Getting Grooves Back

1Yeah, this week has been going so well; I feel centered, energized, focused. It’s partly cos I don’t have to be distracted with the whole wedding thing, but I also feel like PHO sizzle is going perfectly, my work is going well and I feel like everything is falling into place. I have started going back to Carlton Club on Steak Night Tuesdays with friends, but we have to go after we finish work, so, not until 930pm, a pretty late dinner for Australians.

This outfit is featuring all my recent loves, this brown hat I cannot stop wearing (here, here and here), woven crop tops (this one is from Sportsgirl, where I haven’t shopped in years but it caught my eye and I couldn’t resist), my wedding bouquet, these fab thrifted shoes and of course, my Do Everything Culottes from my brand PHO sizzle. I love that I’ve designed shorts that aren’t super short (can’t do it – not comfortable and don’t really like the way it looks on me) or daggy ‘mum’ length, and also, bring on ALL THE BUTTONS! Topping the outfit off with Lizzie & Fitz‘s dinosaur necklace, previously featured in my epic 3 tier sockbun post, and this outfit was perf for my day off. And, for once, it actually was a day off with no business meetings – we gave our staff a week off for Vietnamese New Year. Yay for a leisurely day!

7 2 9 4 5 6 3Top: Sportsgirl Hat: Cotton On (I think?) Shorts: PHO sizzle Boots: thrifted Sunnies: thrifted Necklace: Lizzie & Fitz

Happy Hump day! Now, if you haven’t got Rianna’s free download of ANTI yet, get on it, there are 5 songs that I cannot stop listening too, especially Same Ol’ Mistakes! SO GOOD. And while I’m talking pop music, Formation is the best thing that has happened in YEARS. SLAY B!

xox Jacqui

PS – aaay, I gotta work on opening my EYES THE SAME SIZE when I take photos  (regarding photo below) Ha!


All a Vivid Dream

15Oh hi. 😀 In case you didn’t know, I actually got married on Saturday. Yay! It was a tiny quiet ceremony that was a lot more about signing papers that having a huge shin dig. We actually still plan to have the huge shin dig later in the year when everything is more settled.

So, now I’m a Missus. 😀

I concocted this outfit in my head just before falling asleep, it illustrates probably just one thing – planning outfits is the relaxing way I fall asleep. It’s a pretty simple outfit with a standard formula of black and white looking awesome but then topping it off with a pop of colour – the blue lipstick.

I would write more but I got sns nails & tips put on (first time in my life I have fake nails on) and I’m finding it incredibly hard to type without constant typos. As much as I love having talons, the impracticality of it outweighs the claw effect. Viva nails are awesome though – if you’re in the Essendon area, check them out – they’re awesome and do a fantastic job – it’s just the claw thing isn’t for me, maybe I should have got all the nails done except my index fingers so I could still do stuff. Ha!


19 16 21 20 17 18

Top: Over and Over Crop by PHO sizzle Skirt: bought from Caroline Morgan more than three years ago Hat: Dotti

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

xox Jacqui

Such a Sweet Thing


Happy Monday, lovers!

This babydoll dress with ample pleats and frills is from my brand PHO sizzle up-coming collection Crimson & Clover, being released on Wednesday evening. When I was designing it, I was thinking, what is everything I need in a dress, comfort (hence the elastic runched waistband), cute details (eg – heart pocket and frills) as well as a soft fabric all come together to create this vivid girly red dress – our Such A Sweet Thing Dress.

I’m happy with how it turned out and the reception it’s getting. Lots of our members preordered it which is always a good sign that something is on point, style wise. I also realized today that Crimson & Clover is our SIXTH collection! HOLY HELL?!

Time flies when you’re having fun I guess! 😀 And, I suppose to be fair, three of those collections were miniature collections with less than six products released, but it’s still amazing to think that my baby, PHO sizzle, is less than two years old and going so well. It makes me happy to have a strong base of customers that know what they’re getting with my brand and know I’ll try to help them however I can, and, even though being in the fashion industry as an independent designer who is trying to push ethical production standards and conscious consumerism is THE HARDEST EFFING THING IN THE WORLD, I really enjoy seeing my customers happy. I enjoy the design process from vision to planning to revising to more vision to production to more revision to completion. It’s an amazingly fun thing to be able to do with my time, and thankfully, my day job (which I actually do at night 😉 HA) financially allows me to do it, maybe small businesses aren’t that lucky and rely SOLELY on customers support, which is why supporting and promoting small businesses is SO effing important.

Throw the plus size element into the above sentence and it become paramount. There aren’t that many plus indie designers, and the ones that are around find it incredibly hard to keep going without support. Yes, you often pay more than the Fast Fashion Giants (which I think in future rants I’ll refer to as the FFGs) options, but, you’re paying for someone to keep going with their dream which oftentimes coincides with your dream of having cool, different and unique clothes. Why wouldn’t you support them? Sigh…

Sorry, but I’ll never get the fashion bloggers that promote big brands with generic clothing. Ever. The FFG’s don’t need your promotion like us little guys do, and if they are paying you to do it, or giving you the clothing in lieu of payment, well, each to their own I guess but, sigh, you know you can say no right? I say no to some clothing brands that approach me. Because, it doesn’t fit what I’m trying to do as a blogger which is show people the new and exciting brands that they may no know about. Or show how thrifted and opped clothes can be reused instead of buying that ill-fitting FFG remake.

I guess I feel it is the duty of a fashion or style blogger to promote the new, the independent and the different because, that’s what I *try* to do and that’s what all the blogs I actively read and enjoy try to do. For example, just this weekend I bought two killer things from indie brands at Rose St Artists Market, a wicked overall dress from Sgt Sookie and a beautiful pink backpack from Wolf & Mishka (instagram pic of both items here) and I will most def blog about them in the future, just like I blog about my own brand a lot, but blogging about PHO sizzle also has to do with the fact I have a lot of clothing right in front of me to make outfits out of too! Ha!

Blergh, anyway, this was one of those rambling posts that I doubt anyone will read seriously but I feel so much better to get the ideas off my chest. Now, back to this purty red frock that makes me wanna flounce around more than I already do.

13 14 11 10Dress: PHO sizzle (released on 03/02/16) Shoes: ? Glasses: Market in Shanghai

Happy Monday everyone. It’s a beautiful day outside and life is pretty wonderful!

xox Jacqui


Lazy Wednesdays

23I’ve got DonMonique‘s song drown in my head on repeat, it’s pleasant but probably driving my fiance insane. My life has been very relaxing lately, even since my fiance and I went on vacation at the end of December, I’ve had a lot of trouble getting back into reality, but, PHO sizzle‘s latest collection Crimson & Clover landed in Melbourne and so I’m busy again trying to hustle out this collection and get the AW collection ready to sell by late April. I’m also still teaching IELTS prep classes at nights and loving it (not waking up early, huzzah!). This outfit is a combination of all my favourite things – the brown hat I scored and cannot stop wearing (here and here), this new thrifted skirt in a beautiful oxblood colour, thrifted wedge sandal thingies that I kinda dig, a green croquet bag from my childhood, the heart glasses you’ve seen many times before and, (drum roll please) PHO sizzle‘s new Over and Over Crop in white (not released yet) from our Crimson and Clover collection. It’s comfortable and I’m rather proud of the simplicity and the loose sides, it’s exactly what I wanted.

24 28 26 25 27Shoes: thrifted Skirt: thrifted Bag: had it from childhood, handmade by my aunt Hat: Cotton On (I think) Glasses: Jay Jays (I think – it was 3 years ago) Top: PHO sizzle (not released yet)

 Hey, happy hump day too! I’m going to use this outfit for New Zealand Style Curvette’s theme of white because I’ve done such a white out look recently that I don’t have another full one in me for a while! Don’t forget to check out the other babes too with their looks!

xox Jacqui


Sunbeam Fairy

1Sometimes you just have to wear all the yellow clothing you own, together, and muster of a vision of eye-burning brightness, like a sunbeam fairy, with a fair dose of sass thrown in. My fiance tells me I look amazing in yellow, and, just quietly (on an openly accessibly blog for anyone to read), I tend to agree. But, it seems to break the laws of what should look good on me, which meant, until recently (and by that I mean almost two years ago), I rarely even owned yellow.  But times, they are a’changing, and that’s how I found myself chuckling with laughter while wearing the brightest outfit of all the land.

42653Shoes: thrifted Leggings: Mad Legs Crown: PHO sizzle available at Rose St Artists’ Market Dress: The tag says Silver Ice but I can’t find anything online about it Lipstick: VelourLips by Australis

So, that’s my ethereal look done for this quarter. 😉

Happy Hump Day!

xox Jacqui



Beachy Days


I’ve posted a lot of swimwear pics on the blog over the years. The Aussie Curves (may it rest in peace) theme of swimwear from around this time last year blog showed off a majority of my swimmy looks. This year, for NZ Style Curvettes, I thought I’d show you more of a typical beachy look for me. Meaning, what I’d wear before & after I swim on those beachy days.

Firstly, as you can well see; I’m pale AF, so hats, sunscreen and sunnies are not optional for me. Even with sunscreen, I would usually opt for a longer and lightweight shirt to wear around before/after swimming. Wearing a denim button down skirt is easy too. It is a bit more durable and doesn’t matter if it gets sandy. Oh and flipflops are the only shoes for the beach because you can cast them off and go barefoot and fit them, easily, in your beach bag. 😉

So that is my essential beach outfit for the befores and afters of actually swimming! These pics were snapped at The Bluff at Barwon Heads over the weekend where my fiance and I were for a day trip. 2 14 6 8 9 12 13 3Top: thrifted Skirt: custom made in Hanoi Hat: Cotton On (I think?) Sunnies: market in Shanghai

Anyway, that’s it for my swimwear look for NZ Style Curvettes. Don’t forget to check out the others in the links below!

xox Jacqui

Casual Voodoo


Did you know I wanted to write X88B88 on a tee in an upcoming collection but my business partner Tomi banned it!? Even though part of his last name in Yoruba means voodoo he said we were done with the ‘spooky shit’ for a while. Hahah, it seems my Gentle Persuasion Of Iblis collection didn’t only take it’s toll on me then! So, I had to be content with writing X88B88 on a hat I nabbed at Daiso in permanent marker, hehehe, that’s the way I roll.

This outfit is a total summer tourist look for me. Comfortable walking shoes, hat, simple denim skirt and tee to block the sun? Yup. There’s something so wonderful about pairing light blue fabrics other than denim with denim itself, I don’t know why, but I dig it.

I also dig wearing a size 12 (I’m usually a 16) of my oversized Sytri Sheer Top from PHO sizzle and making it way tighter. Sitri was a great demon, connected to hedonism, luxury, had the ability to make people get naked and was therefore persuasive AF. But, I think all demons are persuasive, I think that’s probably one of the key criteria in demonhood. But isn’t Sytri’s sigil awesome in all its glorious symmetry? Love it!

4 2 6 5 8 7Top: PHO sizzle Skirt: Custom made in Hanoi Shoes: Payless Hat: Daiso with some permanent marker adjustments by moi Headband: Louie and the Fox

Hey hey, happy Friday people! Have a ripper weekend!

xox Jacqui




My last collection for PHO sizzle was dark AF. I don’t think that translated too much into the actually designs but I was certainly in an interesting mind set whilst designing it. One of the highlights of the collection was this Raven Reverse It Cape. I only ever made four – one in each size and it’s so Blair Waldorf with the cornflower blue side, and pretty goth when worn on the black side. Obviously, the raven on the collar is one of the features. Did you know we got these buttons specially made for this collection from my friend Jeannie at So Sublime? Gotta love a good small business collab.

Anyway, ravens always make me think of Edgar Allen Poe, and, more importantly, The Simpsons version of The Raven, so, Nevermore is an apt title for this post. 😀

Take a look-see at the pictures.

2 6 11 10 4 7 12 3Cape: PHO sizzle Skirt: custom made in Hanoi Sunnies: Wholesale Celebshades

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you’re having a ball!

xox Jacqui

5 9

Fugly Mondays: Pastel Animal Print


Happy 2016 everyone! Also, guess what? My fiance finally got his visa approved and after 742 days, we were reunited at Melbourne Airport. He’s now just trying to adjust, figure out Melbourne and we’re both working out how to exist as a couple that isn’t long distance.

Anyway, for this week I thought I’d kick off the New Year with a Fugly Monday post because I haven’t done one for a while. Fugly Monday is a segment where I rummage through thrift stores and op shops to find clothing that has been discarded even thought it is perfectly good. I also usually try to find clothes or outfits that would be regarded as unstyleable or completely naff. The issue with unstyleable clothing however is the fact that style varies from person to person so I have to make it clear in each post whether I think it’s not stylish or whether I think other people would probably think that….did that make sense?

In the case of the $2 pastel/animal print patterned shirt from an Op Shop in South Melbourne, I think probably most people would think it’s a bit off. I mean, the cut isn’t particularly ‘flattering’ (which doesn’t disturb me that much) and while the colours do suit each other and can brighten up any outfit, the shirt does end up being a bit busy.

On a personal level, if you’ve read my blog for long enough you know I have a serious dislike of animal print, so, obviously I was going to be side-eyeing this shirt from the get-go.

For styling it I realized it would need an overall plain look to bring out the prettiness and colours of the shirt, so I went with contrastville with a black skirt, shoes, glasses and huge chunky necklace. By adding pink lipstick I tried to tie in the colours on the shirt and by tying the shirt into a crop knot, I’ve changed it to have a silhouette that I prefer.

I acknowledge this is one of my plainer and tamer Fugly Mondays, I plan to get into the swing of it more this year but need to find time to Op shop first.12 11 10Shirt: thrifted Glasses: Pink Fashion Skirt: Supre Shoes: Clarks Lipstick: Shanghai Suzy Necklace: So Sublime

Happy Monday everyone, I know in most cases it is a particularly fugly one since we’re going back to work, but, it’s a new year and that is something to be glad about surely?

If you want to check my other Fugly Monday posts, they are here.

xox Jacqui


The Living’s Easy


Ahhh, Summer Vacay time. My absolute favourite time of year. Normally I drive up to Lakes Entrance to spend time with Ant & his family for New Years and then do the epic over-the-mountains-on-a-dirt-road-for-effing-hours drive from Bairnsdale to Corryong, but this year I’m going straight to Corryong! Ant & his family are in Europe for holidaze, so, straight to the mountains I go! I will do my annual listen-to-all-of-Les-Mis-and-sing-all-the-parts, but instead of tackling cray-cray hairpin turns near Omeo, I’ll be hurtling down the Hume.

As you can see from these pictures, my summer outfits focus on minimal effort and comfort. Well, seriously, all my outfits focus on comfort, but I suppose these take on far more of a boho vibe. I mean, I’m never gonna be Delightfully Tacky on the boho frontier, but, I can rock the messy hair look occasionally.

3 6 7 8 5

So, tomorrow my drive to Corryong begins, I’ll surely take outfit photos up there, because it’s far too beautiful not too.

In the meantime, check out my posts from prior years on holidays:


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