Casual FriYAYS!

1I don’t actually have much of a corporate uniform for my teaching job, just neat, casual, no gaping holes or unraveling hems. The usual. But it isn’t as casual that I could get away with wearing jeans every day, although my boss probably wouldn’t care, I find I just have the casual Friday mentality drummed into me from previous jobs.

Usually I try to tone up (that is totally a word now) the casual look of my jeans with a work wear top, thankfully, from my many years in ‘Nam getting work clothes tailor made for three years, I have quite the selection to choose from.

So, this look is my Casual Fridays look for Meagan‘s NZ Style Curvettes theme for this week.

5 2 4 3Top: custom made in Hanoi Flares: Button Fly Flares from my own brand PHO sizzle Shoes: Mox Shoes (not that you can see them under the flares really) Cicada Brooch: So Sublime Glasses: my old real glasses from before I had laser eye surgery, now worn here merely for smart goggles effect Lipstick: Shanghai Suzy 

Huzzah for Casual Friday, as it is the perfect segway into finishing the working week!

xox Jacqui


Fugly Mondays: Two Piece Makeover

16Welcome to Fulgy Mondays – my only day off from my two full time jobs (ESL teaching, yo and running my fashion brand) where I get to play with thrifted and opped items that others have often dubbed unstyleable. Scouring op shops for pieces that others forget or rummage past with a shudder, I attempt to style them to breathe new life into the garments and show their possibilities.

I’d seen this two piece at one of my local thrift shops for more than a month. In the plus section with the telltale elastic band joining the two coat hangers indicating it’s a set. I had brushed past it as I had seen the tag and it was a size 20, a few sizes too big for me, but recently I gave it a second look. The skirt wasn’t actually that big, and was the skirt length I love – midi length with wide pleats (anyone who knows my designs for PHO sizzle knows I kinda love a skirt with pleats). The top was going to be obviously too large, but nothing I couldn’t fix. I am in love with the two piece trend that blossomed a few years ago and is still going strong now. I loved it so much that my first two collections for my brand had many a two piece within them. One of the main parts of this trend I like is the ability to actually have three outfits within one. You can wear both together, the skirt, or the top. The possibilities are endless! Well…no, not quite. And the other thing I like about the trend is it acknowledges different shapes. By breaking up an outfit into a top and a bottom, instead of say, a dress, you can potentially fit it better. In my research before opening my brand I found many many women (myself included) who have a very different sized top to bottom. Some examples I have found are people with a smaller top half at say a size 12, but then struggle to find a bottom half below a 16 that fits, and vice versa. The joy and awesomeness of the two piece trend is brands can see the pieces separately and you can choose the size you need for each part, instead of buying an ill fitting dress that only fits have your body properly. This concept is also why I think jumpsuits are the absolute devil and will never design one for PHO sizzle. Well, never say never, but I give jumpsuits all the side eye…and girls that have that exact body type that can wear them get a bit of side eye from me too, cos, I don’t think they realize how lucky they are to have that oh-so-perfect-torso-length. I do have one jumpsuit but it was custom made, ;).

Now, rant about torso lengths aside, I actually really liked this fabric with it’s alternating stripe squares in subtle beige and navy contrasts. So, I realized I could make this into a gorgeous two piece that would be off the charts with trendiness. Well… I dunno about that, but I loved it and will be wearing this often, which isn’t the case with all of my Fugly Monday finds. By cutting about 20cm off the hemline of the top and ripping the shoulder pads out with a fair amount of satisfaction, I managed to make a gorgeous crop that sings summer and for some reason this outfit reminds me of Polo or garden parties in the early 90s. Ha! I decided to add my wedge heels and the white hat I bought for my fiance close to two years ago and am holding onto until I see him again because we know it won’t survive the postal system. Both the heels and the hat add to that summery look and my shark fossil tooth from So Sublime tries to tie in all the shades nicely and add a bit of oomph. According to the sizes, this should have been way too big for me, but, it isn’t. Another point for the ignoring the sizing label camp.

So, there you have it, another Fugly Monday outfit done and dusted. Now, where are so snap pants? – I feel like a challenge!

11 12 14 17 13 15Two piece: thrifted & customized Shoes: Payless Shoes (?) Hat: a random store in Corryong main street, cos that’s how I roll (Ha!) Shark Fossil: So Sublime

Stay tuned for next weeks installation, and if you feel like seeing my other Fugly Monday posts – the archive is here.

xox Jacqui


The Blue Period

8I kinda like joining in Meagan Kerr (and NZ style curvettes)’s weekly blog challenge, but, i’m also pretty busy so some weeks have flitted by before I even realize. I’ve always made an effort with blog hops to commit 100% to them, not only participating as much as possible, but also encouraging others to join and commenting on the other posts. I’ve gotten busier over the last few months, and perhaps demotivated from commenting on other posts as I feel it isn’t a two way street sometimes, and well, honestly, more than anything else, the toll of working two jobs full time, one of which involves me wearing at least 10 different job hats in itself, and trying to have a long distance relationship (which takes up A LOT of screen time by the way) has made me a wee bit lackluster. I’ll try to comment more and have a better dialogue with my readers. Sorry everyone – I know I should try harder. Now, onto the NZ Style Curvettes challenge of the week – blue! Much like the now defunct Aussie Curves blue challenges (the one where I looked like a blue space alien & the one where I’d wrapped myself in all kinds of blue accessories) I like the general-ness of this as a theme and decided to go with a new thrifted blue dress (- isn’t the fabric just fantabulous??), a blue headscarf and some blue lippy, cos, why not!? Blue that mo’ fo’ up, yeah!

14 9 12 15 1113 10Shoes: Payless Shoes (? I think? I honestly don’t even know…) Dress: thrifted Scarf: secondhand from my sister Watch: gifted for review by JORD Lipstick: actually an eye shadow pencil from Savvy Fashion Dog: Hugo the Littlest Border Terrier :)

So, much like my post from a few days ago, I am neck-high in work for PHO sizzle  and our Big Daddy Jinn collection coming out by the end of Oct and are thankful we’ve got Friday off so I can get some stuff done! Huzzah!

Oh, if you want to join the NZ Curvettes, it is also open to Aussie babes. Check out the challenge list & play along.


xox Jacqui


Spring Feels

1I love this time of year when the sun starts to smile with his shiny rays down on us. When you can transfer your winter wardrobe into hiding and rediscover all the fun spring and summer clothes you forgot you own. I love not having to wear socks and spending days chilling in the sun. In amongst my spring summer wardrobe I found my favourite reversible cardigan/robe thingy you’ve seen before here. You know I’m a sucker for anything reversible – it all started from my grandma’s reversible cape that I replicated for my Year of The Goat Collection in my brand. And we have make another reversible cape for our Spring collection The Gentle Persuasion Of Iblis which is coming by the end of October. As well as this robe I found a tie dyed top from the op shop I scored last summer too. I decided to wear one of my favourite thrifted skirts with it – you’ve seen it before quite a few times (here, here, here, here and probably more I can’t remember 😉 ). This is also one of the outfits I love because, aside from the sunnies, it’s a 100% second hand. I love that.  I don’t have much else to say right now, PHO sizzle are up to our necks in making sure our SS1516 collection comes out by the 28th of Oct & I’m seriously struggling with so much that needs to be done, so, I’ll get back to product descriptions and plans for lookbook photos.

5 3 4 6 2*whole outfit opped except sunnies*

Hey, guess what? Tomorrow is Wed, I have an excursion for my class on Thursday and Friday is a public holiday for some men who kick around a ball on Saturday! Can this week *get* any sweeter? (I’ve been watching too much Friends and have started using intonation like Chandler)

xox Jacqui



Fugly Mondays: This Guy’s Hoodie

4I missed last week’s Fugly Monday challenge because my blog was having some maintenance. Fulgy Mondays is where I attempt to style op shop left overs that people have ignored or dubbed ‘unstylish’. Often times people see the end result and say ‘oh well, that isn’t fugly’ but the point is, ummm, yes, they are. Without sounding arrogant, I’ve attempted to make it pretty by styling it well or differently but most of the time they actually are neglected and not very pretty pieces of clothing – hence the title of the challenge. Some weeks you may see something you’d wear, other weeks you’ll see something you’d never step into. Some week you’ll like the way I’ve styled it, other weeks you may wonder if I’m on drugs. It’s all in the challenge and the game of styling.

Anyway, for this week, I gave myself the biggest challenge ever. I bought something that I personally found repulsive. Usually I buy thrifted items that I see potential in, even if other’s don’t. But with this hoodie, my reaction was shuddering and curling up in a ball. It’s too much. The gold bling details. The dollar signs, crowns, gemstones all desperately pushing that consumerist agenda in such a faux ‘Jenny from the Block‘ kinda way, I’m sure it is most def some people’s cup of tea, but I am NOT their target market, for sure. Nah. I’d never wear this usually, anything with dollar signs is just as vomit-inducing to me as oh-so-fierce animal print (guess I haven’t mellowed to it yet), so, I thought, it’s perfect to challenge myself with. I was stumped though – how to make an oversized mens hoodie with such garishly Capitalist details (in my opinion only) look okay? I sought help from two friends I know from the market and we brainstormed it during down time from selling our wares.

In the end I decided to dress up the hoodie instead of deepening the ‘street’ look further (which I have attempted for challenges in the past and it makes me chuckle) so I went with a bit of a juxtaposition of styles. By pairing this hoodie with a huge fluffy skirt, I managed to make it look smaller and more balanced with the white skirt (also by tucking it in 😉 ) and make myself have a silhouette that I like more than ‘lumpy space princess in a hoodie’. It also conjures up ideas of prom queens wearing their dates hoodie when the night is over and romantic notions like that.

I knew I’d need heels to pull this look off so I debated between the stilettos I wore when I conquered my fear of stilettos or my purple wedges from Target that I bought long before I’d banned myself from contributing to fast fashion consumption (nowadays I try, and mostly succeed, in only supporting small businesses or thrifting for clothing because as someone who owns a small business I know how much difference it can make to our economy to do something like this. Who knows? It might perhaps push those conglomerate giants into making clothing that is of an actual wearable quality and with an ethical production background, I don’t hold my breath on that though – wow this is a long bracket) . In the end I went with the purple wedges as I knew they’d work well with the lipstick and add a pop of colour – drawing on those symbols of ‘wealth’ in the hoodie. Finally I found some blue framed reflector sunnies at the op shop & went with one of my new Shanghai Suzy lipsticks. Gals who are after a Limecrime alternative, minus the drama, check out Shanghai Suzy – great colours, locally made and the owners are as sweet as pie.

So here is my take on styling this guys hoodie, whoever he was, he mustn’t have liked it that much as it is in pretty good condition and still remarkably soft, too soft. It’s luring me in with it’s softness. Just watch, a month from now I’ll be living in this! …nah…I’ll be giving it to my fiance if he gets here and he will be offended and flat out refuse to wear it so it’ll go back to the oppy whence it came.

2 8 1 6 7 10 3 5Hoodie: thrifted Glasses: thrifted Shoes: Target (at least two years ago) Skirt: Caroline Morgan (at least 2 years ago) Lipstick: Shanghai Suzy

If you want to check out my other Fugly Monday challenges – check them out here. 

Stay tuned for next week when I tackle another two piece ‘suit‘, this time taken from the plus section where it had been sitting, neglected, for at least four weeks. Ima turn it into something fabulous! You won’t even believe it.

xox Jacqui


Chevrons and Bubble Sleeves

19I can’t walk away from a good black and white striped number, if you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning, you’ll know that. I’ve even done throwback posts where I’ve collected my b&w outfits under one umbrella, and then done more outfits with my fav tones hindering the previous post useless. I think, much like my desire to go ethereal every so often, the monochrome bug strikes me hard and I have to push out something like this. I found this dress (?) at the op shop and fell in love with it even though I didn’t really understand what was going on with the neckline. I wondered if the scoop should be worn at the back, but, the tag confirmed it was a front scoop, so, I thought rocking a crop underneath it, exposing a weird triangle of belly skin, would be the way to go. I deeply love the chevron pattern, and I kinda love bubble sleeves too, so, this was meant for me! Hahah! I also thought I’d pair it with my fav go-to hat for these kinds of outfits and my heart sunnies. Also, wearing my hair in boho braids is something I’m so happy to be able to do now, it’s the right length to pull it off easily.

But the prize of this outfit is the shoes. I’ve worn them many times in posts (here, here and here) during winter, but thought I’d wait until Spring hit until I raved about them! I received these shoes from Mox shoes as a gift to review, and I’m so pleased with them. Let me count the ways! First up – comfortable and light. You can easily chuck them in your bag or take them to the beach. I plan on getting another pair to wear as my ‘river/beach shoes’ when I go on my annual holiday this year cos they’re perfect for scrambling over rock pools or fighting through rapids. Secondly, the black pair I own are actual perfect for a comfy work sandal in the summer months. Breathable and cute, they work with every outfit. Thirdly, Mox shoes come in a gorgeous string bag that is perfect for carting around stuff and the shoes come in a pretty big range of colours. Finally, they are an Australian business. Check them out if you are in need of a nice, lightweight flip flip alternative!


22 21 23 27 24 20Dress/knit/thingy: thrifted Hat: from a closing down sale in Brunswick Street Glasses: Wholesale Celeb Shades Crop: Jay Jays (close to two years ago) Shoes: gifted for review from Mox Online

Hey, happy Saturday everyone! If you’re in Melbourne, you should totally come to the Persian Fair on tomorrow – I’m pretty much gonna be stuffing my face with deliciousness.

xox Jacqui


Ain’t No Rebel


 You know, it was only after editing these pictures that I realized, once again, that I will be compared to Rebel Wilson with this outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I love the lady, but I honestly don’t think she and I share the same face.

I think when people say I look like her it’s because I’m not a twiglet and because we are both blonde. To me, this isn’t enough reason to say we look alike. Do we say that Paris Hilton and Gwen Stefani look the same? Nah, we don’t. But they are both thin and have blonde hair? Surely, therefore they look the same? No? Do you know why we realize they are different? Because we see that body type all the time and are therefore looking at their faces.

I reckon people say I look like Rebel because there isn’t another big blonde on the scene, so, regardless as to whether her and I have a similar face, height, or body, because we are both big and blonde, we look the same. I say hmmm to this, all with the biggest respect to Rebel though of course. And, by the way, thank you all for the compliments, I love her, but I don’t actually look like her 😉 . According to the oh-so-reliable source of, she is a bit shorter than me and 40kg heavier (I don’t know at all how reliable weight is on those sites though), but more than those features –  I reckon her face is totally different to mine. Why am I bringing all this up? Well, because the reason I get compared to the only big blonde is a huge piece of evidence showing why there should be more alternative body types out there, so it isn’t an automatica-go-to-comparisionia (like my faux latin? 😉 ) .

Having ample body positive stars would not only indicate that um, duhhh, people have different body shapes, but also mean I would get compared to someone I actually look like, which, according to those hilarious face scan celebrity things, is never Rebel Wilson. I’m gonna do one now, if it does say Rebel, I’ll just eat my thrifted busboy cap! Nope, it didn’t! Ha! It said Evan Rachel Wood (YASSSSSSSSSS), Shannon Doherty (she always seems to feature whatever picture I use) , Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker (just gimme the whole cast, yo!) and some chick called Sam Taylor Wood with an 85% match? *googling* Okay, so Sam Taylor Wood is a film maker, fyi.  Point being with all of this – when you say I look like Rebel, you’re actually saying;

 ‘you look like a confident fat chick who is 100% fine with the way she looks and relishes the body she’s in, oh and you’re blonde’.

This is pretty true and thank you, but, let’s zoom in on my face guys! She’s rad and hilarious but I don’t look like her and if there were more representations of body shapes in our public/entertainment spheres, y’all wouldn’t say it cos body shape variety would be normalized and having a ‘different’ body wouldn’t be as rebellious (hehehe) as it is today.

I hope that made sense, I started thinking about this the 4th time someone told me, by the 50th time I felt I had to say something and speak up. It doesn’t make me mad in the slightest either, as I said, I appreciate the compliment and she is awesome, it just makes me ponder, that’s all. I hope more and more and more Rebels come onto the scene so we have more variety.

Right, onto the outfit – I lurvvvve this sweater dress! It’s comfy as all hell and I can style it with, or without a belt depending on my mood. Secondly I went with some typical 90s frames and a busboy hat I scored at the oppy too! Yay!

9 5 7 6 4 2 1 10Everything thrifted except shoes with were custom made in Hoi An :)

Guess what, tomorrow’s Friday!? How excitement! I’m at the Rose St Artists Market at 212 Brunswick Street in Fitzroy selling PHO sizzle, if you’re in Melbs, come visit me!

xox Jacqui 


Fugly Monday: Don’t Call It A Muumuu

15I’ve had LL Cool J in my head ever since I did this post, ohhh, earworms. Actually, a more appropriate title for this would be ‘Call it a Muumuu’ but, then I wouldn’t have been able to reference the song so seamlessly, so, title stays as is!

This beautiful top is a size 20, I’m usually a size 16, so, to say it’s oversized is a bit of an understatement. And, I reckon it’d even be oversized on a size 20 tbh. So, it kind of falls under the category of oversized, floral shirt/dress thing…otherwise known as a muumuu. 😉 And, the big ‘no no’ about muumuus is they, apparently, make women look bigger than they are, and hence they are a bad thing, because as big women, you should be always always searching for things that make you ‘slimmer’ and ‘flatter’ you, because slim is how you measure your self worth, and wearing something colourful, and floral (do muumuus have to be floral?) or dubbed ‘unflattering’ is making your fat ‘issue’ worse…obviously, because honestly there is nothing scarier than a confident fat women that wears whatever the fuck she wants regardless of society’s bullshit mandates.

Did you get my sarcasm in that last sentence? I sincerely hope so.

Anyway, the concept that women, or, in fact anyone, should wear something solely cos it’s flattering, or slimming, is a crock of absolute shit. Wear what you want, wear what you like. If you feel happier wearing pieces that ‘slim’ you, then do it, but if you wanna wear an a colourful outfit, a crop top, show off your arms, yoga pants,  or, let’s say a top three times too big that probably makes you look bigger than you are, by all means, fucking wear it. It’s no-one else’s business what you wear or whether they think it is ‘flattering’ or not. There are more important credentials when choosing clothing than fucking flattering or slimming for fucks sake! Let’s say, erm, hey, how about comfort? Or, how about something you wear because it makes you smile? While some people’s sole purpose in dressing might be because they believe it slims or flatters them, well, I guess it’s up to them to do that, but, I don’t get it and I’m 100% on the team that says; FUCK FLATTERING – wear whatever you want and don’t let society shame you about it.

Now, with that rant of out my system, I’ll explain my Fulgy Monday outfit styling today with this ‘muumuu’. I thought it was best to wear something tight on the bottom half, as part of my balancing rule with outfits. Additionally I thought I’d wear white shoes to link-in the top with the black leggings breaking it up, and also emphasizing the flowers on the shirt-dress. The purple flower crown which you’ve seen before here also helped bring the whole look together and give it an extra kick in the hippy/love child style, and it’s not like I’ve ever dressing like a hippy before. Hahaha!

20 14 21 17 19 18crown: handmade shirt: thrifted shoes: dotti

So, I guess this Fugly Monday is more about saying, yes, you can style anything effectively in my opinion, and secondly, confidence outweighs all else. Wear whatevs with confidence. This shirt is perfect and I’ve been wearing it a lot since I got it, because I love the the largeness, I love the lace, I love the square neckline and the flowers – so I don’t give a damn whether society believes I’m allowed to wear it or not.  Stay tuned for next week when I tackle a bling-ed out hoodie with dollar signs printed on it.

If you want to check the rest of my Fugly Monday segment when I style what others have dubbed unstyleable, the feed is here.  Additionally, if you have any styles or clothing you think I should try to style, let me know – I’m always up for a challenge.

xox Jacqui



Monday’s Child Poem Outfits

Hey, remember when I did outfits based on the nursery rhyme about Monday’s Child? I realized I never did an overall post about it like I mean to. So, here’s the poem, with images for each look.

You can click on the image to take you back to the original post.

Monday’s child is full of face.


Tuesday’s child is full of grace.


Wednesday’s child is full of woe.


Thursday’s child has far to go.


Friday’s child is loving and giving.


Saturday’s child works hard for a living,


But the child who is born on the Sabbath day, is bonnie and blithe and good and gay.


xox Jacqui

If I didn’t tell her, I could leave today.

9Two posts in two days! Goodness! Well, rationing was never my strong suit. I’ve had California Dreaming in my head since I wore this outfit, and while I could have titled the post merely that, I’d prefer an obscure lyric from said song, cos, you know me and titling posts after song lyrics.

I found this super hippy top at the op shop recently and instantly loved the floral/grandma’s sofa pattern. It’s not only autumnal colours, which I’m rather fond of but also goes perfectly with jeans andddd this post can double as my floral input for Meagan Kerr’s NZ Style Curvettes post for this week!

Now, lemme go back to lurking around in the garden, climbing trees and singing 60s tunes at the top of my lungs, much to the probable disrelish of my neighbours.

11 12 10

proof of big cat/jaguar spirit animal likeness ^

13Top: thrifted Pants: my own brand PHO sizzle Lipstick: Goldie by Shanghai Suzy

You know the preacher lights the coals, he knows I’m gonna stay.

^ did you know there is some dispute over whether coals or cold is correct in the lyrics? Learn something new every day!

xox Jacqui


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