, and before that I saw a version of Carmen that was set in Vietnam, which by the way was pretty awesome – there’s some youtube footage of it here.

So, a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to score tickets to see Baz Luhrmann‘s Strictly Ballroom The Musical and I jumped at the chance. My sister and I met up after work, went to Yamato (cutest Japanese place in Chinatown) for dinner and then headed to the theatre. If you remember the movie Strictly Ballroom, you’ll surely remember the catch phrases that me and my sister were bouncing back and forth, and even though we were both exhausted (I’d just started a new job and she was getting ill) we had a great night!

The show was hilarious and I often times was chortling into my jowels at the great way the actors brought out the time period the film was made in. Yes, the sequins would have always been there cos it’s a film about ballroom dancing but the particular late 80s vibe that permeated the non ballroom costumes was perfect! As was the occa ‘straya’ accent. All the leads did a great job but I was also really impressed with the back up dancers. They were in so many of the songs and not only danced but sung really well whilst energetically dancing – wowza!

JBSB_7469_ballroomfinal_full_Photo credit Jeff Busby

JBSB_7421_retouched JBSB_7173_retouchedIf you get a chance, I’d strongly recommend you go see this musical, it’s a chance to see Baz and Catherine‘s sparkly vision in the flesh and to thoroughly enjoy this iconic Aussie film – and to dance on the stage at the end!

So yay for musicals, hilarious dialogue that you remember from your childhood, outstanding costumes and a great story line! As Fran says, “A life lived in fear is a life half lived.”

xox Jacqui

These pictures were provided by Nuffnang.

Aussie Curves – Festival

1I almost wasn’t going to post this because my blog has been offline since Monday thanks to the marvelously professional guys at who perhaps decided they weren’t getting enough money for lunar new year and pretty much roped everyone into paying for a security program that, lo and behold, they could sell to you which would get rid of the nasty viruses that suddenly appeared… It made me really mad as I’m a vulnerable customer – I can’t fix the kind of shit they were requesting and they took my blog offline without any warning. So, it put me in a position where I had to pay to fix something that seemed super suss to begin with…let’s just say when my domain runs out with them – I won’t be renewing.

But, onto festival looks! I have probably already shown you some pretty rad festival looks in my Aussie Curves Sparkle post last year and my homage to Woodstock post and with this look I think it certainly links in with flower child festival looks – batwings, flaired jeans, flower crown and, of course, sunnies to hide to those eyes!

I also took these photos in the rain to add the authenticity because pretty much every festival I’ve been to has been raining!

2Top: thrifted Jeans: LC WAIKIKI in Istanbul at least 6 years ago Crown: homemade

So voila, no more photos today, but I do have a few blogs lined up from my involuntary week long absence and some NEWS about PHO sizzle – we have 35% off online sales to celebrate Vietnamese New Year. The coupon code is ‘tet15′ and you can enter it on checkout. The sale ends Monday! <3 Also, don’t forget we’re in the Brunswick Street Gallery‘s We Wear Future exhibition for VAMFF this Friday – if you’re in Melbs and love you a good gallery opening, come on down!

Don’t forget to check out the other curvy ladies in this week’s challenge! :)

2xox Jacqui

70s Jumpsuits Jive


2My favourite character on New Girl is the Russian model Nadia who makes Jess dance one drunken night and says ‘Dance monkey, dance!’ over and over. The photos (and gif) of me and Kristie dancing kinda reminds me of that. As well as abstractly small TV quotes, these outfits have a hella 70s vibe! YEAH!

PHO sizzle does have elements of the seventies in our Mix N Match Marine Collection, but particularly when you wear these outfits together. I really dig the seventies jumpsuit kind of feel of these looks and perfect for summer. Obviously Kristie had to help me with this post because we bring the best energy to photos when we pose together! Remember the blue wig insanity from earlier this week? See what I mean? Kristie’s grand fun! Hugo and Bonnie obviously had to join in this jiving seventies post too!

13 copy 9 12 8 6 11 5 10 1

Remember, my brand PHO sizzle has free shipping in Australia and a flat rate of $15 for overseas orders. Also, we have size 6 to 20 of these designs and at least 2 fabrics we designed and got printed ourselves which means NO ONE ELSE WITH HAVE THEM EVER! Oh, and if you think I’m promoting my brand too much on my blog – erm, how can I say this politely…? Get fucked? Was that polite enough? Hahahaha, but seriously, this brand is my baby and I’m trying to show the world how great it is through platforms that are useful and resourceful for me – I’d be mad crazy not to have outfit posts with my brand’s clothing – it’s like having a full game of dress ups.  Now, here’s the best gif ever made. We have comes in leaps and bounds since our tartan gif.

70sphosizzle on Make A GifNow, here is the best picture ever of Kristie showing the sheer insanity of her mind and these awesome summery pants!


xox Jacqui and Kristie


make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

Double Neon Jumps


 When you have a surplus of wigs you’re gonna hand over to your hairdresser who is making them into amazing things for PHO sizzle‘s Brunswick Street Gallery VAMFF We Wear Future Exhibition, well, you play with them while you still can. That is why I was wearing that glorious pastel blue mermaid wig in my Aussie Curves Pattern Clash #3 post and why Kristie and I thought we should pose in these wigs before we hand them over to be altered for the event.

Surely you know Kristie by now? She’s not only my best buddy but she’s been in this blog A LOT! Not only has she taken lots of photos for me, but she’s also stared in her own posts! This particular post reminds me of our tartan madness post we did last year and I think the electric blue wigs pushed us to be just as cray-cray as the tartan did then. With our blue wigs and orange dresses (both made by Tran, the technical designer for PHO sizzle) we contrasted this shit UP! You’ve seen me before in the dresses here in this post from Shanghai, here in this post from Dakar and this real old one here from Hanoi.  Anyway, enjoy the creative insanity that is us.

7 1 4 2 9 6 13 8 11 14 10 5Wigs: Costume Supercentre  Dresses: custom-made by Red Pearl in Hanoi  Energy: priceless

So, nothing like a day full of chilling with your best bud, blue wigs and a slight hangover!!

If you want to see the other posts Kristie’s featured in, check out:

 Friends rock.

xox Jacqui


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