Just a floral vest…

2Yes, just a humble floral vest you’ve seen before here and here . I originally bought this baby a year ago to use in my Fugly Monday segment, or at least do a Donna from 90210 inspired outfit with it, but, alas, neither of those things have happened. Instead, this thrifted homage to the early 90s has become part of my regular wear, and I kind of love it.

I paired it with a fedora, my long black skirt and heels in conquered in my fears exposed post.

So, sometimes clothing you buy on a whim and think you’ll never wear, ends up being a core part of your wardrobe. Funny that.

Huzzah for tomorrow being Friday too!

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This is the most Derp face ever of me, it makes me chortle looking at it. I have NO idea what I was going for but whatever I was trying, I failed miserably. Ha ha!

I hope everyone has a lovely Friday and weekend!

xox Jacqui 


Claudia Kishi Style #2

7Yes, I’m back with another Kishi inspired outfit! You can see my first, soft and tame approach into the world of the Baby-Sitters Club Vice President Fashion stylings here.  Let’s just say I’m getting more experimental and comfortable in my ‘Claud’ outfits as I go…I don’t have a fabulous high-top collection tho, so, I don’t know how and where this obsession is going to take me…

For this outfit, I’m wearing some oversized jeans (yes, you can see my jocks – big deal) with big cuffs, and a cut up tee that I turned into a crop and have featured before on this blog with my totally thrifted outfit for Aussie Curves and my Song inspired post (also for AC), a black vest, because I’m really into vests atm – not only in Kishi land.

I finished this look off with some sneakers, a side pony tail and some fluro pineapple earrings from Gorman. Claudia would not shop at Gorman, she would make her own. Stacy on the other hand, as a ‘total fashion plate’ would be ALL over Gorman… nah, she wouldn’t. She’d shop at Country Road or Cue. Anyway, I don’t know which babysitter would shop at Gorman and now I’m not going to be able to get to sleep tonight cos I’ll be trying to figure it out. Curse you brain!

11 9 10 12Jeans: thrifted Shirt: thrifted Vest: thrifted Shoes: Payless Shoes Earrings: Gorman

So happy Tuesday and, say hello to your friends.

xox Jacqui


Black Lipstick: Alternative Curves

1You know how I said I’m stopping some blog hops but joining others? Well, Alternative Curves  was one of the ones I debated stopping doing challenges for, because, in all honesty – it isn’t really fun being part of a blog hop if you’re almost the only one participating. But, in the end I decided to stick it out with Alternative Curves because the organizers are rad, and hopefully, with time, it will gain more momentum and more people will make time to do the challenges – however they choose to interpret them.

So, I’m focusing on Share In Style and perhaps more with the lovely Natalie from The Moon Moth Blog like I did for her Disney link-up. Sadly I think Aussie Curves is also dying and interest is waning, which is kind of half expected with the mass diaspora of the closed facebook group, but sad nonetheless because I really enjoyed the challenges and having regular interactions with reciprocal commenters. But, I’ll still visit their blogs and I’m glad to have known them through Aussie Curves.

So, this month’s Alternative Curves them is black lipstick.

I don’t own black lipstick and, since I’m pale as all fuck, not really into goth culture and don’t particularly like black lipstick, I certainly wasn’t going to buy any. So… a quick scout at Priceline for a thick, cheap eyeliner and voila! Ha!

Because I didn’t want this look to come off at all goth-like, I decided to just wear what I’d worn to breakfast with my friend Nikki – boyfriend jeans and an oversized shirt. (Yes, it’s almost the same as my Claudia Kishi outfit from earlier in the week) and, well, some insane novelty glasses my friend Kristie saw in a $2 shop and bought for me! :)


Yes. These glasses are all kinds of silly.

And I love them.

7 4 6 3 8 2Shirt: stolen from my Dad Jeans: Jeanswest Glasses: gift from my bestie Lipstick: Savvy Eyeshadow Pencil Beanie: yeah… I don’t know…

Anyway, I hope this is sufficient to coax any other alternative curves gals to make an outfit post wearing black lipstick… I think for some of you it wouldn’t be a big deal at all? True?

xox Jacqui

Other Alt Curves Themes:



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La Rose Femme

3Very slowly, surely, with precise, yet subconscious steps, I AM becoming Miss Havisham. This outfit, in all it’s pink glory, kind of proves my point. Why wear one shade of pink when you can wear them all? Why have one plait when you have so much hair it lends itself to multiple plaits, why not pile on all the accessories and play in your garden wistfully – the decaying wedding cake is missing, but it’s here in my mind.

I’ve had a pretty busy blogging week – first I went Sports Lux/Completely Mad with my Happy 55th Birthday to Senegal post (thanks for all the facebook love with that too!) and I also showed you my two camping posts – one where I was rocking a short velvet dress and my Dad’s alpaca jumper, and the second where I introduced a new life goal – to do more Claudia Kishi outfits.

And now, I’ve temporarily cast Kishi aside for a far more pink look! Ha! You’ve seen this skirt before in various outfits (namely when I wore it with the matching top, but turned the top back-the-front in my All Pink All The Time post ) but the white top is a new thrifted find! The reversible jacket is also thrifted – I wore it before in my AC Fears Exposed post where I talked about being scared of high heels, I wear them so much more often after conquering that fear.  So, yay for layering on shades and shades and shades of similar colours to make yourself look rather cuckoo! :)

4 2 6 8 1 7Jacket: thrifted Shirt: thrifted Shoes: thrifted Skirt: custom made in Hanoi Sunnies: Wholesale Celebshades Earrings:  The Wooden Circle (gifted)

I’m learning Wolof, it’s hard and the book isn’t great, I think the guy who wrote it maaaaay have never taught a language before cos it’s organized in the most random way…I might just reorganize the whole book and then send it back to him as a hint. Ha!

Now, to end this crazy-pink-lady post:

“You made your own snares. I never made them.”

xox Jacqui


Claudia Kishi Style #1

b4Now let me break it down. This is about 1/8th of a Claudia Kishi outfit. Hers are FAR more extreme, but, for my new challenge of trying to emulate the ‘quirky’ stereotype from The Baby-Sitters Club series, I thought I’d start easy. Thankfully I found a blog that posted mood boards and descriptions of Ms Kishi’s outfits, because I sure as hell don’t have my babysitters collection anymore. I love this blog What Claudia Wore and it will help me in my attempts at bringing more Kishi into my outfits. Obviously I’ll completely back-link to her rad blog all the time when sourcing inspo, cos, I ain’t a scumbag and teach citing and referencing to my students – obviously I have to do what I teach!

So yes, this outfit is bringing in a secret love of mine – oversized mens shirts. You’ve seen this shirt before in my Aussie Curves Shoes post and I am certainly working more of them into my wardrobe unwittingly. I paired the shirt with a woolen vest (my vest game is strong now that I inherited 3 off my sister who was going to give them to goodwill) and rolled up boyfriend jeans. I stole Ant’s Bolle sunnies and voila – camping outfit # 2 complete!

b2 b1 b5 b3 b6Jeans: Jeans West Shirt: stolen off my Dad Vest: hand-me-down from my sister Sunnies: Bolle Location: Tunnel Bend, Howqua Hills Historical Area

Big thanks for L.H for taking these pictures, and I have another Claudia Kishi style file quietly brewing.

xox Jacqui

Happy 55th, Senegal!

1Dash it all! While I was away camping in the bush, Senegal had their 55th anniversary! I planned on doing a congratulations post, but, promptly forgot about it. So, a few days late, but, HAPPY 55th Senegal! I hope you guys celebrated and remembered the time your first president Leopold Senghor met with J.F.K in Washington to celebrate the birth of your country. I also hope you continue to rise as a strong and stable economic power of Africa. I find your history- from Griots to Kirikou to Akon to Amadou Bamba, fascinating and I can’t wait to set foot on your soil again.

3 4 7 8 6 2This outfit is pretty random- a complete hodge podge of styles, but the feature piece is my awesome Senegal jacket! The funniest story about this jacket – I almost got two of these while in Senegal because I bought a set and then my fiance’s brother bought me a set as a present cos I liked his set so much. Ha!

Happy 55th for Saturday, Senegal diam ak salam <3

I’ll keep on practicing my Wolof too! ;)

Photos of my trip to Senegal can be seen here.

xox Jacqui


A Getaway

b7A getaway holiday is sometimes exactly what I needed! For the Easter Long Weekend I went to Howqua Hills Historical Area with Ant and the gang that I spend New Years with. It was fantastic to get out of Melbourne and completely hand PHO sizzle over to Tomi for a few days. I haven’t done that in a year. I hadn’t had a break from communication (phones, emails, social networks) in more than a year and actually, it was refreshing. I read my book about the South Pacific, went to bed when it was dark and enjoyed camping.

These pics were taken near when we camped by L.H. I’m wearing my thrifted velvet dress I’ve worn before here and my Dad’s Alpaca jacket. I accessorized with my silk Shanghai map scarf (outfit post wearing it here) and sunnies.

b8 b10 b11 b13 b12I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and managed to relax, take some time out and enjoy appreciating life.

xox Jacqui

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Disney Link Up: Hipster Ursula

1Natalie from the Moon Moth blog contacted me on my facebook page about joining in a Disney Themed Link Up. I jumped at the chance because I’ve been wanting to expand and find new link ups to do for a while, old ones are dying and I always like finding cool new blogs and babes to follow. Natalie told me that most of the babes in this link up would do make up stuff, well, I’m not so good at makeup and I’ve been so sick that i couldn’t really plan much of an amazing outfit either, so I thought I’d chuck on my PHO sizzle What’s Kraken Flares, my black spiky denim jacket and classic black crop. Topping it off with a fluro pink beanie and this is my homage to Ursula, a backyard Ursula with a fair chunk of ironically cool, hipster-vision a’happening. It is less amazing that the beach Ursula I did a while ago, I know… You’ll have to excuse illing Jacqui. Ima go back to delirious dreaming now.

7 2 3 6 4

So, there you have it, my itty bitty attempt at a Disney themed link up. Sorry I couldn’t put in more effort, but I’ll be down with the next one I promise!

xox Jacqui


Aussie Curves – Sheer

10I seen a lot of sheer in Viet Nam. Probably too much. Much like my attitude towards animal print, overexposure to sheer has made me dislike it. But, over time I’ve come to accept it again but I will still chuckle at the memories of business women in Hanoi wearing completely sheer ‘business’ tops with a floral bra showing through. The bra would usually look like it was for a pre-teen too in it’s pattern and cut. Meh. Life is interesting.

So, this is certainly not one of my workwear outfits because I think I’d draw the line at sheer to work. I know right? Me drawing the line at anything is weird, but there you have it. This is more of a fun afternoon BBQ kind of outfit I reckon. ;)

I’m wearing a sheer top Kristie gave to me, my white skirt you’ve seen lotsa times before and a corset bra from Istanbul.

13 14 11 15 12 9 8Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s sheer looks – and I am happy I’m finally over my dislike of the sheer – so much so that PHO sizzle is bringing out an entirely sheer top in its W15 collection (should be here by May).

xox Jacqui

aussie curves 2


Femme Fatale: Alternative Curves

1Sheesh, I had SUCH big plans for this month’s theme at Alternative Curves! Big Plans! I mean, it’s FEMME FATALE! Right up my alley! I’ve got books on the subject (like, actually, not joking – Film Studies student right here) and have written numerous essay on these babes! I’ve even blogged about my favourite top 5 femme fatales, as well as my top 5 bad bitches with great taste, some of whom are arguably femme fatales, I’ve made Polyvore boards on Barbara Stanwyck’s style and even attempted a femme fatale outfit post once before. So, really I should have been brimming with ideas, but, as much as I wanted to give myself finger waves and be babingly bad like my idol Phyllis, I couldn’t muster the energy or find lighting that would be Film Noir enough.

So, whilst brainstorming various potential femme fatale themes while walking to the train station, my iphone playlist, which I always play on random, did this: Heroin by Velvet Underground, Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen, Maggie McGill by The Doors and then, just to top it off Femme Fatale by The Velvet Underground. YES! I shrieked, scaring passing walkers in Essendon, you’ve given me all the signs and prompting I need – I SHALL BE Nico and pay hommage to FEMME FATALE that way!


I love that deep voiced, beautiful German-born singer/actress that hung out with Andy‘s troupe and sometimes sang in The Velvet Underground. I have always loved her since my friend Nikki and I became obsessed with her a very, very long time ago after watching The Doors movie and hurtling down the rabbit hole of stars in that era. I’ve watched documentaries about her, read as much about her as I could, and I really, really love her voice.

So, for this outfit, I thought of Nico, this, the 60s and how I’d feel if I was on lots of hallucinatory drugs, which I’m sadly not. It is pretty simple, and not a traditional interpretation of the theme, but since I’m the only so far whose has uploaded, I reckon I’m in the clear. ;)

5 2 3 4coat: thrifted dress: thrifted sunnies: Jay Jays

So, there you go, Alternative Curves March theme of Femme Fatale done and dusted! If you want to check out the other months themes, there are links here:

“And what costume shall the poor girl wear to all tomorrow’s parties?”

xox Jacqui


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