Coconut Ice

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday I got my hair bleached and thinned. With the pink already in my hair it ended up looking like a wonderful gradient of white to pink. I told my hairdresser (who is also my friend) that my hair now looks like Coconut Ice, but she didn’t know what it was, so, I explained it and then spent the rest of the time she was doing my hair concocting this outfit in my head. I also got my hair thinned because razor scissors are my best friends. I have insanely thick hair naturally and it takes at least 45 minutes to blow dry it unless it is thinned. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


So, this is my Coconut Ice inspired outfit, it makes me want to go out and make outfits inspired by other sweets, perhaps I will, but you know me and sweets after my candy post a couple of months ago, effing love sweet stuff!  (Goodness! That sentence has FAR too many comma splices, UGH…) But these days, post hypnosis and all that, I don’t actually eat much of the sweetness, I had one square of this and then ran around hyper actively, then curled up on the floor shivering. I may have also had four coffees today. Gosh. In other hypnosis news, I’ve lost 5 kilos already. :D Huzzah for a healthy and happy Jacqui!  Anyway, enjoy this sweet little outfit I dreamed while my awesome hair dresser was thinning my hair to a reasonable size.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy normal mouse shoe and my pirate mouse shoe have now become a ‘one eyed mouse shoe’ and a ‘pirate shoe’ . I’ll find a button to glue gun onto the one eyed mouse, we can’t have 2 pirate mouse shoes, there’ll be mutiny!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACardigan: Cotton On Dress: Glasson Belt: Target Tights: Voodoo Shoes: Custom Made in Hoi An Collar: Custom Made by Red Pearl in Hanoi Sunnies: bought in a market in Shanghai Bracelet: Borrowed from my sister Earrings: Lucie Ellen Lipstick: Watermelon by Clinique Pink Hair: Pink Flamingo by Fudge Coconut Ice: Select Sweets

So, that’s it! Let me know if you want me to dress up as a Lamington or a Pavlova, cos you know I’ll totally be up for it! Lots of love on this marvelous hump day!

Oh, and, did I enjoy that piece of Coconut Ice I ate? Yes. Even though the sweetness almost killed me, it was delicious, but not as delicious as the one my Mum used to make when we were kids. <3



xox Jacqui

Mi Sun Shine Too Bright


I’ve talked about Ce’cile before. She is my Top 5 Lady Reggae Songs I’ll Sing Loud, and in my Top 5 Fierce Lady Dancehall Songs, and I listen to her stuff a lot. One lyric from the song Pree Mi was stuck in my head… actually the whole darn song was stuck in my head, but lemme me illustrate by giving you a part of the chorus:

“Say you no like me, but you still wanna see me. 
Thank you, Thank you, your interest flatter me….
“Bad mind but you know you wanna be me.
Mi sun shine too bright for you view me;
put on your shades man, you blind.
Mi doing what me like.
Mi doing what me want.
Mi living up me life.
… Too busy with your bad mind to reach for your star.”

I say I’m giving you a part of the chorus cos I’m not down with all this reggae speak, parts of the chorus are hella hard for me to understand, but I LOVE the general gist of this song and it inspires me to keep concentrating on my business, my life and all the positive vibes I have around me and not spend too much of today focusing on the issues of yesterday.. to badly paraphrase a Cherokee proverb. I’m feeling pretty confident in how PHO sizzle is going and as I’ve said before, I gotta learn to give myself a break and pat myself on the head. In other news, excel (or in our case google spreadsheets) may actually cause homicide, but at least I have my fiance and my sister helping with the data entry and formulas, if it was just me, man, Princess Ly (my pink computer, Volkan’s progeny) would have been smashed to smithereens with my bare fists. Possibly bear fists. BEAR FISTS.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI asked my Mum to take these outfit photos and she quickly retorted ‘that’s an outfit is it?’, ohhh, the wit is strong with that one. But yes, it is indeed and outfit and I wore it to drop off my stock at Design A Space Fitzroy, and whilst hobnobbing around Brunswick Street. I’m wearing the floral vest I wore in Aussie Curves Nature post and, by the way, I still plan to use it to do my Ode to Donna Martin but I need to have blonde hair and a tan before I can go down that path. I also paired it with my maxi skirt I made with some fabric I bought back from Senegal. I’ve wore it before with a HUGE headscarf in this post when I talk about the importance of doing what you want… man, I guess this skirt fills me up with confidence right? Haha, two posts in it when I feel so happy with the way I am heading with my life and so thankful to all the support and kindness I have around me. On a side note, I often also wear this skirt to Rose St Artists Market when PHO sizzle is there, cos it’s big and impressive.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASkirt: Handmade by me! Fabric from Senegal and I used the left over to commission headbands. You can see & purchase them here. Black Top: Custom Made by Red Pearl in Hanoi. Vest: thrifted Beanie: Cotton On Sunnies: Jay Jays Shoes: Custom Made in Hoi An Necklace: borrowed from my sister Hair: Pink Flamingo by Fudge

So that’s it! Thanks to Mumsy for taking these ‘outfit’ photos, and I’ll leave you with some more Ce’cile wisdom.

“Be certain you don’t care bout them haters,
While dem a cry, you be making the paper.
Don’t give a damn, you too busy for dem a care.
Work you and work you while dem chat and dem chat and dem chat.”

Just listen to the song already! Ha!



xox Jacqui

Aussie Curves – Multicultural

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis week’s Aussie Curves theme is multicultural, and I am really interested to see what the other ladies come up with… I mused about what to wear for mine and realized that I have already worn everything I could have vaguely called ‘multicultural’ in this blog before. I’ve worn the beautiful outfit my fiance’s family gave me as a present here, I’ve worn the present I gave my Dad here and the present I gave my Mum here, not to mention all the kaftans I was posing in before then… but then I realized I hadn’t show the present I bought myself in Senegal. This red dress is one I bought in a fabric market outside Dakar and was immediately suspicious of the ‘one size fits all’ explanation the vendor was telling to my fiance, but, it was packed in plastic so I decided to chance it without trying it on, especially based on the vendor, and my fiance’s reassurances that it would fit.  And it did! Hurrah!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy sister has an identical dress except in blue, and ideally it probably would have been better to borrow it and wear for this theme, since I’m kinda wearing the only ‘red’ thing i have left and next week is ‘red’ themed for The Curves group, and not to mention I’m not too sure about hot pink hair and a bright red dress, I’m pretty sure it’s a style boo boo. Ironically, that is what a kaftan is called by my fiance, a boubou. Ha! Makes me think of pic-a-nic baskets and clever bears… :)


Thanks to my wonderful sister for taking these, and doing most of my blog photos recently, she’s such a champ! :D

So, that is me done for the week! Don’t forget to check out the other ladies below!


xox Jacqui & Bonnie

aussie curves 2

Iya Aje

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve had quite a few nicknames in my life. Jac, Queline, Quellsy, Blondie, Pinky, Buster, Dzeyki (that was my best attempt at writing how Russians say my name) Jac-a-lac, The Baron, Bright White Kryptonite, Jinn, Jinn Lady and then Iya Aje. Iya Aje means ‘witch’ in Yoruba, but it is also close to being ‘money’ or ‘economy’. So, I guess Iya Aje can mean witch and ‘mama economy/money’, which is a good nickname, like a jinn that has access to money. Maybe it I plant some money in the back yard I could grow a money tree?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPHO sizzle has had some great news in the past few days; we’re now part of two fashion shows for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, which is super exciting but also a bit of added frazzle and work, but so exciting! I feel supremely grateful for the people who work with me in PHO sizzle, and also my amazing support network of friends and family and you readers who all encourage me and make me feel confident about this. It is such a blessing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis outfit has such a Bonnie vibe to it. And I don’t mean bonnie as an adjective meaning ‘cheerful’, although that works too. I don’t mean Bonnie, my gorgeous Border Terrier hound that you’ve seen in outfit posts, no, I mean, Clyde’s Bonnie. It’s totally the beret and the midi skirt. Yes, I am wearing my own designs. What of it? Haha, I’m also wearing my lemon frilly shirt that Tran made me. You can get a better look at it in my Lemon Tart post.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALobster Bolero: PHO sizzle Lobster Tea Skirt: PHO sizzle Shirt: custom made by Red Pearl in Hanoi Beret: Istanbul market Boots: thrifted Earrings: borrowed from B.O

Hey, tomorrow is Friday. How glorious! Thanks to my sister for taking these!


xox Jacqui


Aussie Curves – Military

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMilitary… Military… that’s the theme for this week at Aussie Curves. Hmm, well, like my mum who decorated her father’s Air Force Jacket full of badges and revolutionary/fight-the-power ideals from the late 60s, I don’t really agree or care for the theme of military, so, like the rebel I am, I’m changing the theme to suit my mood. Ha! Military as a theme is just gonna be everyone wearing their military inspired jackets with rows of buttons down the front – which I don’t have, even though they are kinda cool. :(  Or, possibly their cargo pants (shudder – def don’t have those) or  camo patterned something (double shudder – most def don’t have me any of that), yeah, nah, no, I’m all out of military fashion….especially since I recently did a quasi sailor look here and therefore, I think I’ve exhausted my very limited supply of possible looks. The only other thing I have that is vaguely military is my areoplane dress made of boys pajama material, but, it’s too cold for that.  So, what is this theme of mine then? When I was describing my plan to my sister and mum for this outfit I said ‘Nouveau Punk meets Frida Kahlo with a tinge of military in the ironic sense’ I think only I knew what I meant, however and proceeded to figure it out… I’m honoured that my mum is letting me wear my grandfather’s Air Force Jacket for this, and even more interested in all the badges from her revolutionary years as a uni student at La Trobe, protesting the Vietnam War. One badge stands out to me a lot though, this one:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAParticularly in light of Scott Morrison and our current political party’s treatment of asylum seekers, but it also depresses me that this shit has been going on for more than 40 odd years. Sigh. Just… sigh.

Moving on…to make this look come into fruition I had to wear my faux leather pants that I wore with my ugly sweater (I’ve actually sold that now to a lovely lady at the Rose St Artist’s Market yesterday) and my Pussy Power tee that you’ve seen before in this post  when I talk about self confidence. Anyway, here’s some more pictures:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJacket: Vintage Air Force Jacket from my Grandfather Badges: Vintage from my mother Pants: Cotton On Tee: Standard Excess Sunnies: Glassons Shoes: Windsor Smith from a few seasons ago, and no I won’t link them cos I don’t like their advertising campaigns Flowers: from my sister Lipstick: Russian Red by MAC

So, yeah, I had to deviate this week a bit more than usual from the theme…


Don’t forget to check out the other ladies & thanks to my wonderful sister for taking these!


xox Jacquiaussie curves 2

Pastel Mod

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the things about being trying to manager a business with people in four different countries is sometimes I have to ignore the message I get in the middle of the night about the neckline of one of my designs and a question about what color to match the pockets with. But, I can’t. I wake up. 100% awake and visualizing the design and trying to figure out the answer. I think I have to start keeping my phone in a different room when I sleep… mainly for my own sanity and getting a good 8 hours. But, aside from Jacqui’s mind-cogs turbulently spinning and rotating at varying circumferences at all times of the wee hours, life is good! PHO sizzle is going well and we are all getting excited about our designs in MSFW (Melbourne Spring Fashion Week) and our SS14 Launch Party following after that. I’m already thinking ahead to the AW14 collection, but just brainstorms at the moment because it’s really going to depend how our budget looks.


In my private life, my fiance and I haven’t heard any news yet except some requests for further documents etc, so we must pray that ‘no news is good news’ I guess. Also, I’m still on my healthy eating train after the hypnotherapy  and have officially shaken off 3 kilograms (hehehe this sentence makes me think of myself like a wet dog, just shaking off the weight. I’d like to be a westie if I was going to be a breed of dog) . Also, I’ve got two weeks off from ESL teaching, oh, and my hair’s pink again, but most of you long termers will have seen this color of me, many many times. :)

I know I’ve done Mod inspired posts before, and even specifically worn this dress before, but, I really like it and am secretly praying that the size 16s don’t sell out so I can keep one. Actually, maybe I mean size 14 as this size 16 is a bit too big for me now. (To be fair it is a big size 16 if you look at PHO sizzle’s sizing chart) Anyway, I do really like this dress, and pairing it with my go-go boots and the biggest hair-donut-equals-sock-bun this hemisphere’s ever seen and voila! Pastel Mod!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACoat: thrifted (will be selling it for $10 at Rose St Artist’s Market tomorrow) Dress: Love Mod by PHO sizzle  Tights: Voodoo Boots: custom made in Hoi An Sunnies: market in Shanghai Hair: fudge

So, here is a mod-tastic look for your Saturday, and if you are Melb, don’t forgot to check out my stall at Rose Street Artist’s Market tomorrow in Fitzroy to buy some of my vintage clothes (seriously culling my wardrobe) and of course, PHO sizzle threads.


Lots of Love,

xox Jaccqui

Aussie Curves – Blue

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAyo! Just doing my morning aerobics on my favorite tree you’ve seen a gazillion times before! You know on the days I don’t go into the city at the butt crack of dawn to teach ESL I generally get up around 8am and sit outside with my morning coffee. It is a perfectly peaceful way to start the day. But when the chairs are wet and I forget to bring out a towel to dry them, instead of going in to get the towel (loathe back-tracking of any kind) I just perch in this tree to drink my coffee. Hehehe.

So for Aussie Curves this week they have a theme of blue and I pondered for quite some time about what to wear. I’ve done quite a few blue themed posts in the past like when I dressed up as the Lady of Shalott, or when I wore that op-shopped blue jacket but I thought I’d just accessorize with blue for this week. My blue shawl from my biggest hit post – Lost Mermaid , my electric blue cowboy boots (custom made in Hoi An, yo!) and a lovely blue Art Nouveau pendant from my Grandmother.

The other thing that is new with me is I finished my hypnotherapy treatment and am feeling fantastic! Reporting every day makes me feel really on track and I’m enjoying exercising more with long walks with the hounds and just feeling really positive. If you want to read about my experiences I blogged about it (part 1 here and part 2 here) and I also have some gift certificates from Wendy to give away to Melbourne Peeps, but I reckon you should read the post for more info on that.

Anyway, thanks to my sister for snapping these blue tinged pictures! Let’s take a look see:


Anyway, that is me done for blue week, I also now have Blue Bayou in my head. Don’t forget to check out the other curvy babes below!


aussie curves 2

Share-In-Style: Denim

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen the ladies were having a Share-In-Style with the theme of denim, I was kind of lost…just a couple of weeks ago Aussie Curves had a theme of denim so I was a bit uninspired. But then I remembered I had bought a new pair of Jeans West Jeans and so I thought I’d show you these babies, with a splash of tartan, cos, I can’t stop and I won’t stop with the plaid! Other Tartan posts I’ve done recently are here and here. As well as this poncho from my Grandmother’s closet, I’m wearing some new socks my Mum brought back from Scotland and my plaid bow that I’ve worn before in this post.

Anyway, pairing tartan or plaid with denim creates a seamless look of casual style, the big anime bow is cos…well, why the devil not?


 Thanks to my Mum for taking these pictures, and for bringing me back these socks to add to my tartan collection. Don’t forget to check out all the other denim inspired blogs here!

xox Jacqui


Making Changes #2 – Hypnotherapy

Well, I told you I’d come back with the second installment of how my actual hypnotherapy went, and explain a bit more of the process to you. So, to catch you up, I saw Wendy, a friend I know from business school, and also a certified hypnotherapist at Make Changes about reaching my ideal weight. In case you missed my first post about it, you can read it here. So, last week I visited her and spoke about many things, and this week I went to actually get hypnotized and to discuss how I was going to reach my ideal weight and the goals and habits I needed to set in place.

Positive Changes:

During the week between appointments, I’d already made some positive changes and was glad to report I’d already gone down 1 kilogram on the scales. These changes included walking more (with the dogs and also skipping catching the tram to the train station and walking instead) . These walks helped because I’d used the stepometre Wendy had given me as a present and it was kinda fun seeing how many steps I do a day, and then try to beat it! As well as that, I had finished doing the 30 Day Squat Challenge  but had decided to keep doing approximately 150 squats a day whenever I’m bored ( eg- 50 squats while waiting for the kettle to boil, 50 squats while watching the dogs eat their dinner so the big one didn’t steal the little ones food, etc) .

As well as the exercise, I had been more conscious of the food I eat and was trying to wean myself off eating sweet foods after dinner, but I came to the conclusion that I’m not going to do that 100%, and nor do I want to. And, as Wendy had said- it’s all about balance. I can eat that slice of cake, and of course I can! But I shouldn’t be doing it all the time, etc. I had been toying with organic chocolate for a while and decided to bite the bullet (or the chocolate in this case) and buy some more natural chocolate brands, that are Australian owned and not connected to GMO. The upside of this is the fact they are delicious, super rich (can’t eat too much of them) and super expensive so you actually can’t buy too much cos you’ll break the bank! I went with Emma and Tom’s Life Bar in Cacao & Coconut and Pana Chocolate with nuts. During the week, these were my foods I would turn to when the craving for chocolate would kick me in the face. And, it was bloody delicious! Finally, I had decided not to drink alcohol for a while, not only because I’m trying to eat more healthily, but because I felt I should somehow support my fiance during Ramadan, and giving up booze for a month was the closest I’ll come to fasting. :)

I’d also been saying the affirmations that I’d chosen the week before and, actually, even though it sounded a bit dubious when Wendy told me about it, it has made a difference in the way I view what I’m putting into my body.

You Are Getting Sleepy:

First up, Wendy never said this! Haha! But it is what I think of when I think of being hypnotized. We talked about hypnotism for a while and the misconception of people behaving like chickens, and also a bit about regressive hypnotism (mainly cos I’m interested in it) and then Wendy walked me through some small hypnotism activities to show me what the main part would be like.

Then I got to sit in the comfy chair, wrap a blanket around me, take off my shoes and listen to Wendy’s voice. She told me I was relaxing and relaxing more and more, and 100 times what I originally thought was relaxing and so on until I felt like a big ol’ puddle of goo. She told me I was so relaxed that even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to have energy to open my eyes, and she was right! It was way to hard, so, I just chilled like a gooey blob on the comfy chair while she talked to me in her soothing voice. I’m a pretty visual person and at some points my conscious brain (which was grey) was relaying the questions Wendy was asking about my future habits of eating/health/exercise and self esteem back to my unconscious brain (which, apparently is bright pink with some kind of crown/headband) and then informing my body to give Wendy the answer. To answer yes or no questions under hypnosis Wendy asked me to lift my pointer finger for yes and my middle finger for no, and I gotta say, the process of Wendy asking me a question, my grey brain asking the pink brain the same question, them having a bit of discussion about it, then my grey brain relaying the answer to my finger and my finger having to lift to say ‘yes’ felt like the looooongest process in the world, however I really couldn’t tell you how long it actually took… When the session was coming to a close, Wendy told me I would be feel refreshed an energetic when I came out, and I was. She tapped me on the wrist and I was awake, feeling good and feeling positive.

Overall, I thought I had been under for 20 minutes, but, it was closer to 50 minutes. I felt good and chatted a bit longer before being on my way.

After Thoughts:  

I had been given a DVD on meditation and exercise, and the information on accountability ( I have to report my process and feelings every day for a month and then every week for a year) but already i feel my taste and cravings have changed. For lunch at work on Thursday and Friday I went into the health shop nearby that serves big bowls of pumpkin soup instead of wanting something with pastry and I haven’t wanted many sweet things. I’ve been still saying my declarations every day and sitting outside in the green of my garden (something I used to do a lot, but now I look forward to it) and just relaxing. I do honestly feel that I can break the patterns that my unconscious brain had formed towards health and exercise and can start to build and work on forming new habits that are more in line with the way I want to be in the future.

Everyone would have their own reasons for wanting to reach a weight they feel comfortable with, and for me it was much more about instilling exercise and healthier eating into part of my everyday life before I have children (so I can hopefully maintain these habits more easily once I have kids and am lacking time) and also because I actually have more energy and happiness which combats my depression when I am exercising regularly and eating food that are make my body happy.

One thing that Wendy said that really struck with me during this whole treatment was when she said, ‘well, you know what a tim tam (for example) tastes like, you’ve tasted it before, it’s still going to taste the same when you eat it again’ and, she’s right. I do know what many foods I was eating taste like, and, they aren’t going to be better or more amazing than they were before, so, why do I eat them? Yes, they taste nice, but, they’ve tasted nice before…it seems merely about the habit of having a nice taste, and not even about trying something new… Overall, I feel that now is the time that I stay focused on my goals and work towards what I want.

Also, if you are in Melbourne and interested in meeting Wendy for a consultation (remember she does sessions about anything but specializes in quitting smoking and getting to the weight you want) I have some gift vouchers which will give you $50 off your session. The sessions range in price depending on the subject, for reaching your ideal weight the price is $600. Contact me in the comments if you are interested and I’ll email you then send it to you.

Also, if you are interested in asking Wendy any questions or learning more about hypnotherapy or NLP, you can check out her website here.


xox Jacqui


Winter Clash Style x PHO sizzle

boho4So, I’ve been a bit busy this week, and mainly with doing an amazing four part series style book for PHO sizzle. I wanted to show everyone that even though our colorful African Wax designs are best suited in summer, that doesn’t mean they can’t be worn in Winter, and I created four unique looks with my favorite cousin Leah to show just how many possibilities there are with pattern clashing and winter style.  I’ve linked the images back to the style books on PHO sizzle‘s blog page called LOVE.  But, without more blabbering, check out these clashtastic looks I created, with a little help from my extensive Vintage closet and, of course, PHO sizzle’s stock.

imogen1 boho2 parasol4 bohoooo4 parasol1 bohoooo1 imogen2 boho6 parasol3Thanks to my Mum and Dad for having such amazing vintage clothes, my cousin for being a willing model and allowing me to dress her up in the ‘crazy’ outfit, my glorious sister for lending us her extensive jewelry collection for these pictures, and for looking after the bae’s while I stole Leah for photos.

And so, if you think our clothes can only be worn in summer – WRONG! <3

Happy Sunday


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