Body Language! Ha!

41One of my favourite parts of winter is by far the layering. I love the boots and the cold air that puffs out of me like smoke as I walk to the station before it is light, but, I also have a very big soft spot for layering. One trend I’d like to see more of is combining seasonal pieces and wearing them at the ‘wrong’ time. If that made sense? Obviously this would work more in winter when you can wear offical ‘summer’ clothes, but spin it for winter. it would be harder to wear winter clothes in summer because, well, heat. So, for this combo of layering and experimenting with outfits becoming transeasonal – I became a winter Ursula.

Hehehe, I love Ursula so much, she also reminds me of my fourth grade teacher! Now, I know I’ve shown you this fabric before with the flairs made in the same babing tentacles, in fact, I’ve shown you four times! For the Disney Link Up, a rolling on the beach in sands shoot, a red and blue outfit and a ridic 70s Jumpsuit Jive with my best friend Kristie.

But, weirdly enough, I’ve never shown you the maxi dress I designed with this tentacle fabric for PHO sizzle‘s Mix n Match Marine Summer Collection! So, here it is, all wrapped up in winter warmth! Actually, it wasn’t that cold this day. :)

36 37 40 39Dress: What’s Kraken Maxi by PHO sizzle  Cardigan: Cotton On Shawl: thrifted 

Guess what? I just found out that I made a list of 8 plus-sized fashion bloggers you should follow on instragram, which is awesome, but they published it in April and I just realized now…d’oh! But still, YAY!! Anyway, I hope your week is going well, and happy Tuesday!

xox Jacqui


Top 4 Winter Buys

22If you follow me on instagram, you’ll probably have already seen some of these pics from when I stayed at Sorrento for the Queens Birthday Weekend recently with family and friends. I showed off the rad dress I got from the Rye Op Shop here too. It was such a peaceful weekend and even thought it was cold, it was nice and fun, and oh so pretty!


26 27

24 23The other thing about this weekend was that all the planets aligned and I managed to wear my now four favourite ‘new’ pieces of clothing for winter together in one outfit! You may or may not know that since about December, or perhaps earlier than that in 2014, I decided to only try to support small businesses when purchasing new clothing. Obviously, because of the PHO sizzle sitch, it is something that is important to me, and it means I am a lot more careful with what I buy and don’t contribute to the consumer giant mandate, tool lyric ‘shut up and BUY,’ and actually really only buy things I really want and have invested thought into owning and consuming. Aside from small businesses, I also completely support the op shopping and thrifing movement, and have ever since I had enough money to buy my own clothes as like, a 14 year old.

Anyway, yes yes, this outfit, well, firstly for this perfect winter outfit recipe, you add my new beanie from Beanies By Courtney. You may remember I had a rather similar beanie last winter from the same lady, but I wasn’t quite sure of the name back then. Anyway, last winter, Hugo, the littlest and naughtiest Border Terrier decided he liked it and promptly chewed it up while I was at work one day. Bastard. I was so wrapped when I saw Courtney back at Rose St this winter and I could commission another giant pom-pomed pink baby!

Next, you stir in a bulk purchase of fluffy bed socks from the Rye Market. I wear bed socks all the time in winter during the day, and then, I don’t wear them to bed, cos, eww, sweating bed feet, no. Anyway, I’ve got oh-so-many colourful pairs of bed socks now that I wear underneath my boots and chuckle that no one knows the insanity beneath the black boots.

Next, you add a thrifted 100% woolen skirt from the Rye Op shop – yeah, that place totally paid out the day I was there! Ha! I love woolen skirts, I also have that super bright purple one you’ve seen here and here. Anyway, this pleated emerald green baby is fantastic, however, is actually too big for me at a size 18. I thought it could work and it probably will be able to after I take to it with a sewing machine and put in new elastic to be tighter, but at the moment it can sneak almost all the way down if I’m not careful.

Finally, the icing on my four favourite winter pieces is my massive cock sweater by Nimbus. Yessss, writing those two word together is certainly gonna get the wrong types of people to this blog once the google crawlers go through it, rooster dammit, rooster! Nimbus is a very very cool t-shirt, sweater and unique prints store. He’s also a pretty rad guy. I’ve bought some tees for my fiance from his store and when I saw this sweater, well, honestly, I just had to own it. I thought about it for a few weeks and then finally made my purchase, and I’m really pleased with it. It’s good quality, warm, and a head turner, of course!

So, there’s my recipe for my fav winter outfit so far, made up of the newest pieces in my closet!

Check out some other pics of my weekend:

4 17 20


In other news, I’ve been re-watching season one of The OC. It’s a weird little trip into the noughties.

xox Jacqui


Queen Of Hearts

44Listen, I canna help buy pose in my own brand‘s clothes! It’s like dreams of playing dress ups continuously just come true! And I also can’t resist red lippie with red booties. It’s the perfecto combination! You know…I reckon the last time I wore my hair like this with these two red headbands was waaaay back when I was in Hanoi…same shoes though ;) .

Anyway, I’m wearing my thrifted fur coat and PHO sizzle’s Heart On My Sleeve dress in red – I’ve already posey posed in the orange version here, and did you know these dresses are both selling like hotcakes? Isn’t that weird? I was kinda dubious of them and thought they might not be to everyone’s liking, but, out of my new collection, they’ve easily been the biggest hit! Weirdness. I guess more people than I thought have a desire for heart cut-out thumb holes…who wouldda thunk it? Now here’s some pics of me:

46 49 48

Let’s pause here for a moment and reflect.

The above picture is a heart shaped outline, surrounding a heart cut-out which is framing an open heart tattoo.

How very meta.

Continuing on…

45 51 50 43

I love me a good hair flip – good for the soul!

47Jacket: thrifted Dress: Heart On My Sleeve in Red Shoes: tailor made in Hoi An 

So, tomorrow is Friday and I have a Southern-Hemispherian Thanksgiving to go to on Sat night (yeh, my friends’ have decided that should be a thing) and I need a costume, the theme in Americana, and, well, dag nammit I wanted to go as Springsteen but the host is already going as him! Booo! So, sometime before Sat night I have to decide on an Americana costume. Ughh…so out of ideas…

xox Jacqui 


Sorrento Weekender



A while back during the Queens Birthday Long Weekend, my sister and her family and friends went to Sorrento to stay and relax. It’s a bit of a tradition between them to go away for the long weekend and to celebrate my sister’s birthday, this is the first year I’ve been able to make it however.

Firstly, the house was awesome and I loved the stained glass ocean scene on the front door! I love beach houses, and beach towns actually. The vibe is different and the love of summer is often reflected in their architecture. In this case, the house was also well equipped for winter and while it was cold, it was also sunny and the house wasn’t freezing. We mainly spent the weekend relaxing and doing our own thing, Kristie and her fiance went fishing, I slept in, we all scoured Rye Market one day but found it sadly disappointing, however, Rye Op Shop brought in some gold! We went to visit beaches and stare out across the freezing water, and played raucous games of Articulate and Cards Against Humanity, overall I loved getting away from Melb for a short time and having some well needed down-time with friends.

I also scored this babing dress with super-duper-Playing-Beatie-Bow collar deets from the Rye Op Shop! Huzzah!

34 32 30 31 33 35dress: thrifted 

You know, the best gems I’ve found at Op Shops have been ‘country’ op shops. Places like Yea, Khancoban, and now Rye, definitely have the best finds and whenever I go on a long distance drive or trip, you can be sure I won’t drive past an open Op Shop! Ha!

xox Jacqui 


90s Mall Witch: Alternative Curves

1Yes, I’m quickly getting all the posts due before the end of June out of the way! This month for Alternative Curves, they have the theme of 90s Mall Witch. This conjured up many an image in my mind all the way from Liv Tyler in Empire Records through to the gals from Buffy when they are shopping and then finally rested on the outfit I’ve got going on here. There’s probably a bit too much witch and not enough mall, but, that’s what you get when these themes are vague like that. I also feel that way more ppl should be doing the alt curves challenges than they are, it’s one way too keep us focused on the importance of the insta and fb group in a sllightly less ‘look at moi’ way. Just my opinion anyways.

Obviously the coolest thing about this outfit it my babing Jaguar from So Sublime. I was next to Jeannie during a day at Rose St Artists’ Market recently and kind of lost my shit when she was announcing 50% off everything. I managed to restrict my shopping instincts and just went away with two awesome pieces, this being one of them.

As well as my necklace I would like to shout out a YES to Izabel clothing who gifted me this faux fur gilet to review. It is super warm and great to throw over any outfit. I particularly love the paneling of black too that makes it perfecto for Melboune (and it’s love of black) winter.

4 6 3 5


Shoes: Dotti Skirt: Tailor-Made in Hanoi Fur Gilet: gifted from IZABEL Jaguar Necklace: So Sublime Beanie: Cotton On Sunnies: thrifted

 Anyway, that’s my take on precisely what a 90s Mall Witch is, done and dusted.

xox Jacqui



20Well! That was a fun little absence! I blame my old domain provider 100% and hope that moving to a new domain provider will allow me to have peace of mind and no more absolutely infuriating conversations with random IT men, often Indian, who don’t answer my questions. Also, is it illegal to send abusive emails where I accuse a company of deliberately inserting viruses into the back end of my page just so they can take a cut of the anti-virus shit that I have to pay for time and time again? I hope not? Anyway, yes, that was a suckful month, especially for my business partner Tomi who was trying to work out how to move from the old service to the new one whilst keeping everything in tact and not letting the old guys know what we were up to. Fucktards they are. Seriously, never use or – they are just about fleecing you any chance they get.

While my blog was down I had some time to accumulate posts in the hopes it would be up soon. I’ll start with this one as it has to be done by the end of June. This is iCurvy’s SPIN THE PIN for June. Now, honestly, I found this pin a weeeeee bit similar to the last pin in May (blogged that one here) but thought I’d get inspired by the funky collar on this ladies outfit and the pastel tonage, along with a decent dose of Melb black. The biggest sock bun in the world is a bit of a challenge I’m trying to do to make a friend at Rose St Market where I sell my brand to have a chuckle next time I see her.

16 17 19 14 18Skirt: thrifted Vest: thrifted Black Shirt: tailor made in Hoi An Dove Brooch: gift Earrings Lucie Ellen Lipstick: Australis Velourlips HO-CHEE-MIN Scrunchie: PHO sizzle

So, overall, I’m glad to have my blog back and glad to have time left to do iCurvy’s (and others) monthly blog hops.

xox Jacqui



Teal Feels

1When I find a woolen frock at the op shop, I can’t put it down. If it fits me, I’ll definitely buy it. This beautiful green dress was discovered and snaffled by me and is just adding to my collection of winter dresses. I particularly like the cowl (?) collar and button details. I was feeling a bit too Joan from Mad Men, and while that isn’t at all a bad thing, I had to throw some green sketetor hand hair clips into this outfit, just to give it a teeny bit of character! :D

Also, crikey! Wearing this colour makes me look RATHER pale. More vampiric than usual…sheesh!

3 2 6 4Dress: thrifted Shoes: I wish I could remember these things as it would make me a better fashion blogger, but I can’t. Hair Clips: Yea Variety Store

Do you ever listen to songs on repeat? I cannot stop listening to corbin‘s song worn (produced by Shlomo amongst others – hence the love), it is so good…. HEEEY, guess what!? TOMORROW is FRIDAY!


xox Jacqui



Oh So Seventies!

7I’ve been tripping on seventies fashion for a rather long time…I’d say, oh, 15 years? Haha! Ever since I first saw Dazed and then went on a Hendrix binge I still haven’t come out the other side of – have you LISTENED to songs like  A Merman I Should Turn To Be and Rainy Day Dream Away – they are So good! And recently I’ve been listening to Red House on repeat ever since I randomly woke up with it in my head a few weeks ago. My love for Hendrix and seventies fashion is probably not new to you, I mean, I’ve blogged about him before in my Top 5 songs that inspire me & mentioned how I would have LOVED to be at Woodstock ’69 to see him perform in this hippie inspired post . In terms of 70s fashion posts, I’ve worn flares and been hilarious with friends here, gone a bit 70s-by-way-of-90s here, and of course worn a figure hugging sweater as a dress and worn my babing white go-go boots here, but, to be quite frank, this new dress SHITS on those outfits! Ha!

Why? Well, firstly, I designed it. ;) It’s from PHO sizzle‘s Year Of The Goat Winter 15 collection which isn’t available online yet – it will be by the 27th of this month. It IS available at Design A Space on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy in limited sizes, if you’re a Melbourne gal and need this orange baby in your life.


Secondly, it is made from the most insanely 70s fabric you’ll ever find. Ever. My shopper saw it at the fabric market in Hanoi and sent me a pic and I thought, YUP, this is IT, I must have it!


Thirdly, it has thumb holes shaped like hearts for when your lil fingers get too cold to deal with winter wind. COME ON! Heart thumb holes!? EEEP!

13 15

So, yes, as you can tell. I’m keeping this one for me. ;) We only made a few because we are now realizing our company and my designs are, hmm, how to say this…an acquired taste? But, I am in love with this frock and will be wearing it ALL winter.

18 11 16 10 14 17Shoes: thrifted Dress: PHO sizzle‘s Heart On My Sleeve Dress in Orange size 16available online May 27th in size 6-16AU  Belt: thrifted Lipstick: VelourLips in Rio-D

Hey, I know it’s Monday, but don’t frown – this weather is gorgeous!! <3

Now I’m off to talk to a Migration Agent about a man and visa… *Sigh*

xox Jacqui





Fluffy Bear Hugs

5Dear Lord! It is far too cold in Melbourne! I thought it was too cold a few weeks ago when I did my Snow Queen inspired post, but Mother Nature turned it up a notch and showed me what for!

This fluffy sweater is too much perfection – yes, it’s cheap but it’s warm and makes me feel like an animal – I’m down with that! As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m not into ye olde animal print, so, for me to feel animalistic, I’ll go with fluffy or furry textures, not leopard print..and then I’ll hibernate, sit in front of the fire and doze like a grandma, all wrapped in fluff!

As well as textures, another thing I’ve wearing a lot while this cold snap is happening are my gorgeous arm warmers I got in Hanoi. One of my favorite students from the first I ever taught in Hanoi, Cham, bought me these fantastic warmers at the end of our classes together. I had complimented her on hers and then I got these gorgeous blue ones. They are perfect to slip on and aren’t as annoying as gloves.

I really love them and was so happy at such a thoughtful gift – I still wear them every winter :)

3 7 4 6 1Top: TEMT  Skirt: thrifted Boots: Target Arm Warmers: gifted

So, happy hump day and bear hugs for all!

xox Jacqui



SPIN the PIN: May Spin!

4This month I’m joining a new blog hop - icurvy‘s SPIN THE PIN. It’s a great idea where Jo picks a pinterest image that she loves and asks everyone to be inspired by it. The challenge is month long and you can post as many times as you want, and, it’s open to everyone world wide!

As I mentioned in this post – I am really sad about the dissolving of Aussie Curves, but my decision not to do those challenges anymore was based on feeling like it was dying and the pizzazz to keep it afloat from many of the bloggers wasn’t there anymore, not to mention a wee, itty bitty lack of reciprocation within the blogosphere…anyway, I’ve said this before so i can’t be effed repeating myself… In summary – I am really glad that Jo has created this, and I know she’ll do a great job of posting & promoting it and inspiring others with her great sense of style!

So, for my spin on May’s pin – I mainly noticed the light colours paired with dark tights of the original pin and the layering and textures, so I went with that – adding my felt bucket hat and a cute attachable collar to add some oomph. Here is me fiddling with said collar while old Vlad The Second snaps away. (I name my electronics)

8I also took these photos inside, which is a hardly ever in this blog – I think the last time I took inside pics was about this time last year and under similar circumstances of shitful weather, except last time it was a Wednesday because I was wearing pink – hence the title of that post. Ha!

Anyway, yes, you get to see my relatives peering over me while I pose up a storm and scowl at the rain outside. And, of course, after I took these the mother-trucking sun came out. Gosh!

Onto the pics – huzzah!

5 7 10 2 6 9 1 11Dress: Glassons (ages ago) Cardigan: Cotton On (about a year ago) Hat: thrifted Shoes: thrifted Earrrings: gift Elephant Ring: gift Scarf: secondhand Collar: custom made when I lived in Hanoi – I got a whole bunch!

Well, I’m gonna get back to writing product descriptions for my brand‘s winter collection release, and for that I will certainly need more caffeine.

Hey, if you’re a blogger and are into blog hops (which I am because you find SO many cool blogs to follow and people to get to know) then you should totally jump on board the Spin the Pin bandwagon! The link up page is at Jo’s blog and you can read more info about it here. Get on it!

Elephant Ring says ‘Hi!’

xox Jacqui



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