Disney Link Up: Hipster Ursula

1Natalie from the Moon Moth blog contacted me on my facebook page about joining in a Disney Themed Link Up. I jumped at the chance because I’ve been wanting to expand and find new link ups to do for a while, old ones are dying and I always like finding cool new blogs and babes to follow. Natalie told me that most of the babes in this link up would do make up stuff, well, I’m not so good at makeup and I’ve been so sick that i couldn’t really plan much of an amazing outfit either, so I thought I’d chuck on my PHO sizzle What’s Kraken Flares, my black spiky denim jacket and classic black crop. Topping it off with a fluro pink beanie and this is my homage to Ursula, a backyard Ursula with a fair chunk of ironically cool, hipster-vision a’happening. It is less amazing that the beach Ursula I did a while ago, I know… You’ll have to excuse illing Jacqui. Ima go back to delirious dreaming now.

7 2 3 6 4

So, there you have it, my itty bitty attempt at a Disney themed link up. Sorry I couldn’t put in more effort, but I’ll be down with the next one I promise!

xox Jacqui


Aussie Curves – Sheer

10I seen a lot of sheer in Viet Nam. Probably too much. Much like my attitude towards animal print, overexposure to sheer has made me dislike it. But, over time I’ve come to accept it again but I will still chuckle at the memories of business women in Hanoi wearing completely sheer ‘business’ tops with a floral bra showing through. The bra would usually look like it was for a pre-teen too in it’s pattern and cut. Meh. Life is interesting.

So, this is certainly not one of my workwear outfits because I think I’d draw the line at sheer to work. I know right? Me drawing the line at anything is weird, but there you have it. This is more of a fun afternoon BBQ kind of outfit I reckon. ;)

I’m wearing a sheer top Kristie gave to me, my white skirt you’ve seen lotsa times before and a corset bra from Istanbul.

13 14 11 15 12 9 8Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s sheer looks – and I am happy I’m finally over my dislike of the sheer – so much so that PHO sizzle is bringing out an entirely sheer top in its W15 collection (should be here by May).

xox Jacqui

aussie curves 2


Femme Fatale: Alternative Curves

1Sheesh, I had SUCH big plans for this month’s theme at Alternative Curves! Big Plans! I mean, it’s FEMME FATALE! Right up my alley! I’ve got books on the subject (like, actually, not joking – Film Studies student right here) and have written numerous essay on these babes! I’ve even blogged about my favourite top 5 femme fatales, as well as my top 5 bad bitches with great taste, some of whom are arguably femme fatales, I’ve made Polyvore boards on Barbara Stanwyck’s style and even attempted a femme fatale outfit post once before. So, really I should have been brimming with ideas, but, as much as I wanted to give myself finger waves and be babingly bad like my idol Phyllis, I couldn’t muster the energy or find lighting that would be Film Noir enough.

So, whilst brainstorming various potential femme fatale themes while walking to the train station, my iphone playlist, which I always play on random, did this: Heroin by Velvet Underground, Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen, Maggie McGill by The Doors and then, just to top it off Femme Fatale by The Velvet Underground. YES! I shrieked, scaring passing walkers in Essendon, you’ve given me all the signs and prompting I need – I SHALL BE Nico and pay hommage to FEMME FATALE that way!


I love that deep voiced, beautiful German-born singer/actress that hung out with Andy‘s troupe and sometimes sang in The Velvet Underground. I have always loved her since my friend Nikki and I became obsessed with her a very, very long time ago after watching The Doors movie and hurtling down the rabbit hole of stars in that era. I’ve watched documentaries about her, read as much about her as I could, and I really, really love her voice.

So, for this outfit, I thought of Nico, this, the 60s and how I’d feel if I was on lots of hallucinatory drugs, which I’m sadly not. It is pretty simple, and not a traditional interpretation of the theme, but since I’m the only so far whose has uploaded, I reckon I’m in the clear. ;)

5 2 3 4coat: thrifted dress: thrifted sunnies: Jay Jays

So, there you go, Alternative Curves March theme of Femme Fatale done and dusted! If you want to check out the other months themes, there are links here:

“And what costume shall the poor girl wear to all tomorrow’s parties?”

xox Jacqui


Aussie Curves – Bridal

16When I started a Prospective Marriage Visa application with my West African fiance 9 months ago the celebrant told me to tell her a date to put on the ‘intention to marry’ form. It was March 15th. Foolishly, nine months ago I dreamed that this ridiculous saga would be over by now and I’d be snuggled in his arms. Obviously, the Aussie Curves theme of Bridal stung a bit. I thought I’d ignore it but in the end decided to confront my feelings and post about it. I’ve talked about my situation before here and here and it has helped a bit… I mean, as much as it can when I haven’t seen the man I love since 2013… last time I mentioned how hard long distance was in an Aussie Curves post, when the big facebook group still existed, a lady who was in a long distance relationship gave me some advice along the lines of ‘harden up, my fiance is overseas and WE have skype dates and it isn’t THAT hard!’ That is truly awesome for her but I didn’t ask for advice, and I’m still not asking for advice actually, I’m lamenting the fact I can’t kiss the man I want to spend my life with. And I won’t complain anymore because i know there are people in far worse situations than me.

On a completely different note, I was op-shopping recently and have noticed an influx of Asos, boohoo and H&M at the op shops. These are all relatively new brands to Australia and so it baffles me slightly that already they are in the op shop. Fast Fashion conquers all with the ‘shut up and BUY‘ mantra which ends up at the op shop how many months later? 2? 3? I don’t get it. Are people giving them away because they don’t like them anymore? Why did they buy them then? Are they giving them away because they are ill fitting? Or are they buying and using clothing at such a rate that they give stuff away after a few months of wear? Perceived Obsolescence must be cheerfully cackling on Satan’s shoulder if that is the case. As someone who wears clothing more than 90 years old sometimes, I’m pretty confused by all this…maybe someone who shops frequently can explain it to me…but, it means I can buy nice dresses like this one, so, okay then… I’ll shake it off…I guess. Can you tell I’ve been using Story of Stuff recently in class?

Oh, by the way, this isn’t what I would wear to my wedding, but it is in a colour I like.

18 22 21 19 20 17 23Hat: thrifted Shoes: thrifted Dress: thrifted H&M

Maybe if there is a bridal theme in 2016 and if Aussie Curves is still existing, maybe by then I’ll have the man I love with me.

xox Jacqui


Eat a Bilby this Easter!

I don’t really do Easter. I’m not Christian and I feel silly celebrating something that has no connection to me except for my love of chocolate. But, if you are into Easter and buy chocolate gifts for people, please consider buying a chocolate Bilby from Pink Lady. For those of you that aren’t Australian, you might be asking ‘what the actual eff is a Bilby?’ and that’s a fair question. Bilbies are a type of noctural bandicoot found in semi-arid areas of Australia. They are classified as endangered and one of those reasons is because of feral, introduced rabbits competing with them for food and burrows. I also, personally, think they are so so so cute! Look at the one above smiling at you! You can read more about bilbies here.

At Easter time in Australia there are campaigns to buy bilbies instead of chocolate bunnies, and I strongly support this, however, only Pink Lady directly support the Save The Bilby Fund, so please buy from them! You can identify the Pink Lady chocolate Bilby by it’s green tag. If you wonder or are concerned about the biblies that have to live in poverty the rest of the year when they don’t get chocolate money handouts – you can also donate to the Save The Bilby Fund by any of the methods described on their page.


 I hope everyone has a fun Easter break with their families and celebrates in whichever way they feel is right for them, but if you are buying chocolate gifts, do please consider supporting a great lil animal who needs your help while you do it.

xox Jacqui

Ketchup & Mustard

1A while ago I read a great Buzzfeed article showing what ‘one size fits all’ looks like on different body shapes, it’s a great article and I chuckled quite a lot because I empathized. I empathized because most dresses I buy (particularly ones made in Asia like this baby) end up looking like this one me. Highly inappropriate in length and have a certain upskirt, hentai vibe…although that could be the bow… ;)

Disclosure – I wouldn’t wear this dress out of the house because it’s too short, I bought it from the op shop to wear as a shirt with crisp tailored pants and boots. 

For the sake of a cute, albeit ridiculous, look however I thought I’d cook up a condiment inspired outfit. I love mustard the condiment, and I also love the colour mustard (blog posts here and here) and what goes with mustard better than ketchup?… or tomato sauce as we say in ‘Straya. Whenever I think of looks with mustard and red I am reminded of one of my favourite blogs that I’ve been reading for years called Goodnight Little Spoon (now renamed). I think this is because one of the first posts I read of Bianca’s had her wearing a red & yellow outfit and I’ve always just associated those colours with her.

It was also rather windy when I took these photos, so, I kinda had to wear red knickers in case they showed, and, BY JOVE, they did! I filtered out the most ridiculous pictures that were obviously NSFW, but kept a few of the windy ones, mainly to illustrate the ridiculous shortness of the dress for anyone blessed with ye olde ‘long torso’ gene.  Anyway, onto my favourite condiments with a slap dash of anime wannabe.

5 10 7 2 8 4
3Outfit details: everything thrifted!! Bow: Daiso

So, there you have it. Another illustration of the insanity of clothing aimed to fit all but only end up fitting one specific shape that certainly isn’t me…unless I want to flash by jocks to the world.  Hey, guess what? Tomorrow is Friday!! HURRAY! :D

xox Jacqui

9 11


Life is a beach

2The last few days have been typical ‘Melbourne’ weather, which really means it is the old ‘four seasons in one day’ catch phrase that people use. I was at Rose St Artists’ Market all weekend selling PHO sizzle & on Sunday met a lovely designer Mia who has a Melbourne brand MIMI-ZIKKI. As many of you know, my rule for this year is to try to only spend my money on small businesses or on thrift finds. This is to support people like myself who know how hard it is to have a small business and how we need support SO much more that big brands. That extra sale can be the different between make and break, and if we want more options in clothing we, as consumers, have to support the little guys. I’ve rabbited on about this before so I won’t continue my well versed rant, but please consider shopping at a small business next time you need clothing, yes, it will cost more, but it will most probably last longer than those bargain PJs you bought for $3 from [insert fast-fashion-bad-quality-dubious-as-all-fuck-when-it-comes-to-the-‘ethical’-treatment-of-its-workers-brand-name here] and you will feel happier knowing you’re buying clothes made with love. I also kind of feel it is a blogger’s duty to unveil new and small businesses, not just be a brand ambassador for the big ones. Does that make sense? And I reckon the bigger the blogger, the more credibility they would have if they actually supported the little guys instead of blowing hot air about brands that reaaallllly don’t need any more promotion. Wait, I thought I was stopping this rant? What happened? FIN ;)

Anyway, MIKI-ZIKKI, what a rad brand…and girl! I was eye-balling her Life is a Beach tank for the majority of the day, wondering if the XL would fit me. I love the style of black & white contrasting in a tee and this tank is kinda like a fresher approach to the baseball tee (which I have a huge nostalgic love for because of the Sandlot Kids and Dazed and Confused) - a style I love but haven’t ever owned for some reason. So, in between serving customers scrunchies (big scrunchie day in Fitzroy yesterday) and letting them try on my threads, and having chatting breaks with Louie and the Fox and Pendant’s Universe, I decided to try it on. It fit wonderfully and I could imagine myself not only wearing it in summer but also over clothes in winter. Huzzah for multi-seasonal clothing!  Definitely check out MIMI-ZIKKI, they are a cool and quirky brand and have awesome clothes. Not to mention the designer is nice, but, honestly, most of the designers I’ve met over the past year are nice, i think the concept of designers being bitches is perhaps overstated… or maybe I’ve just been lucky to mostly meet really really nice people? Ha!

1 3 4 7 5 6Top: ‘Life is a beach tank’ by MIMI-ZIKKI  Skirt: custom made in Hoi An Shoes: thrifted Beanie: thrifted Kimono: Caroline Morgan (a reaaaaalllly long time ago now – maybe 2 years?)

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re doing well and surviving the working week! I’m planning my ESL classes for the week on our topic of Advertising and Consumerism. I’m thinking of just making a fill-the-blank listening on the amazing Ms Lauryn Hill’s-fresh-out-of-the-slammer-jam Consumerism. But, that would be a bit mean…doesn’t mean I won’t do it though. MWA HA HA HA

xox Jacqui 



Aussie Curves – Investment Piece

1For this week’s Aussie Curves theme of Investment Piece, I thought I’d wear both my new(ish) investment pieces together, with my age-old investment piece of custom made shoes!! Thus creating an insane hybrid of Sports LUX – one of my most loathed hybrids! Well, I guess I’m always up for trying new things and by combining my Running Bare gym pants with my new huudaverti top (got it at the CCR market on Sunday!) with my classic black boots completed this super duper luxurious look, with a hint of casual.

2 7 8 10 4 9 6 3Top: huudaverti Leggings: Running Bare Shoes: custom made in Hanoi Hat: dotti

I am really into shopping, but since my resolution to only buy from small businesses (or thrift stores) I am really careful and think a lot more about investment pieces. My gym pants were on special and since I do usually go to the gym twice (or sometimes thrice) a week, it is worth having some good quality work out clothes. And my top? Well, i’ve been wanting a fancy pants top I can wear with nice dress pants or over a black dress for quite some time and when I saw this batwing baby next to my stall at the Curvy Couture Market, I just had to have it. Thankfully it didn’t break the bank either! SQUUEEE!

Happy hump day y’all!

xox Jacqui




Flatlining Romantic

2Yes yes, I could make allusions about it being Wednesday and me wearing pink, but tbh, it’s been done… even by me in this blog around this time last year. I reckon it’s more fun to focus on the fact I am addicted to batwing sleeves and will buy A N Y T H I N G from the thrift store if it has said sleeves! Hehehe, this pink frock is totally thrifted, and instead of trying to tone down the full-on colour, I thought I’d just go with it and add my fluro pink beanie, some heels, smart googles and pretty nail art done by my friend bear. She’s getting really good at it and I love the flatline with the heart. So yeah, this is my 80s-Dallas-meets-street-Barbie outfit. Heeey, guess what – Curvy Couture is this weekend! You excited? I am!

7 3 11 10 5 8 1 6 4Dress: thrifted Heels: thrifted Hat: I think Cotton On last winter? Maybe Dotti though… one of those stores…

I’ve been really into this hot pink colour recently (remember my Nastasha’s Prom outfit?) and I’ve also been down with colour blocking (Sue Ellen’s inspo outfit anyone?) cos, as much as I love pattern clashing – I do fluctuate pretty continuously between intense colour blocking and intense clashing.

I’m a wee bit excited about winter coming too cos I can bring my boot & coat collection out of hibernation! :D

xox Jacqui


Aussie Curves – Blue #2

2Hehehe, yeh, I obviously HAD TO use a blue wig for this week’s Aussie Curve theme of ‘blue’. The last blue theme by Aussie Curves had me accessorizing with a blue shawl, and of course, my custom-made blue cowboy boots, but this time I decided to play with my blue wigs you’ve seen before here and here. I used these for PHO sizzle‘s recent exhibition at the Brunswick St Gallery opening night. I paired this wig, which Kristie and I hacked to be shorter, with my houndstooth pencil skirt (seen here in better detail) and blue swimming top you’re seen before many times (here, here and here to name a few). To accessorize I wore my metal necklace as a tiara (same as what I did for my Aussie Curves Metallic post) and an eff load of silver bracelets, to finish off the look I put on my fancy-pants long eyelashes you’ve seen in my Lost Mermaid post, then, to tone down the insanity I grabbed my fav denim jacket… Obviously because Kristie was giving the artistic direction I ended up lying on a pile of leaves in a most peculiar way.

The overall effect? Weird Neon Space Alien Babe Discovers Plant Life.


9 3 5 7 4 8 6 11Skirt: thrifted Top: Bras N Things (3 years ago) Shoes: Custom Made in Hoi An Wig: Costume Supercentre & styled by Angelique Addams  Jewels: from a shop in Brunswick Street that closed down Eyelashes: Hang Bong St in Hanoi

Thanks to Kristie for taking these shots – YAY for blue week!

Don’t forget to check out the other ladies for AC when you have time :D

xox Jacqui

aussie curves 2

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