Sweet Emotion

2There are SO many songs I associate with movies, but the start of Sweet Emotion vividly takes me back the opening sequence of Dazed and Confused, frame for frame. I’ve seen that movie way too many times, and the way Milla Jovovich is rolling a joint in that rad seventies car, ugh, best intro to the best film evaaaahhh.

So, PHO sizzle, my baby, my love, my life, has released a new miniature collection; The Lollygaggers which include these amazing seventies flares, not to mention baseball tees with iconic lolly references. It’s part of my and my business partner Tomi’s plan to release more mini collections that’ll sandwich themselves between mega collections like our October Collection inspired by The Gentle Persuasion of Iblis. Hehehe.

These flares are not only super comfy, and designed by yours truly, they are also made from a good quality denim, and the denim we’ve ever used as a brand, needless to say, I’m pretty excited. So, with my rad seventies flares, Areosmith blaring through my computer, and my awesome MIMI-ZIKKI crop which you’ve seen before here, I felt ready to rock this outfit!  I also played with a hair style I’d never tried before, ye olde boho plaits. It worked well and I like the casual feeling of it.

6 4 5 9 3 7Jeans: PHO sizzle‘s Button Fly Flares Crop: Mimi-Zikki Cardigan: thrifted Shoes: custom made in Hoi An

Happy new week everyone! I’m gonna finishing editing photos for the new collection, then, maybe I’ll rewatch my fav movie – or just watch the intro a few more times.

xox Jacqui

8 1

The Morning of the Day Off

5Mondays are usually my Saturdays and Sundays and only day when I can catch up on emails. Increasingly I sell at Rose St Market on weekends with my business and I always work teaching ESL from Tues to Fri and then Monday rolls around and I attempt to compress a gosh darn frightful amount of work into one day, generally with varying results of insanity.

So, while many people scowl at Monday and claim they hate it (didya ever think it might hate you right back? Hmm?), I kinda love it as I get to wake up when I please (usually around 8.30am) and drink my first coffee in the garden while ruminating about life. Now this rumination doesn’t last long – only around 15 minutes, but it really makes me feel nice. If I got my shit together during the other days of the week, I’d do it every day, but, alas, when you have to leave the house by 7am – ruminating about life is out of the question. It’s lucky I’m even wearing matching socks on those other days…and who am I kidding, I’m often not.


So this Monday I sat in the garden rocking my new cheap glasses from Glasses Shop, my beanie with giant pompom by Beanies By Courtney (shown in this post regaling my 4 fav winter buys  too) and another cute gifty-gift from Lizzie and Fitz – my friend’s awesome jewelry brand. I love me some pastel beads, and this necklace delivers on cuteness, and individuality. Ticks in duplicate for that criteria! You’ve seen another gift from them in my epic 3 stack sock bun adventure post.  

When Glasses Shop approached me asking if I’d like to review a pair of their sunnies, I lamented the fact I no longer need prescription sunglasses or glasses for that matter,as they have a gorgeous selection of both and are at a good price, but, hey, lasered my vision up real good, yo. Aside from going ‘booo, I can’t get their pretty prescription glasses‘, I did, on the other hand shout ‘huzzah, my mammoth penchant for sunglasses has finally be recognized and rewarded‘ and then I high fived some ghosts. True story.

I’m really pleased with the quality of the sunnies I got, it’s a style I haven’t tried before, weirdly enough, and I’m rather pleased with how fetching they look. Who wouldda thunk that aviators suited me? Maybe it’s cos they are kinda old skool aviators with more of a vintage flair.

You should most def check out Glasses Shop - they’ve got different sunnies and glasses that won’t break the bank, and, if you use the special code GSHOT50 you’ll get 50% off all frames (glasses or sunglasses) with lenses included! It excludes sale items tho, obviously. ;)  Check out more info on that special here.

1 4 3 7Shoes: EOS Jeans: Jeans West Sweater: thrifted from Retro Star Beanie: Beanies By Courtney Necklace: gifted for review from Lizzie and Fitz Sunglasses: gifted for review from Glasses Shop 

How do you start your days off? If you haven’t done a ‘coffee in the yard’ situation, I urge you to give it a crack!

xox Jacqui


Massive Roosters, Snatch-cats and censorship.

1A long time ago my sister, otherwise known as a resident from Niddrie (sorry, I had to slip that in somewhere because I am so proud to be related to someone so persistent and caring about the rights of others when so many people are self imposing their ignorance blinkers) tagged me in a poem she’d written on one of the facebook note things (remember when facebook had notes?) I was overseas at the time, read the poem, giggled and moved on. But, I want to move back to it for a second, in fact, so much back to it that I’m going to publish it here:

The Owl and the Snatch-cat went to sea
In a beautiful pea green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money,
Wrapped up in a five pound note.
The Owl looked up to the stars above,
And sang to a small guitar,
‘O lovely Snatch! O Snatch my love,
What a beautiful Snatch you are,
You are,
You are!
What a beautiful Snatch you are!’

She wrote this parody of The Owl and The Pussycat originally as an email from her work. Her work, which had recently added a ‘no bad words profanity filter’ so, I guess, people couldn’t send smut emails to each other during working hours? She was so outraged by the idiocy that pussy was considered profanity, she rewrote the classic poem with a far more  ‘acceptable’ (sarcasm detector went up a few notches then) word - snatch.

This example of censorship and the creative ways to get around it brings me to my main point – instagram and censorship. Now, last time I checked, which was last week when I discovered they’d banned #curvy because people were tagging porn with it (cheers Buzzfeed for using me in an article! :D) , instagram still had the ability to search #cunts (although without the s, that was banned)  #tittyfuck #slutsofinstragram #boobsfordays #slutsbelike #forced #fuvk #slutt #longdickss and, my favourite (hehehehe) #massivecock. Hahaha, man, this hashtag sesh is gonna bring some very strange people to my blog via searching for key words! Now, checking these hashtags, some of them don’t actually have much nudity or porn, however some of them are still very much used for people to search for naked images of humans.

Right, so, why ban #curvy – a hashtag used by thousands, if not millions of instagram women who identify with the term and used it to find other women with a similar view point? Unlike hashtags like #ana or any of the pro anorexia themes that have been blocked and explained that it is because they were promoting negative body image, the curvy hashtag doesn’t say that when you search it (and, rightly so cos it would produce more of an outrage and for good fucking reason *insert furious Jacqui with jowls tut-tuting*) . Officially instagram maintains it was banned because of too much porn on the tag, but actually, this is where my issue is.


Let’s talk about that.

With the internet age porn is everywhere. Even with ad-blocks installed I’ll still see sidebars with outrageously ridiculous flashing signs urging me to find sexy hot women in my area while their breasts bump up and down and they do their best to look like this weird-dance-boob-jingle-thing they are doing isn’t causing them pain.

And I guess that is my point. PORN IS EVERYWHERE. Is that a good thing? NO. Is it going to cause the absolute degeneration of society? NO. Is hiding it from teenagers working?  OF COURSE NOT! I assume this is why instagram is attempting to ban hashtags connected to porn -Helen Lovejoy style ‘won’t somebody think of the children!’ reasons?

Here’s the rub, Instagram. The teenagers have seen porn. Hell, I’ll bet the children have seen porn. They’ve probably seen more porn that your average white, forty-year-old male (which I hear is probably a fair bit?) and censorship is not working!

Here’s the rub-a-dub-dub, Instagram. Censorship isn’t working because humans are creative, especially when it comes to euphemisms for sex. Do you know a nickname for a prostitute or ‘loose woman’ in Turkish is kashar – a stretchy yellow cheese, because, well, stretched? What about Vietnamese and the word cave (can’t do tones here) which is also a slang word for prostitute because of cave-like, similar to ‘stretched’ comparisons? That’s obscure and horribly derogatory slang that was around long before social media, but I’m sure those words could be used for tagging pictures of #slutts if people felt the need. But, insta, come on, you know people are rather clever when coming up with hashtags. Why the actual fuck else would an innocent vegetable emoji and corresponding hashtag be banned with you unless you were aware of the absolute amazing creativity people have when they want to show naked bodies? (#eggplant is banned in case you were wondering, #aubergine is not. )

So, insta, you’re fighting a losing battle by banning hashtags where there is a lot of ‘porn’- people will think of new hashtags to show off their tits, dicks, what-have-you for the approval of their peers.

A couple of smarter alternatives, in my humble opinion are:

FOR THE HELEN LOVEJOYS OUT THERE: accept insta, and in the internet in general, is a cesspool of the naked body in all kinds of pornographic situations that your children/teens WILL see. Instead of attempting to censor it, accept that curiosity about sex and bodies is normal and pornography is certainly one way to learn about both those. It is also the way they will learn if they don’t have another channel to learn from. However, it isn’t realistic in most cases, so, EDUCATE your teen/child/possiblyyourself on that. makelovenotporn.com is a great place to start. If you’re into Ted Talks, watch this one by Cindy Gallop.

FOR INSTA USERS OUT THERE: Don’t like porn? Don’t like pictures of cocks coming up in your feed? Does it hurt your sensitive eyes? Don’t like seeing hardcore bdsm before breakfast? Fair enough, your call. Report the USER if you really must, don’t report the picture as this is why we are in this stupid mess with #curvy, or, another alternative is to click ‘unfollow’. Simple. I did it just yesterday when someone I followed thought the world wanted to see a squished up gross picture of her boobs. Now, maybe the world did want to see her melons (I wonder if #melons is banned?) but I sure as fuck didn’t. Ewww. No. I’ve got boobs, I can look down, squish them with one hand and jack off with the other if I really wanted to. But, hey, I get some people obviously like seeing her boob pic, so, I didn’t get all keyboard warrior-ish and tell her to put those ‘inappropriate puppies away’, I didn’t report her, I just went ‘yeah nah, I don’t wanna see that, bye felicia’ . Clicked unfollow. Done.

FOR INSTAGRAM ITSELF: If you’re so up in your crusade again porn and nakedness (and I’m not even getting started on your insane double standards involving nipples) then be more fucking consistent or expect backlash. But, honestly, I think you’ve gotta accept that you’re fighting a losing battle. If you ban #massivecock, they’ll use #massiverooster, when you ban that, they’ll use #massivedingdong #massiveaubergine #massivephallicsymbol and so on, until the hashtag for ‘check out my cock’ is #purplemonkeydishwasher . Wow, this post is full of Simpsons isn’t it?

When I first wore this awesome sweater by Nimbus on my insta account, I did tag #massiverooster instead of #massivecock because I assumed a reference so unbelievably obvious to dicks would have already been banned. I was shocked it wasn’t, to be honest, but, whatever instagram, your hysteria towards naked bodies is getting silly, and if you are concerned about porn – I’m pretty sure Cindy Gallop has the right idea – help fund that real-sex-social-network already!

Here’s my outfit, yo.

4 6 3 2Sweater: Nimbus Shirt: stolen from my Dad’s closet. Skirt: custom made in Hanoi Boots: custom made in Hoi An

Hey, it’s Friday tomorrow! Huzzah!!

xox Jacqui



Fanta Pop Love Fairy

7I kind of envision myself in as some kind of fairy with this headpiece on. And, my well documented ‘gotta look ethereal every few months’ clock has been ticking and I’m well overdue. Now, this isn’t quite as ethereal as my fairy, white witch or rusalka posts, but it isn’t as demonic as my qarinah or my urban pixie post where I gave away a flower crown either. Speaking of crowns, I spend yesterday making some new creations, and fixing my cacti crown . I love hot glue guns, they are fantastic. And, as I discovered in Hanoi when I used to make flower crowns to sell at Picnik Electronic, I really enjoy making headwear. I find it cathartic. It does mean that I amass a fair amount of mad crowns, but I’ve found I do give them away to people (eg: Kobi Jae got my prototype strawbs) and perhaps I could sell them while at Rose St selling PHO sizzle, if people wanted them, otherwise they could decorate Felecia, my lovely mannequin.

Anyway, you’ve seen this amazing orange dress I snaffled from the op shop before in my rather depressing post where I lament my absent love, UGH, makes me mad all over again remembering that… Anyway, in other news, Ramadan is over – YAY! Since Ramadan is really about understanding what it is like to be humble and to not have the things you want, I often give up alcohol for the month it falls on, kinda like Dry July, but, the time period varies from year to year. I’ve been doing this since before I met my fiance, but, obviously, dating a Muslim who partakes in Ramadan is hard too, actually it’s easier when we aren’t in the same place because I don’t feel guilty eating around him in daylight hours. Ha!  Anyway, I don’t actually drink that much these days at all, so, it was pretty easy, perhaps next year I need to deprive myself of more things I enjoy to make it more authentic to the reasons people choose to do Ramadan, meh, I’ll figure that out next year…

Now, back to this orange crown – I decided to do a love heart with the blossoms, but an old student from RMIT Hanoi suggested via facebook that they should be bunny ears, and she’s right. So, the heart is gone now and bunny ears are its place, that just means there should be another  post using it…true?

The other awesome thing about this outfit are my new shoes from Mox Online. I really want to talk about them another post though, perhaps when it’s warmer, but if you haven’t heard of Mox shoes, you should most def check them out for beach/summer shoes!!

12 8 13 11 10 14 9Dress: thrifted Socks: DAISO Shoes: gifted for review from Mox Online Headwear: handmade

Hey, Happy Monday everyone! The start of a new week! Now, I have an appointment with an accountant for tax stuff.

*takes crown off quietly and gets into her finance and banking outfit*

xox Jacqui


Alter Ego: Alternative Curves

1Disclosure – this isn’t my real alter ego, anyone that knows me knows that my real alter ego is Russian woman from Vladivostok called Natasha, but I’ve already blogged being her right here.

Sweetie, Darling! Hello! For this month’s Alt Curves challenge, Kobi Jae and I thought we’d embrace an alter ego of ours – the fabulous Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone. When taking these photos I kind of realized Patsy needs to generally just look rigid and bored with pouty lips, while actually it’s Eds that is way harder, cos looking like you’re derailing it kinda hard, so, well done Kobi! :D Also, yes, it was raining pretty bad for these pics and big props to Sam for snapping these for us!

2 7 6 3 4This was a fun shoot to take pics of and I enjoy doing posts with blogging buddies.

If you want to check out the other Alt Curves themes we’ve done, check out:

And, if you want to join in, you can jump on the blog-hop below, or just tag #alternativecurves on instagram with your Alter Ego outfit. Check out Kobi Jae’s blog with different photos and a rad gif here!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

xox Jacqui



Just Soar

1It’s a weird kind of Tuesday, not at all like a normal one. I would blame the weather but I feel it is more than that. I have the absolute uncanny and familiar feeling I’ve forgotten something and it’s disturbing me as I can’t recall what I don’t remember.

The weather in Melbourne has been rather cold recently, in fact they’re all a-tizzy about it being an antarctic front and what-not, but, honestly, after living above the Arctic Circle during winter in my teens and then living in Siberia in my early twenties, I’m happiest when it’s snowing outside, so, I say, bring on the chill! I’m ready for it! However I’m sure the farmers won’t agree with me…

This outfit is a typical ‘winter’ outfit for me – I’m layered up the wazoo and would then put a jacket, scarf and beanie, and potentially gloves, on top of this. The black lipstick is something I’m enjoying more and more ever since the Alt Curves challenge and I’m finding ways to bring it into everyday wear…subtly.  But, more important than my outfit is my new ring from HUTCH MELBOURNE!


Isn’t it just fabulous? I could legit gouge someone’s face with it! Mwahahaha! But really, I like it as I can use it for pointing, like an extended talon, and yet it’s a beak and a head, not a talon – oh the madness! *feigns fainting from the insanity of life* But really, HUTCH have some amazing stuff, much of it very geared towards alternative/rock/heavy metal (whatever these words really mean) genres, and with a heavy reliance on skulls. I kinda love them though, even thought it isn’t precisely what I would usually wear. I like something different that stands out in a crowd and nothing stands out more than a chunky ring in my honest opinion. I also think Nicky and Chrissy are really sweethearts and love their shop, their delicious smelling candles, their distinct style and, of course, their gregarious and fun personalities. They are at the Rose St Artists’ Market every Sat and Sun or you can check out their webpage here.

3 5 2 9 7 4Top, vest, skirt: thrifted Shoes: EOS Hat: Dotti Cardigan: Cotton On Ring: HUTCH MELBOURNE 

Anyway, happy Tuesday to all, and hopefully I’ll remember what I have forgotten soon enough…

xox Jacqui



SPIN the PIN – July spin!

5When I was thinking about this month’s pin for iCurvy’s challenge, I only remember the concept of a three-way-pattern-clash and went, yeh, I can easily do that cos I’ve done it before with hilariously awesome results. I also remember the colour red and blue. Now, on second examination of the original pin, there isn’t really any red in it…like, at all. Hahahah!  So, first I thought I was losing the plot, then I realized Jo’s interpretation of the pin and red and blue and my mind had meshed the two.

So, I’d hunted around at the Op Shop yesterday and found a few gems including this old dress, it’s pretty but not of the best quality in terms of buttons and fit, I mainly bought it as I intend to hack it up to make scrunchies cos I like the fabric. Yes, I am a thrifting reuse fashion gawdess.  Speaking of gawdiness, the glasses in these pictures are exactly that! So very wrong and Dame Edna that they are right….right? Ha!

They are similar to a pair I already own and have posed it during summer in a wicked rainbow tyre, but these ones are a present from my sister. A tradition has begun between Kristie, and now Barb, in which they have started giving me novelty glasses. It all began when Kristie gave me these awesome frames that I worked into a black lipstick post for Alt Curves and well now, I have more pairs now that I need to work into cracker-jack outfits somehow, and why not today, I say? I love sunnies and a challenge.

And yes, my red obsession is running rampant at the moment… hehehehe, but I did mix three patterns and am happy with the result. I’m also wearing my brand PHO sizzle ‘s Reverse It cape as the tartan element of this clash.

The beehive is actually incidental as it was for another outfit that’ll all become apparent one day. Basically, I’m happy with the fact I look insane; like a spin off from Grey Gardens. It’s the thing about wearing sunnies inside, it’s a fine line between ‘cool rockstar’ and ‘weirdo’ and I kinda like the fact I’ve veering pretty far to the ‘weirdo’ side. Like an old woman that would demand you bring her a scotch in a teacup and hiss at you if you stared at her too long.


effing madness.

3 1 4 2 7Dress: thrifted Bow: cut up lycra from a bikini top & resewn as a bow Cape: Reverse It Cape 

So, don’t forget to check out other versions of the pin at Jo’s site iCurvy.

Now, bring me a glass of scotch in your finest china!

xox Jacqui


T-Rex Conquers Mount Sockbun

7Now, if you happen to be friends with me on facebook, or my sister for that matter, you’ll have seen a series of RIDIC pictures involving me, a triple decker sockbun and a gorgeous lil T-Rex called Chompsy. Chompsy, is from my friend’s awesome brand Lizzie and Fitz based in New Zealand but will ship everywhere, of course. She sent me a lovely package of her pretty stuff for me to review, and I’m so glad she did! I’ll be showing some very rad jewels over the next few weeks!

As well as Chompsy, you’ll probably notice my rather large, tiered, sockbun hair situation. It has now been dubbed Mt Sockbun and it shall, from this day forth, be known as Mt Sockbun. The idea of layering came to me when I was joking with Casey (from Louis & the Fox) and Bhavani (from Bhunny Designs) at Rose St Artists’ Market one Saturday. I often wear a rather large sockbun while selling PHO sizzle there and we started brainstorming whether or not I could do more than one. Obviously I experimented when I got home and realized I could layer buns, sent them a blurry photo of a double-decker bun and planned a more constructed triple-decker with the help of my wonderful sister.

So, yes, babing T-Rex Chompsy, a triple decker bun, a strong pink outfit (which you’ve seen before here) and my creative sister behind the lens means rather cool photos!! And yes, don’t worry, Chompsy does conquer Mt Sockbun, but not without a few perils along the way!

2 4 12 6 8 10 11 9 3Dress: thrifted Sunnies: knock offs from Hanoi that’ve been going 4 years strong! Lipstick: VelourLips by Australis Necklace: gifted for review from Lizzie and Fitz

So, please check out my friend’s (we knew each other back in the heavy Soju-Drinking-Hagwon-Teaching days in Ulsan) shop as she has some gorgeous pieces and are very reasonably priced too. She also does comissions, so, get on that Lizzie and Fitz  love!

Regarding triple-decker sockbuns, my sister observed we could have done a fourth except we didn’t have enough donuts…so, that’s just a heads up that Cindy Lou Who (I just realized this isn’t the first time I’ve had a bit of Cindy Lou Who vibe in this blog…ha! ) hasn’t finished playing with towering hair styles!

Big sloppy hugs and kisses and I hope you’ve enjoying the weekend!

xox Jacqui

1 5

Show me your teeth

7I enjoy blogging. It’s actually what I would call one of my ‘hobbies’, along with drawing pictures, hanging out with friends and family and going to the gym. I would also call designing clothes and running a business a hobby, but, no, not really…I mean, I enjoy PHO sizzle so so so so much and I’m proud of myself for following my dream, but it isn’t a hobby – it’s a full time job. Anyway, so, blogging as a hobby. I enjoy it. I have enjoyed it from the start and I like wearing cracker-jack outfits and putting my closet together in visually interesting ways, and then documenting those outfits with photos and then playing on photoshop with colours, fades etc. All of that is fun for me. So, you can imagine what happens when people start offering you things to review on your blog, for free. It’s kinda cool and I squeal when I get brands contacting me just cos I can’t believe it. That I’m doing a hobby and people like it enough that they want me to either review their stuff, or at least wear it. Smiles.

So for this outfit I was in a red and white and black mood. It happens regularly on this blog that I get overcome with the awesomeness of red (this Aussie Curves post and my recent Heart On My Sleeve post are good examples), I was also lucky enough to be sent a few pieces of clothing from Izabel to review. I wore the faux fur gilet I got from them here for my alternative curves post, but I hadn’t shown off my houndstooth pencil skirt!! Now, here’s a tid-bit for you – houndstooth is actually my favourite pattern. Love it. So, obviously when I saw this on their website I kinda, had to have it.  It’s comfortable, made of a soft stretch fabric and hugs the hips like a good pencil skirt should. I think the belt is in a good place, not right at the top of the skirt, but, if I had one bad thing to say, I’d say, the belt isn’t the greatest quality, but, at least you can easily change it and use others instead.

The other amazing thing about this outfit is my other tooth that isn’t hound related, but a resin tooth made from a fossil that is lord-knows-how-old. Actually, Jeannie from So Sublime told me when I bought this effing amazing necklace from her, but, I promptly forgot. It’s a fossil from some kind of mega-fauna, chompy-chompy animal that one of her archaeologist friends gave her to make a mold of to turn into necklaces – isn’t that cool? Isn’t resin fucking cool? Jeannie’s also making buttons shaped like ravens for a cape in PHO sizzle’s Iblis collection in September. I just, can’t even deal with how awesome resin is, and the people who can use it have my ultimate respect and full adoration.

This outfit also needs a ‘special mention’ shout-out to my tartan socks (oh so elegantly shoved into stilettos) my mummy bought me from Scotland. She knows me and my not so quiet fascination with tartan, particularly our clan’s Stewart Tartan.  My Stewart tartan posts are here, here , here and here and probably many more I’ve vagued out on.

Okay, so, enough outfit rabbiting on.

11 9 10 13 8Red cardigan: thrifted Red, white, black cardigan: bought on Doi Can street in Hanoi, Pencil Skirt: Izabel (given for review) Necklace: So Sublime Shoes: thrifted Socks: gifted Glasses: Pink Fashion Lipstick: Velourlips by Australis

So, Monday’s my day off, which is fun. I’ve been baking meringues with left over egg-whites, catching up on PHO sizzle book-keeping (shudder – not fun) and listening to Roxette. Yay! Perhaps i need to listen to a certain Lady Gaga song now tho. I also can never get over the awesomeness/hilarity of these glasses, really.

xox Jacqui


Body Language! Ha!

41One of my favourite parts of winter is by far the layering. I love the boots and the cold air that puffs out of me like smoke as I walk to the station before it is light, but, I also have a very big soft spot for layering. One trend I’d like to see more of is combining seasonal pieces and wearing them at the ‘wrong’ time. If that made sense? Obviously this would work more in winter when you can wear offical ‘summer’ clothes, but spin it for winter. it would be harder to wear winter clothes in summer because, well, heat. So, for this combo of layering and experimenting with outfits becoming transeasonal – I became a winter Ursula.

Hehehe, I love Ursula so much, she also reminds me of my fourth grade teacher! Now, I know I’ve shown you this fabric before with the flairs made in the same babing tentacles, in fact, I’ve shown you four times! For the Disney Link Up, a rolling on the beach in sands shoot, a red and blue outfit and a ridic 70s Jumpsuit Jive with my best friend Kristie.

But, weirdly enough, I’ve never shown you the maxi dress I designed with this tentacle fabric for PHO sizzle‘s Mix n Match Marine Summer Collection! So, here it is, all wrapped up in winter warmth! Actually, it wasn’t that cold this day. :)

36 37 40 39Dress: What’s Kraken Maxi by PHO sizzle  Cardigan: Cotton On Shawl: thrifted 

Guess what? I just found out that I made a list of 8 plus-sized fashion bloggers you should follow on instragram, which is awesome, but they published it in April and I just realized now…d’oh! But still, YAY!! Anyway, I hope your week is going well, and happy Tuesday!

xox Jacqui


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