Teal Feels

1When I find a woolen frock at the op shop, I can’t put it down. If it fits me, I’ll definitely buy it. This beautiful green dress was discovered and snaffled by me and is just adding to my collection of winter dresses. I particularly like the cowl (?) collar and button details. I was feeling a bit too Joan from Mad Men, and while that isn’t at all a bad thing, I had to throw some green sketetor hand hair clips into this outfit, just to give it a teeny bit of character! :D

Also, crikey! Wearing this colour makes me look RATHER pale. More vampiric than usual…sheesh!

3 2 6 4Dress: thrifted Shoes: I wish I could remember these things as it would make me a better fashion blogger, but I can’t. Hair Clips: Yea Variety Store

Do you ever listen to songs on repeat? I cannot stop listening to corbin‘s song worn (produced by Shlomo amongst others – hence the love), it is so good…. HEEEY, guess what!? TOMORROW is FRIDAY!


xox Jacqui



Oh So Seventies!

7I’ve been tripping on seventies fashion for a rather long time…I’d say, oh, 15 years? Haha! Ever since I first saw Dazed and then went on a Hendrix binge I still haven’t come out the other side of – have you LISTENED to songs like  A Merman I Should Turn To Be and Rainy Day Dream Away – they are So good! And recently I’ve been listening to Red House on repeat ever since I randomly woke up with it in my head a few weeks ago. My love for Hendrix and seventies fashion is probably not new to you, I mean, I’ve blogged about him before in my Top 5 songs that inspire me & mentioned how I would have LOVED to be at Woodstock ’69 to see him perform in this hippie inspired post . In terms of 70s fashion posts, I’ve worn flares and been hilarious with friends here, gone a bit 70s-by-way-of-90s here, and of course worn a figure hugging sweater as a dress and worn my babing white go-go boots here, but, to be quite frank, this new dress SHITS on those outfits! Ha!

Why? Well, firstly, I designed it. ;) It’s from PHO sizzle‘s Year Of The Goat Winter 15 collection which isn’t available online yet – it will be by the 27th of this month. It IS available at Design A Space on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy in limited sizes, if you’re a Melbourne gal and need this orange baby in your life.


Secondly, it is made from the most insanely 70s fabric you’ll ever find. Ever. My shopper saw it at the fabric market in Hanoi and sent me a pic and I thought, YUP, this is IT, I must have it!


Thirdly, it has thumb holes shaped like hearts for when your lil fingers get too cold to deal with winter wind. COME ON! Heart thumb holes!? EEEP!

13 15

So, yes, as you can tell. I’m keeping this one for me. ;) We only made a few because we are now realizing our company and my designs are, hmm, how to say this…an acquired taste? But, I am in love with this frock and will be wearing it ALL winter.

18 11 16 10 14 17Shoes: thrifted Dress: PHO sizzle‘s Heart On My Sleeve Dress in Orange size 16available online May 27th in size 6-16AU  Belt: thrifted Lipstick: VelourLips in Rio-D

Hey, I know it’s Monday, but don’t frown – this weather is gorgeous!! <3

Now I’m off to talk to a Migration Agent about a man and visa… *Sigh*

xox Jacqui





Fluffy Bear Hugs

5Dear Lord! It is far too cold in Melbourne! I thought it was too cold a few weeks ago when I did my Snow Queen inspired post, but Mother Nature turned it up a notch and showed me what for!

This fluffy sweater is too much perfection – yes, it’s cheap but it’s warm and makes me feel like an animal – I’m down with that! As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m not into ye olde animal print, so, for me to feel animalistic, I’ll go with fluffy or furry textures, not leopard print..and then I’ll hibernate, sit in front of the fire and doze like a grandma, all wrapped in fluff!

As well as textures, another thing I’ve wearing a lot while this cold snap is happening are my gorgeous arm warmers I got in Hanoi. One of my favorite students from the first I ever taught in Hanoi, Cham, bought me these fantastic warmers at the end of our classes together. I had complimented her on hers and then I got these gorgeous blue ones. They are perfect to slip on and aren’t as annoying as gloves.

I really love them and was so happy at such a thoughtful gift – I still wear them every winter :)

3 7 4 6 1Top: TEMT  Skirt: thrifted Boots: Target Arm Warmers: gifted

So, happy hump day and bear hugs for all!

xox Jacqui



SPIN the PIN: May Spin!

4This month I’m joining a new blog hop - icurvy‘s SPIN THE PIN. It’s a great idea where Jo picks a pinterest image that she loves and asks everyone to be inspired by it. The challenge is month long and you can post as many times as you want, and, it’s open to everyone world wide!

As I mentioned in this post – I am really sad about the dissolving of Aussie Curves, but my decision not to do those challenges anymore was based on feeling like it was dying and the pizzazz to keep it afloat from many of the bloggers wasn’t there anymore, not to mention a wee, itty bitty lack of reciprocation within the blogosphere…anyway, I’ve said this before so i can’t be effed repeating myself… In summary – I am really glad that Jo has created this, and I know she’ll do a great job of posting & promoting it and inspiring others with her great sense of style!

So, for my spin on May’s pin – I mainly noticed the light colours paired with dark tights of the original pin and the layering and textures, so I went with that – adding my felt bucket hat and a cute attachable collar to add some oomph. Here is me fiddling with said collar while old Vlad The Second snaps away. (I name my electronics)

8I also took these photos inside, which is a hardly ever in this blog – I think the last time I took inside pics was about this time last year and under similar circumstances of shitful weather, except last time it was a Wednesday because I was wearing pink – hence the title of that post. Ha!

Anyway, yes, you get to see my relatives peering over me while I pose up a storm and scowl at the rain outside. And, of course, after I took these the mother-trucking sun came out. Gosh!

Onto the pics – huzzah!

5 7 10 2 6 9 1 11Dress: Glassons (ages ago) Cardigan: Cotton On (about a year ago) Hat: thrifted Shoes: thrifted Earrrings: gift Elephant Ring: gift Scarf: secondhand Collar: custom made when I lived in Hanoi – I got a whole bunch!

Well, I’m gonna get back to writing product descriptions for my brand‘s winter collection release, and for that I will certainly need more caffeine.

Hey, if you’re a blogger and are into blog hops (which I am because you find SO many cool blogs to follow and people to get to know) then you should totally jump on board the Spin the Pin bandwagon! The link up page is at Jo’s blog and you can read more info about it here. Get on it!

Elephant Ring says ‘Hi!’

xox Jacqui



Girl From Mars

1I’ve had Girl From Mars by Ash in my head for days! DAYS! It’s disturbing me because my usual trick of playing the earworm on repeat isn’t working, and the 90s grunge song is still there. #hiss

Anyway, ignoring that 1996 anthem, let’s talk about this tunic! You know when you see an item of clothing and you have to have it? It doesn’t happen to me very often, and when I do spy something I love it is usually not my size, but, when I was on Brunswick Street with my sis looking in the upcycled shop Larry Clothing, I saw this dress. I pulled it out from between some secondhand Gorman and some paisley print frock and looked at it. My sis stopped her rummaging and let out a noise that can only be described as an ‘indoor voice squeal’. And why wouldn’t you let out a miniature ‘eeeep’ when seeing this wonder? It’s obviously a one-off as there is no label but the sewing looks mighty good, so my guess is it was commissioned by someone for a tailor to sew, and for whatever reason unbeknownst to God they got rid of it. HA – lucky me! I tried it on and it fit perfectly, a sign that I must have it. Upcycling isn’t cheap though. No no, this was Brunswick Street. I paid a handsome sum for this baby but I can’t even grumble about it because this tunic is just too too perfect! The print shows elephants, a line of ants carrying food, monkeys, ducks, a sausage dog, and all manner of a fantastic picnic scene in a park where imagination is the only thing holding you back. The cut has adjustable straps, low sides with buttons if I needed them, subtle ruffles and a pouch! YES, pouch!

I think you can understand that this dress is my spirit animal.

Hey, Happy Tuesday! It used to be my favorite day of the week when I was a child because that was the day we had art class in Primary School.

2 4 3 7 6 8Dress: Larry Clothing Socks: DAISO Shoes: thrifted Hat: Dotti Glasses: thrifted Lipstick: Velourlips  

I’m actually home sick today from work with a cold, but sitting in the sunshine drinking tea with my slippers and a blanket is sorting me out nicely. I need to plan my lessons for tomorrow and really get cracking on organizing PHO sizzle‘s promo tags and postcards for our winter Year Of the Goat collection, because the shipment has left Hanoi! YAY! YAY! I might just have to add that I adore everything in this 7 piece collection and will have to resist purchasing it myself… it’s a shame we didn’t have the finances to make this collection up to a size 20, we had to stop at size 16, but, we have plans to release our next capsule collection (5 pieces), inspired by loafing about and candy, in July that will include up to size 20, possibly 22…

It’s all a balancing act. If we had unlimited funds we would totally make every collection a full size 6-22, but, considering how hard it is for a small business, we have to concentrate of the sizes that sell the most, which are 8 and 10, closely followed by 16. ;)

Anyway, enough biz talk. YAY for my spirit dress, and, I’m calling it – I won’t be able to top this dress this year. This is Dress of the Year for me, I know it’s only May but I’m calling it!

xox Jacqui


Red Autumn

1You know in my neck of the Melbourne woods we don’t have many deciduous trees around, so, during Autumn we can’t do all the amazeball shoots with leaves that I see my European and American bloggers do in their Autumn. However, a few streets away from me stand two  trees that turn a beautiful vivid red in Fall, I took my chance and took some pics with them before the leaves die for winter. I don’t know what kind of tree they are either, so, if anyone knows their trees, please tell me what type it is!

5The owners of the house came out while we were taking these pictures, it was early in the morning and they were getting their paper. I told them how unique their trees were and we chatted for a while. This outfit is a typical autumn leaf inspired ensemble, you’ve probably seen similar ones from me featuring the colour mustard when I was still in Hanoi ( here and here ) as well as the boho autumn post from last year.

For this outfit I’m wearing maroon tights, a thrifted dress and carrying my new gorgeous b.dakin bag – in autumn colors! I know b.dakin cos we sell at Rose St together and their African Wax cushions and homewares are so good! Colourful and, well, you know my feelings about wax cotton! :)

6 4 2Dress: thrifted Bag: gifted by b.dakin Shoes: EOS

You may notice my hair is slightly blue, I was trying to remove the yellow tones of my blonde through unorthodox methods, I don’t recommend it. However, you know me, I don’t care if my hair is blue for a few weeks, it wasn’t what I wanted, but, I’ll handle it.

Happy Sunday everyone! Here’s an obligatory ‘throw up leaves in the air pic’ to end this post… it’s not as easy as it looks.

xox Jacqui



Dripping Icicles

1In this post-Frozen world, we stumble upon more and more snow queen/ice princess references. Gone is the image of one of my favourite mercilessly evil Snow Queens (blogged about in my Top 5 Bad Bitches with Good Taste post) and instead replaced by the incidental snow bunny Elsa who has a stupid back story to explain her frozen ‘tude. So, while one of my favourite Fury stereotypes is being softened, I’m happy that babes like Azealia Banks are making songs like Ice Princess (lyrics here) cos, yes, that’s the real hard Snow Queen right there!

My thrifted faux fur jacket, coffee bean skirt, white go-go boots and frozen blue lips add to the general winter theme of Melbourne at the moment. I’m all about adding on layers on layers to keep me warm – that’s why I do not feel these bitches frostbite!


11 10 12 8Jacket: thrifted Top: custom made in Hanoi Skirt: custom made in Hoi An Boots: custom made in Hoi An Lipstick: Savvy Eyeshadow Pencil in Azzuro

Long live the hardcore Snow Queen, Elsa’s cool and shit, but she isn’t as tough as the Snow Queen is meant to be!

Hey, it’s hump day! Huzzah!

xox Jacqui



Just a floral vest…

2Yes, just a humble floral vest you’ve seen before here and here . I originally bought this baby a year ago to use in my Fugly Monday segment, or at least do a Donna from 90210 inspired outfit with it, but, alas, neither of those things have happened. Instead, this thrifted homage to the early 90s has become part of my regular wear, and I kind of love it.

I paired it with a fedora, my long black skirt and heels in conquered in my fears exposed post.

So, sometimes clothing you buy on a whim and think you’ll never wear, ends up being a core part of your wardrobe. Funny that.

Huzzah for tomorrow being Friday too!

1 4 3 6


This is the most Derp face ever of me, it makes me chortle looking at it. I have NO idea what I was going for but whatever I was trying, I failed miserably. Ha ha!

I hope everyone has a lovely Friday and weekend!

xox Jacqui 


Claudia Kishi Style #2

7Yes, I’m back with another Kishi inspired outfit! You can see my first, soft and tame approach into the world of the Baby-Sitters Club Vice President Fashion stylings here.  Let’s just say I’m getting more experimental and comfortable in my ‘Claud’ outfits as I go…I don’t have a fabulous high-top collection tho, so, I don’t know how and where this obsession is going to take me…

For this outfit, I’m wearing some oversized jeans (yes, you can see my jocks – big deal) with big cuffs, and a cut up tee that I turned into a crop and have featured before on this blog with my totally thrifted outfit for Aussie Curves and my Song inspired post (also for AC), a black vest, because I’m really into vests atm – not only in Kishi land.

I finished this look off with some sneakers, a side pony tail and some fluro pineapple earrings from Gorman. Claudia would not shop at Gorman, she would make her own. Stacy on the other hand, as a ‘total fashion plate’ would be ALL over Gorman… nah, she wouldn’t. She’d shop at Country Road or Cue. Anyway, I don’t know which babysitter would shop at Gorman and now I’m not going to be able to get to sleep tonight cos I’ll be trying to figure it out. Curse you brain!

11 9 10 12Jeans: thrifted Shirt: thrifted Vest: thrifted Shoes: Payless Shoes Earrings: Gorman

So happy Tuesday and, say hello to your friends.

xox Jacqui


Black Lipstick: Alternative Curves

1You know how I said I’m stopping some blog hops but joining others? Well, Alternative Curves  was one of the ones I debated stopping doing challenges for, because, in all honesty – it isn’t really fun being part of a blog hop if you’re almost the only one participating. But, in the end I decided to stick it out with Alternative Curves because the organizers are rad, and hopefully, with time, it will gain more momentum and more people will make time to do the challenges – however they choose to interpret them.

So, I’m focusing on Share In Style and perhaps more with the lovely Natalie from The Moon Moth Blog like I did for her Disney link-up. Sadly I think Aussie Curves is also dying and interest is waning, which is kind of half expected with the mass diaspora of the closed facebook group, but sad nonetheless because I really enjoyed the challenges and having regular interactions with reciprocal commenters. But, I’ll still visit their blogs and I’m glad to have known them through Aussie Curves.

So, this month’s Alternative Curves them is black lipstick.

I don’t own black lipstick and, since I’m pale as all fuck, not really into goth culture and don’t particularly like black lipstick, I certainly wasn’t going to buy any. So… a quick scout at Priceline for a thick, cheap eyeliner and voila! Ha!

Because I didn’t want this look to come off at all goth-like, I decided to just wear what I’d worn to breakfast with my friend Nikki – boyfriend jeans and an oversized shirt. (Yes, it’s almost the same as my Claudia Kishi outfit from earlier in the week) and, well, some insane novelty glasses my friend Kristie saw in a $2 shop and bought for me! :)


Yes. These glasses are all kinds of silly.

And I love them.

7 4 6 3 8 2Shirt: stolen from my Dad Jeans: Jeanswest Glasses: gift from my bestie Lipstick: Savvy Eyeshadow Pencil Beanie: yeah… I don’t know…

Anyway, I hope this is sufficient to coax any other alternative curves gals to make an outfit post wearing black lipstick… I think for some of you it wouldn’t be a big deal at all? True?

xox Jacqui

Other Alt Curves Themes:



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