Ain’t No Sunbaby

14I try and spend a lot of time outside, but as the weather gets increasingly warmer, I find myself hiding behind closed blinds. This means I usually spend time outside in the morning before it gets too hot – I love sitting in my garden, looking at the greenery and watching the bird fly to our small pond to bath themselves. Hugo and Bonnie, the border terriers are also always up for a good game of chasey outside too. But, as much as I love the sun and warmth, my skin doesn’t! The joy of being borderline translucent means I began a love affair with sunscreen pretty early in life. This year, with the joy of my friend’s tanning salon, I have experienced what I’d look like with a tan, and I love it, but there is no way I’d ever get that brown naturally, and with the amount of small skin cancers my mum has now, I wouldn’t want to risk it.  So, while I do love playing in the garden and the sun, I’m not a sunbaby. I’m more of a shade mistress. So, why am I wearing sunbaby clothes then? Well, I wanted to show you a gorgeous bikini I bought last year to take to Senegal with me and I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to go to the beach with me. So, the yard will have to do. The blue and white pattern of this swimsuit reminds me of a Ming Vase, and you know from this post of when I was in Saly, I do love me a Ming Vase pattern! I’m also wearing PHO sizzle‘s gone fishin top that I’ve worn before here and here because I realized it is a pretty cool beach/coverup to throw over your bikini.

17 19 15 16 toomuchcamelShorts: Jay Jays  Top: PHO sizzle Bikini: Bras N Things Sunnies: market in Shanghai

I have to also say, thanks to all the support and kind words you guys have said to me regarding my last post about bullying, it was very touching and made me realize just how lovely people can be. On another note, did you know PHO sizzle is having an instagram competition to win the gorgeous Sea Flower Dress I wore in this post? We’re offering free shipping to anywhere in the world for whoever wins and it’s available in size 6 to 20! You should certainly enter even if you’re going into winter because a frock like this will never go out of style! You can find us at: @phosizzlethreads on instagram and then you’ll see the comp picture easily enough.

So, do you enjoy sunning yourself, or do you skulk in the shade like me?

xox Jacqui



90s Time Travel: Alternative Curves

1After trying to kick-start my Time Travel inspo last week in this post for Alternative Curves, I decided to go with the easiest and most effective time travel I know how – 90s BABY! I’m constantly inspired by the 90s, and that is funny cos I lived through them! I swear to Zeus, if I could be bothered finding my photo albums I’d find a 13 year old Jacqui in a very similar outfit and just as much pizzazz!

Let’s talk pizzazz, self love and being a teenager for a sec – My body insecurities kicked in at around 14 and stayed with me until about 25, so the 90s and this kind of alternative grunge fashion has a special place in my heart because it’s before and during the time I fell victim to the ‘i hate myself and my body’ train. Now, I’m sure you talk to most people about their teenage years and they’ll have the same thing to say. The ones that remember their teenage years super fondly are generally ones that haven’t done much since. I think the expression is “you peaked in High School”, no?  Anyway, I certainly didn’t peak in high school, however my confidence (or lack thereof) was segregated.  I still was very outgoing in the right circumstances, especially when I was camping with my family and family friends, it was just at school that I was reminded constantly to hate myself. I was reminded in many ways, as all teenagers are, but particularly by a group of charming boys 3 years older that me.  And before we go any further, maybe I should clarify that they probably remember high school as the best years of their lives. HA!

Anyway, they followed me home for more than a year taunting me about the way I looked (as well as teasing me in the corridors at school etc). Sometimes there were more than six, but there were three particular guys that formed the core. Let’s put in adult perspective – what the actual fuck is wrong with year 10 (15/16 year old) boys to pick on a girl that is 13/14 and in no way ever did anything wrong towards them? ‘Mama never loved them much, Daddy never kept in touch’? I’m paraphrasing Savage Garden now, but seriously, how could they not know what they were doing was wrong? Actually I’ve heard snippets from people who knew them over the years about just how messed up at least 1 out of the group was, but, the others should have really known better – but I guess if I spoke to them now, maybe, just maaaaaybe they’d admit that they were temporarily the spawn of satan?

Unfortunately, as a 14 year old girl, I believed it was my fault that I was being continually bullied by fucktards who were so insecure about themselves that they took it upon themselves to cut down a girl who walked a little too confidently for their liking. It took me more than a year to even tell my parents that it was happening because I was so ashamed. Ashamed of what? Not being able to handle a pack following me home and shouting at me? Holy hell, if that happened to me now I doubt I’d be able to ‘handle’ it… I think I thought if I ignored them, it would go away. But, my god! A year! A year of hating going to school, furtively planning my way through the school halls to hopefully avoid them, but, they always found me. Trying to leave early so they didn’t walk behind me, trying to leave late after they’d already gone, being constantly on edge, feeling bad for my friends who walked home with me because they had to endure the bullying too, even though it wasn’t directed at them… man, why did I wait a year? I totally should have spun around and headbutted them. Hindsight is a beautiful thing. And, if I DID get a time machine, I would go back to the time when I wore this awesome 90s grunge fashion, and start a rumble in the corridors of Jacqui’s year 8 high school against a group of middle-class, white Australian boys who liked to play tough and pick on a girl younger than them. Because, violence is NOT the answer but damn, it would feel SO GOOD to slap them just once for all the internal shit and self loathing they caused me, I guess I should slap myself too though for tolerating it for so long.

FYI, I finally did tell my parents and the guys got suspended and pretty much left me alone after that, but, to be honest, the damage was already done. I wish I’d spoken up sooner to save myself a horrible year. Obviously that is just one story in the ‘I hate myself and my body’ train, there are gazillions of others, as I’m sure every person has more than enough of their teenage angst to share. But when I’m doing a 90s/time travel post – teenage Jacqui naturally shows herself.

Anyway, back to these glorious photos! You can see I’m pretty sunburnt along a strip of my arm – selling PHO sizzle at Rose Street Artists Market yesterday and pretending the sun wouldn’t get me, and haphazardly applying sunscreen. While I was there I devised this outfit (in between selling my funky clothes), a blend of The Craft and Poison Ivy with a very summer vibe. I LOVE tie dye (as shown here and here) and am happy to have a bit more of it in my wardrobe. I got this tie dyed number from my Red Yak – a guy who sells at Rose St every Sunday and has a collection of clothes. I’ve seen a lot of them before in places like Khao San Rd in Thailand, but in amongst the free-size dresses (which aren’t free-size – this article points that flawed logic out amazingly well!)  are gorgeous and very 90s style things – like this bae. Yeah, I just said bae in a post. I need more coffee.


8 4 7 5 9 6 3Tie Dye Dress: Red Yak Hat: Dotti Sunnies: Jay Jays

Hey, don’t forget to check out the other baes (HA!) from Alternative Curves and their take on Time Travel! And while I’m giving suggestions – don’t let bullies win – stand up for yourself.


xox Jacqui


Monstera Deliciosa!

6Hey, you know that big old shady plant in the background of a lot of my photos? That’s a Monstera. They are awesome and, yes, I’m keeping an eyeball on them (refer to my last post regarding triffids) . The thing that is cool about Monstera plants is they are very easy to grow – native to rainforests in Southern Mexico, why one is in my backyard in Melbourne is beyond me, but I’m happy it is. It’s a great shade plant and every now and then it gives us some fruit! That is what I found on the pavement today when I went out to hang my washing on the line. I was originally not wearing a skirt and just had this top on, big hat and sunnies (hanging washing out on the hills hoist in summer in Australia is serious business) but I thought I probably shouldn’t pose in my jocks! So, I quickly put on my coffee bean skirt you’ve seen a bunch of times (one post I can find easily is here) and decided to show you this delicious and interesting fruit!

2 4 9So, since this fruit flung itself off the plant – it is apparently ready to be eaten, but, the green hexagons are a sign it isn’t fully ripe. In fact, if you do eat the green unripe part, you could find yourself in a bit of trouble as the unripe fruits can irritate the throat or cause a rash because of the amount of potassium oxalate it contains. What you should do is put it in a brown bag (the old avocado and banana trick) until more of the hexagons start pushing themselves away from the core. Now, you don’t eat the hexagons (described by wikipedia as ‘scales’ which is not helping my triffid fear fyi) but you wait for them to push away from the cob, starting to be shown in the above photos and then cut pieces off the fleshy core underneath. You can see the core is quite mushy, like a custard apple and if you look at the above pic you’ll see where I poked it with my finger and it already bruised – meaning – that part of the fruit is ready for consumption for sure!

Now, the riper it gets, the more pungent the smell. It isn’t on par with durian stench, but it is quite a strong smell. As far as the taste and texture, it tastes a bit like a jack-fruit/pineapple/custard apple hybrid, possibly with a melon thrown in. The texture is quite similar to pineapple, but mushier too. What is special about these fruit in my garden is we don’t get them every year! I’m sure in the tropics where they belong they’d provide a lot of fruit every year, but our monstera just gives us some fruit sometimes, and this year it has 3 more waiting to be ready! YUM!

3Anyway, there you have it – do you have a monstera hiding somewhere in a pot? If so, free the beast and plant it in the ground and in 4 to 6 years, you might get some of this deliciosa!


11 10 12 8 7 1Top: custom made by Red Pearl Skirt: custom made in Hoi An Hat: Fun Accessories Sunnies: Jay Jays

5Happy Saturday! I hope you’re enjoying the sunny weather if you’re in Melbourne!

xox Jacqui

The Triffids Are Coming!

1When I was a teenager, I had an insatiable appetite for reading, in fact, I still do, but I don’t read as much as I used to. I also read books extremely fast. Usually, as soon as I finish it, I’ll turn to the front and reread it again more slowly. I also do that with films; the old double watch to see if I’ve missed anything. My favorite types of books are biographies, autobiographies or historical accounts (eg – The History of Coal/Sugar/Water/Sex/you name it – I’ll read it), because of this James A Michener is one of my favourite authors. His ability to link historical accounts into fictitious and interesting novels is amazing, and seriously, Caribbean is one of the best books I’ve ever read and all I wanted to do after reading it was move there. I actually got a job offer at a private school in the Dominican Republic  but, the wage was a bit too low and I decided to move to Istanbul instead (post about my years in Istanbul is here in my series about pre-blog Jacqui).

I have a more secret book love too – older sci fi books! My favorite sci fi book is A for Andromeda  but I also particularly love everything by John Wyndham! And while I’ve read and reread his books many times, I started rereading Day of The Triffids before going to sleep last night and it scared the bejesus out of me – again!

Seriously! Why are we scared of zombies? I reckon with all the gm-ing (yeh, it’s a verb now) we are doing with plants, don’t you think something like the creepy triffid scenario is more likely? Ugh, I honestly was wondering this well into the early hours of the morn… and when I did sleep, I’m pretty sure I dreamt about terrifying plants that had better senses than I did. It doesn’t help that I’ve got a sore foot so am walking with a limp – hence, man, I’d be easy easy triffid prey. I’m totally Piggy from Lord Of the Flies – the weakest link in this triffid take over. I’d be the first one to die – the injured one always is.

How did I injure myself you may ponder…well, I also ponder it. I think I actually got out of bed too fast, put pressure on my foot a weird way, and voila, Piggy has a sprained hoof!

So, I’m keeping a seriously stern eye on my ferns and orchids (the sussest plants in my opinion – if I had venus fly traps, I’d be keeping a VERY close watch on them) and hoping they’ll take pity on a poor old injured Jacqui if I’m friendly to them. ;) As far as my outfit is concerned, you’ve seen all these items before, just not together! Ha!

3 4 5 6 2Top: MINT by Diarra Bousso Skirt: thrifted Cactus Crown: handmade Jacket: Jay Jays 

Anyway, I’m gonna go back to my book now to try to lessen the fear.

HAPPY WEDNESDAY, remember, they’re coming!

7xox Jacqui


Time Travel Throwbacks

I feel partially responsible for this month’s theme for Alternative Curves cos I suggested it, especially since it’s getting into the second week and no one has done it yet…not even ME! :/ So, I was looking through all my archives for a ‘best of 2014′ post I’m planning and thought I’d just combine all the time travel posts I’d already done into a bit of throwback to inspire myself and possibly others – I think the key to dressing from another era is to acknowledge that you’re probably not going to be able to be 100% authentic, so, why bother? Ha! All of mine just have tinges or odes to times past, but not the full kit and caboodle. Also, so as to not make this post extraordinarily long, I quietly ignored all my super 90s posts like this one. So without further Apu (yes, I’m sure that is a Simpsons giggle) here are some time travel-ish posts I’ve done in the past year: Just click on the image to be taken to the original post.

An unknown time when witches chilled in the forest:


Princess Anastasia hiding out, so… 1918 ?


The Prohibition Era:



All the Fifties & Sixties












So, yes this is just a small post to get my brain inspired to get cracking with the monthly theme. :) Happy Tuesday.

xox Jacqui



Aussie Curves – Metallic


I was gonna try and wrap myself in aluminum foil for this week – but, I got lazy. So, instead I mustered up the only metallic clothing I have which is this shiny tank that you’ve seen many times before (I think it debuted in my Metallic Milkmaid post?) and then piled on as much shiny shiny jewels as I could.


One particular jewel I’m really down with for this outfit is my headpiece. Yes, it was a choker necklace, but, anyone that saw my Anastasia Screamed In Vain post knows I’m kinda obsessed with headpieces like the Russian Tsarina used to wear, or, like an old fashion religious icon painting come to life with a halo of silver. But, the apparent halo of silver is probably the only old fashioned looking thing about this look – all the metal, grey overcoat (seen in my recent post when I tried to look like a prohibition era gangster), geometric print mini skirt that i wore in one of my most majestic boho posts (in my opinion) and pigtails give it a bit of a futuristic look, not to mention the purple eyeliner which is the only bright colour in this outfit – aside from le shiny, that should be blinding you. The funniest thing about this outfit, in my opinion is the fact I HAVE SHINY GOLD LIPSTICK BUT I COULDN’T FIND IT FOR THESE PHOTOS! I wore it recently for my Little Witch Pop, Jupiter Queen post, and I searched the house up and down but, nope, nah. Gone. I bet I’ll find it under my bed in several months from now. Curses!

2 7 6 8 4 3Silver Top: a factory outlet on Swanston St more than a year ago Grey Jacket: thrifted Skirt: Prism Rock Skirt (sold out) by PHO sizzle Shoes: thrifted Accessories: Fun Accessories

Hey, guess what? I made a gif! Check it:

6_4dcz on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Yeah, I’m ridiculous! Ha! So, I hope you check out the other lovely AC ladies metallic twist for the week when the link is up – I’m pretty early because my week always gets busier and busier as the days progress so I’m a ‘get shit done while you can’ kinda gal.  Happy shiny Monday!

xox Jacqui

aussie curves 2


The Kraken Awakes

9SEVENTIES BABY! I’ve been tired of this skinny leg shit for a while now…it’s been TOO FUCKING LONG! :D Seriously, now, I’m against perceived obsolescence (which weirdly enough doesn’t have its own wiki page so I’ve linked it to this instead) just as much as the next independent thinker, but really? We’ve been wearing skinny jeans/pants, seriously for like 10 years now? ENOUGH! SWITCH BACK!! So, when I realized I was in a position to try and change the tide away from skinnies – I totally did it, hence there being 2 pairs of pants in PHO sizzle‘s collection that don’t have a skinny leg cut. But, more about THESE FLARES!

No, wait, before I talk about the flares, I have to add a side note –Wow, I’ve had 4 cups of coffee and managed to legit squeeze an Angler Fish reference into my ESL class today when we were talking about super alternative energy - can you tell how HYPED I am based on all my random CAPITALIZATION? YAY for angler fish, in case you can’t tell from here and here and here, I’m a wee bit obsessed with DEEP SEA LIFE, so, these Ursula inspired tentacle flares are no exception to that!

These flares are made from cotton jersey and are soft are very comfortable, and, of course the tentacle writhing up your legs is pretty cool and slightly reminiscent of obscure Japanese porn. Uh-oh. I said porn in my blog, that’ll bring it some weird search results…sigh. Anyway, I paired these flares with a swimming top I have worn in the Vibes of Summer post I did where I reviewed Pepsi Next and the very summery post I did at my cousin’s farm last January . I really like it, not only for swimming but just as a general top, it’s a beautiful colour!  RIGHT! Enough caffeine related randomness – PHOTOS!

18 12 15 17 14 16 11 10Pants: What’s Kraken Flares by PHO sizzle Top: Bras n Things (last summer) Shoes: Target Sunnies: Wholesale Celeb Shades

So, the photo below makes me laugh FAR TOO MUCH! Jump shots are usually a me and Ant thing (blogs with copious jump shots with us are here, here and here) but, in case you can’t tell with this writing, I’ve been super energetic recently, so I attempted a jump shot, and the photo below was the result, and SWEET NEPTUNE I LOVE IT! I LOOK LIKE AN OCTOPUS UNDER THE WATER ABOUT TO ATTACK YOU WITH MY TENTACLES, HA!!

13 19

Anyway, yeah, I’m all out of energy now with all the all caps I’ve been using. Tomorrow is Friday, yay! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ve enjoyed more-crazy-that-usual-coffee-filled Jacqui! <3

xox Jacqui

This look featured in Share In Style.


La Bouillabaisse

2Sometimes I put ridiculous clashing outfits on my mannequin for PHO sizzle to test out ideas. It often works and when I sell at Rose Street Market, these cray-cray clasheriffic outfits have actually sold more stock, so, it must work. This is my latest clashing outfit, which actually is a very well organized marine, sea animal theme.

My mum saw this outfit and broke into French, saying this was my ‘La Bouillabaisse’ – which roughly translates to Fish Chowder. And, she’s right, I’ve got my Lobster Bolero, my Gone Fishin Top and my Deep Sea Skirt. But, as much as all these wonderful sea creatures don’t particularly match each other, I quite like this outfit. It reminds that pattern clashing is super fun, and, if you’re really bold, you can do a 3 way clash! HA! I also had just had a shower so I went with my milkmaid hair style you’ve seen before, but pushed my fringe back  – a very rare occurrence. I think I’ve only ever pushed my fringe back thrice in posts, once from my Leader of the Pack 90’s style post for Alternative Curves and once for my Sin, Repent, Repeat post … you know, I think I lost that shirt when I left Hanoi… :( and also once for my spooky spooky Qarinah (Arabic version of a succubus) post, but that was cos I had to fasten a plastic snake to my head. So, I guess what I’m saying is out of the gazillion outfit posts I do, it is pretty odd to see my big old forehead beaming at you. :)

3 8 7 6 4 1Jacket: PHO sizzle Top: PHO sizzle Skirt: PHO sizzle Shoes: Payless Shoes Glasses: Glassons Belt: thrifted

Thanks to my Mum for taking these pictures, and telling me how to spell Bouillabaisse. And remember, pattern clashing is ridiculously fun, and the more sea creatures you can wear at the one time, the better! :D



xox Jacqui

Aussie Curves – Favourite Feature


The theme for this week of Aussie Curves is ‘Favourite Feature’. It took me a while to figure out it didn’t mean the favourite feature piece of clothing you love, but more your favourite feature of yourself that you love. So, for example, people will choose their favourite body part and talk about why the love it. Now, I talked about my body and which parts I love a long time ago for Rocquelle‘s Your Body is Fabulous series, and perhaps also I talked about being pretty content with my body in my beach shoot I did a few years ago. So, then I mulled over what my favourite feature of my body is, and then, it hit me. I was using it to think!!! MY BRAIN!! Yes, I’m gonna be that person.

11This is surely the face you’re pulling right now when Jacqui again refuses to settle for one physical body part that she likes and decides instead to be grateful to have a brain that works and connects with her nervous system, gives her the ability to ascertain right from wrong and allows her to not only fully function in society but to have a super amount of creativity that just has to come out! And if that cheeky depression monster starts to sneak in, as it has in the past, I thank my brain for being able to realize what is happening and take appropriate measures to allow myself to disregard the negativity. CHEERS BRAINY, you rock!! Now here and some giggle-dom pics of me posing in my lovely, sunny backyard with my smart goggles to prove my point about loving my brain. HA!

3 8 6 4 7 5 10 2Hairband: leftover fabric Top: Valley Girl (from maybe 3 years ago) Shorts: Smooth Sailing Shorts from PHO sizzle Glasses: Pink Fashion

So, there you have it. I value my noggin most of all! :D You’ve seen all these clothes on the blog before (the top here, my shorts in my ranty post here, the glasses here) but not as a perfect summer outfit combo.  I hope you check out the other Aussie Curves ladies when the linky code is up and check out what they love the most about themselves!

aussie curves



Happy Tuesday! xox Jacqui 

Deep Sea Dressing

1Dang, I’ve talked about this cut of dress before. Yeah, I designed it. Yeah, it is a difficult dress and doesn’t suit everyone, but DANG; it suits ME and it’s covered in lantern fish and my graphics guy designed this fabric and we got it digitally printed in China. :) I love the deep sea, Mariana Trench and the latest footage of an angler fish. I love angler fish so much that I pretty much based PHO sizzle‘s summer collection around this little beast.

Today, I had a relaxing Sunday and wasn’t at Rose St Artists Market (like I usually am). Instead I spent time with my sister and my niece and my good friend Bear. I also looked through and sorted all my books, a lot of ones are being taken to give to charity tomorrow. I am only keeping the ones I truly love. As well as looking through my books I sorted out my uni work stuff, even came across my final research project for the Media subject of my film degree, get this:

Cocotopia? A historical, geographical and aesthetic study into the branding and marketing strategies used within the Kellogg’s company, with a particular focus on cereal mascots that have entertained children and adults alike for more than eighty years. 

It’s a pretty rad mini thesis too, particularly when I get stuck into early Kellogg’s for their racist looking mascots! Anyway, yet, looking through old stuff is interesting…

452368Dress: Deep Sea Dress by PHO sizzle Shoes: Target

What did you get up to today?



xox Jacqui

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